jxdn - Pray (Official Video)
преди месец
jxdn - Pray (Official Lyric Video)
jxdn - So What! (Official Video)
преди 2 месеца
jxdn - Angels & Demons (Official Lyric Video)
jxdn - Angels & Demons (Official Video)
преди 4 месеца
jxdn - Comatose (Official Music Video)
преди 6 месеца
jxdn - Comatose (Official Audio)
преди 7 месеца
Christina Devers
Christina Devers преди 22 часа
This song is about mads
kimberlist преди 22 часа
it still hurts...
10k subscribers with out any Videos
10k subscribers with out any Videos преди 23 часа
He is a legend wow you disserve the world
Evangelina Soloveenko
Evangelina Soloveenko преди ден
So amazing 💔
anoushka ramakrishnan
anoushka ramakrishnan преди ден
jxdn is like john from unordinary with the hair when its not gelled
Moormeier Hossler
Moormeier Hossler преди ден
Do you know what I'm afraid of? Lill peep filmed a video where he was buried and Xxtentacion and they both died And now I'm afraid for Jayden😭❤
Seetha Alaguraj
Seetha Alaguraj преди ден
Dixie: sometimes I don't wanna be happy Nessa:im innnn painn Jxdn: so what Griffin: ain't that convenient
WiiYam преди ден
Isabelle Crismon
Isabelle Crismon преди ден
I like be this song and it shows people even if you want to die think about what will happen when o your loved one
Hatti Morrow
Hatti Morrow преди ден
U help me so much! I have depression and anxiety. U make me smile so much!
P Seg
P Seg преди ден
All these tiktokers out with songs but his are actually good.
Nehema Mbonipa
Nehema Mbonipa преди ден
i pray every night
BATSO123 преди ден
What a freak
ian Herrera
ian Herrera преди ден
Oye tienes esquizofrenia??
k a r l a
k a r l a преди ден
te amo tanto
Sheyla Del Carmen Diaz Gonzalez
Sheyla Del Carmen Diaz Gonzalez преди ден
its so cool i liked ;)
Martin Leonard
Martin Leonard преди ден
Reminds me of the good blink dayz 🔥👀
Chelsia Robison
Chelsia Robison преди ден
I don’t think u no - ah lol
sophia moreira
sophia moreira преди ден
when are him and payton gonna do a song
Zaina Alawneh
Zaina Alawneh преди ден
Claire S
Claire S преди ден
this is like 2014 5sos
Windex преди ден
don’t you dare make my cry while I’m at work...
Rani Hooren-Sagoo
Rani Hooren-Sagoo преди ден
Jaden isn't just a ticktocker he's a frickin Rockstar
4KT 4LIFE преди ден
I feel this song everyday💔🖤💯🗣
maryama 6HW
maryama 6HW преди ден
mr thinking the guy in the drums is the guy in be happy
I'm a potato and I'll always be a potato
I'm a potato and I'll always be a potato преди ден
Me going crazy because we have the same shoes😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Melinda Vahlsten
Melinda Vahlsten преди ден
this man is gonna go far
Salus Serviços Farmacêuticos
Salus Serviços Farmacêuticos преди ден
alguem me tiraa daqui?
Eva_. _.T
Eva_. _.T преди ден
Im your bigest fan and you're PERFECT❤💕💞💗😆
Conner Schlappi
Conner Schlappi преди ден
nice song
Лолита Еркнапешян
Лолита Еркнапешян преди ден
And i promise you it gets better😭😭😭
who in the heck put the muffins in the freeza
who in the heck put the muffins in the freeza преди ден
We need to post this on as many platforms as we can
who in the heck put the muffins in the freeza
who in the heck put the muffins in the freeza преди ден
Who else is crying!!
Fiamma Creimer
Fiamma Creimer преди ден
that was fuckin dope
Abbie Delahunt
Abbie Delahunt преди ден
Ulyanka Bunny
Ulyanka Bunny преди ден
Когда реально заплакал😭✌️❤️
Aami преди ден
I used to pray to God telling him that I wanted to die in my sleep but this changes my opinion.......
Emily james
Emily james преди ден
Yungblud feel
Simplyy_Blushes преди ден
He do being going off on Mads tho. Idc she shaded me and accused Jaden soo...
Simplyy_Blushes преди ден
Someone is in pain, someone doesnt wanna Be Happy, and now someone is praying :(
Simplyy_Blushes преди ден
1. This needs more views 2. Needs more likes 3. Jaden changed my life 4. When you want to date Jaden but your 10 years apart :(((((((((((((((((((((
sergio d
sergio d преди ден
I love you
veronika .cherkavska
veronika .cherkavska преди ден
Лучшее песни
WoodyWood Bushido
WoodyWood Bushido преди ден
jay park huh.....
Ryen Smith
Ryen Smith преди ден
I like how he's following in the footsteps of Logic
Presley Carl
Presley Carl преди ден
im not crying. you are.
Sidney Linski
Sidney Linski преди ден
i love you and i have friends that can relate and me
Yolanda Medina Bermudez
Yolanda Medina Bermudez преди ден
i love this song ❤😍💖
Flammeajpw преди ден
cutter: how much photoshop do you want? Jaden: YESSSSS
ibnu rusher
ibnu rusher преди ден
This song is so satisfying