HEROES | Multifandom Tribute
преди 2 години
Fast Blur
Fast Blur преди 3 часа
Thanks Little Girl. You just put the Human Race to Extinction. You are a Real Pal!
Trey Cormier
Trey Cormier преди 3 часа
If Kong could have a suit and Godzilla get some tech to change his posture and structure I think that even Baw if they both had structural protection and tech it b gangsta
xierxu преди 3 часа
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General Grievous
General Grievous преди 3 часа
He is a bold one
OffTheDead преди 3 часа
Obi Wan back with highground
ELMAPACHE преди 4 часа
this isnt the a fuking teaser fuk you
The Swoly Ghost
The Swoly Ghost преди 5 часа
Maybe this time Amber can shit in the litter box and not on the bed!!
Nathan Ng
Nathan Ng преди 5 часа
This wouldn't happen.The dinosaurs would probably die off of modern disease
Phoenix преди 6 часа
Let’s alll be honest they could’ve done a better job on the bat mobile
ricardo nascimento
ricardo nascimento преди 7 часа
Aos 23 segundos foi possivel ver que ele usa botina. AAAAOOOOOO treim ............
• DiegoDaRuler •
• DiegoDaRuler • преди 7 часа
What’s the music at the back
flim Netflix
flim Netflix преди 7 часа
flim Netflix
flim Netflix преди 7 часа
flim Netflix
flim Netflix преди 7 часа
flim Netflix
flim Netflix преди 7 часа
flim Netflix
flim Netflix преди 7 часа
rockriot shop507
rockriot shop507 преди 8 часа
desde el 2019 lo estube esperando y la espera balio la pena
Milford Hokejista
Milford Hokejista преди 8 часа
Who das love show friends? Please like😀
jordyn freed
jordyn freed преди 8 часа
i wish this was real
jab2theface преди 8 часа
if king kong wins i jump off a bridge cuz godzilla shooots fuckinng plasma rays out his mouth is fuled by nuclear power and he ate a nuke bru king kong is a simp and a monkey that died to planes
Reynaldo Garza
Reynaldo Garza преди 9 часа
Can’t wait!
Tarkonard преди 9 часа
Godzilla is the size of a skyscraper.. Kong climbs the skyscrapers.. Kong should get smashed.
flim Netflix
flim Netflix преди 9 часа
Adam Tune
Adam Tune преди 9 часа
is this including monsters like king ghadora cuz surely then it's just godzilla:king of the monsters extended edition w/ king kong
Eshal Mubashar
Eshal Mubashar преди 10 часа
Omg there is sabrina carpnter omg omg this movie will proberlly be the best
drakoontag преди 10 часа
This crossover thing is becoming just ridiculous! I would watch it tho!
BOT the bot
BOT the bot преди 10 часа
please cut brie from this film
kimberly lefever
kimberly lefever преди 10 часа
the beatles
TurkeyKingGang преди 11 часа
All because that baby cried and I love this thanks for posting it I’ve watched all of them and I’m gonna be happy to watch that one
Marciano Chavez
Marciano Chavez преди 12 часа
anyone watching this in 2020
jose maria Cucalon
jose maria Cucalon преди 12 часа
Menuda basura.... Esto no es "progresar en la saga" es hundir aun mas en la mierda jurassic park..... Luego se quejan de que la gente no va al cine.... Es que ni en los canales gratuitos deberia salir excepto como pelicula de serie B
Ger Hang
Ger Hang преди 12 часа
Godzilla roar in at the end of king kong.. epic
May Ann Tan
May Ann Tan преди 12 часа
He hasnt aged... still looks like cedric diggory haha
QRS Clan
QRS Clan преди 14 часа
I hope this movie is dark like this. That’s one reason I loved Garfield Spider-Man movies because they were so grounded and dark toned so I hope the third movie for Tom is dark as well
Liamrick Gumangan
Liamrick Gumangan преди 14 часа
I hate dinasour becues et would kill us
Paraya Aza Tanggulungan
Paraya Aza Tanggulungan преди 15 часа
who came here just for see takiya genji
Dmitry Ivanov
Dmitry Ivanov преди 15 часа
Bree is a shity actress
Ganachari satish
Ganachari satish преди 15 часа
There is no leadership Because No iron man or captain america
Vitor Fialho
Vitor Fialho преди 15 часа
Andres Zavala
Andres Zavala преди 15 часа
bang bang
Biggamer YT
Biggamer YT преди 15 часа
when it coming out im going crazy to see the moviw
ธณภัทร์ แก้วโศก
ธณภัทร์ แก้วโศก преди 15 часа
blurry face
blurry face преди 15 часа
I feel like it was his own tallent that ruined him. It is said that tallent too great will lead to one's own demise. For such people always become too arrogant. And arrogance leads to ignorance which is the ultimate path to failure.
Mobile Legends Best of the Best
Mobile Legends Best of the Best преди 16 часа
Really?i think u just combine a diffirent movie
Hzkym Bruh
Hzkym Bruh преди 17 часа
Imagine if the movie is really like this it would be really good Venom+Spiderman+Daredevil from netflix=Spiderman 3
Oliver Alim
Oliver Alim преди 17 часа
This is going to be so shit
ComicWithWolfzzz _
ComicWithWolfzzz _ преди 17 часа
If nightwing does get a movie in the DCEU,then I think that they should try something new,exccept for batman,wonder woman,superman or the flash(barry allen) being the main hero of the DCEU,I think that Wally West flash,nightwing and any other former sidekick(like wonder girl donna troy,Speedy/arsenal,tempest,red hood and etc etc) should be the main heroes or they make DC's underrated heroes the main heroes like,Booster gold,Ted Kord,captain atom,sandman and etc etc. they could too make a new "original" justice league of their own,that consist of the above mentioned characters, they could also just make a team other than the JL the main hero team,like: Titans(members): Nightwing Wally West Arsenal/speedy Garth Omen Donna Troy Miss martian Kyle Rayner bumble bee beast boy Raven steel Teen Titans( pre 52 version)(members): Tim drake Starfire Cassandra Sandsmarks Kon el superboy beast boy Raven cyborg Bart Allen kid flash Mia Dearden speedy Lorena Marquez Aquagirl zachary zatara offspring hawk dove miss martian talon power boy bombshell little barda molecule young frankentsein enigma Mas y Menos Osiris Bat-girl/flamebird wendy,marvin and wonder dog kid devil/red devil supergirl Jaime reyes static kid eternity solstice teen titans(rebirth version)(members): Damian Wayne starfire raven beast boy wallace west(no.2) kid flash kaldur'ahm/jackson hyde aqualad jonathan kent superboy red arrow Djinn roundhouse crush teen titans(new 52)(members): tim drake cassandra sandsmarks bart allen skitter bunker solstice Kon el superboy danny the street beast boy raven jon lane kent superboy chimera power girl Young justice Tim drake Cassandra Sandsmarks Kon el superboy Bart Allen Teen Lantern Jinny hex Amethyst Legion of superheroes andromeda blok blood claw bouncing boy braniac 5 bugs bunny calamity king celeste McCauley chameleon chameleon boy Chameleon girl chemical kid chemical king color kid colossol boy comet queen command kid danielle foccart computo braniac 5's robot computo cosmic boy crystal kid dawnstar demon damsal devlin O'ryan doctor fate douglas nolan dragonmage dragonwing dream boy dream girl To be continued soon.
Hunk преди 18 часа
Vader would shed tears, if only he still had tears to shed.
Edd Valdez
Edd Valdez преди 18 часа
I know my Sucker Punch when I see it
Ꮙǝǫค Ꮙ҉ǝ҉ǫ҉ค҉
Ꮙǝǫค Ꮙ҉ǝ҉ǫ҉ค҉ преди 19 часа
eww Brie Larson is in it....
Camila Anton
Camila Anton преди 19 часа
I'm i the only one that saw the middle finger at the beginning
Makenna Williamson
Makenna Williamson преди 20 часа
This isnt real is it.....
Elijah Eason
Elijah Eason преди 20 часа
avengers endgame
Nikkie J.
Nikkie J. преди 22 часа
I was pretty young when I watched Avatar in the theater but I'm 22 now and I still love it. I actually watched it the other day over on Disney+.
Tridev Samania
Tridev Samania преди 22 часа
I think Godzilla is winner
Fudo Ayakashi
Fudo Ayakashi преди 22 часа
A god vs a king
Liberty GiveMe
Liberty GiveMe преди 23 часа
That was just DUMB!!!! And why are ALL of the women acting like "MEAN GIRLS?!"
Von Abraham Marquez
Von Abraham Marquez преди 23 часа
This is Real Back to the Future IV?
TheFstyDoge преди 23 часа
What u talking about that a JW3 trailer?!? That’s a 2021 trailer
Graham Gault
Graham Gault преди ден
I hope to God the movie doesn't have any techno music in it. That was a horrible trailer.
Patrick Lanclos
Patrick Lanclos преди ден
This trailer does nothing to make me want to go see this movie! People sitting at a table talking? C'mon, man!
Water Sauce
Water Sauce преди ден
I love playing black flags it’s my favorite besides origins
Rick Martinez
Rick Martinez преди ден
That's awesomely fantastic terrific & acceptable
《ģãčhã łīśã
《ģãčhã łīśã преди ден
This is just parody not real guys
Draga преди ден
this world never belonged to us, what the fuck is that phrase ,did we invade and take the earth from other species fucking idiot writers man
Miguel Cuartero
Miguel Cuartero преди ден
Damn, do we really have all these idiots thinking they came up with Jane as Thor just recently? At least educate yourself before you make a fool out of yourself when commenting here. Jane Foster has been Thor for how many years in the comics already. It was a temporary change mind you, as the original Thor gained his status and powers back once Foster sacrificed herself.
Josh Atherton
Josh Atherton преди ден
shut up and take my money
FrankyTV преди ден
Please let this be a real thing😢
The annoying Obito
The annoying Obito преди ден
Wait is this a movie that will happen ??
billy jean
billy jean преди ден
everybody is saying that its not real but it is its just that its going going to be on disney +
Denisa Pinto
Denisa Pinto преди ден
É mesmo verdade? vai mesmo existir o HSM4? :o
Gooblord преди ден
How did King Kong get so big? If you look at Kong: Skull Island in 2017 they had him at about 100ft tall, in older movies he is portrayed as being even shorter. In the most recent godzilla movie, Godzilla was about 400ft tall. So Godzilla is 4x as tall, but at like 1:00 king kong is somehow just as tall or taller
GodzillaPlayzRoblox преди ден
*when i see ghidorah's head* GHIDORAH NOT AGAIN
Hayden Ryan
Hayden Ryan преди ден
I’m a dinosaur geek I can’t wait for this to come out
Tim Bennett
Tim Bennett преди ден
Please have script writers kill Brie Larson's character off screen, so her festering stench doesn't contaminate this upcoming potentially epic clash of the titans.
Shadow Snep _
Shadow Snep _ преди ден
Ngl, I dont its gonna happen But if it do tho, ima watch it
the roar at the end scared the shit out of me
멸공 преди ден
설마 중국 자본이 묻었나?
Abraham Germain
Abraham Germain преди ден
avengers land in fornite to stop galactus save the fornite world