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i'm here to remember the breakup i never had
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just so you know, dish-washing is my hobby
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From backdoor to gods menu to ex what next ? :)
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#ChangSung Nation rises 😏
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what a masterpiece barking all stays out there hey!
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Идеальные мальчики, исполняющие любые фантазии
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Your international fans are a lot more so please add English subs ok
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arrest me pls
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I know JYP isn't gonna add subs anytime soon so I just wait for Stays to translate it in the comment section btw Translators stay i love you
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dont understand anything but smiling while just looking at changbin for 12 mins <3
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Stray kids makes me stay
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Me: *calls police* Skz police: *hello?* Me: *yes, I’m the case*
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its_abhilasha’s_bdy _tomorrow
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Aah you're too fast 0_o
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me llevan a la comisaría cometí el delito de amarlos tanto
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My go to pump up song
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im in love with a song
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Aw, no subs?? How are y'all getting what's going on?? Someone pls help me T-T
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I really like minhos tone in this
hola stray kids
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Hermosos I love You
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Changbinnnnnnnnnnnie opppppa i love you
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Current Japan comeback high key reminding me of this
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Lee know, Han and felix Me: like yes 😍
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Timeless Hahaha
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Hyujin do céu não me deixa com vontade de comer marchmello (não sei se ta certo)
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Wow so cool 😎 😍
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Jisung is the boyfriend I'll never have 👁👄👁💔
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Did you guys noticed 10:14 it’s Azan going and i.n said keep quiet omg they are so respectful 😭💖
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3racha kings of producing bops wbk
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waiting for the day these get captioned
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0:49 look at Felix 😳😳😳
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Changbinnn binsunggg soulmates all of skz r soulmates haha
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Who else listens to this everyday to see their faces 👇
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all i know what they say is changbin seungmin...seungmin..Hannn.. When SKZ hahahha tho like idiot yaaaahhh what da fish idk babe what are u say..please put eng sub for international fans..!
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honestly, this video is just " han jisung being the most relatable human being for 8:29 min straight"
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Damn why did you pour the water minho (。ŏ_ŏ)
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The real baby haha
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Why no one talks about han?? I'm New the Skz fandom and of all the videos I've seen I never see a single coment about him (Wich i find weir cause he is actually my favorite one) Pd: english is my 3rd language so idk if what i wrote was right
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Stray Kids, Everywhere all around the world, you make STAY stay. Sincerely STAY
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alt yazııı yok muuu ayyyy rezillik
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SKZ konten = ( O ) stay = ( • )
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you make me believe in myself, my future is bright 🦋
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hailee преди 19 часа
[FULL TRANSLATIONS BEFORE SUBS UPLOAD!!] Rules: Changbin is in a room where he cannot see or hear the members. Two members will answer Changbin's questions, which he himself made, and Changbin will choose the answer he likes more. Changbin will see the members' responses through a screen with text, and the members are watching Changbin through a screen. There are six rounds, and the order is random. The last member remaining is the winner! *little captions and summarized actions are in parenthesis; I only translated a few captions 0:31 R1: For the members, I am willing to even go as far by doing _____. Please give me the answer that goes in the blank Hyunjin & Lee Know: (Repeating the question) Changbin: Please respond quickly! Hyunjin: Ay he keeps rushing; I don't like it,, I am going to ensure that I won't get chosen Lee Know: In a world where there's a zombie apocalypse, I will become a zombie for you instead Hyunjin: Ohh pretty good Lee Know: Right? It's romantic Hyunjin: (Desire to fail: Gone, Desire to come up with a cool answer: abundant) The answer should be at least "I can jump off a three-story building for you" Lee Know: 3 stories is too weak Hyunjin: (As a result, increases the height a little) I can go skydiving for you Changbin: (Reading Lee Know's answer) But that isn't really for me? If you become a zombie, won't you eat me? Hyunjin: Changbin would taste pretty good, am I right Lee Know: Yes~ he has a lot of fat Changbin: (reading what Lee Know just said) I think #1 is Lee Know, Lee Know or Chan. (reading Hyunjin's answer) I think this is Hyunjin or Seungmin Hyunjin & Lee Know: Woahhh Changbin: I don't like #1 (Lee Know's) answer for some reason Lee Know: Thank you Changbin: I'll choose #2 (Hyunjin) (I'd to skydiving for you, but I don't want to get chosen (????!?!)) Hyunjin: AHHHHH Changbin: (On a smaller scale than zombies or skydiving) I think I can share my food for the members. Why do you think my nickname is dwaekki (Pig Bunny)? Sharing food means I am giving away everything of myself, and it means the members are that much- Hyunjin: Be quiet, and just give us the question! You're talking too much Changbin: (Reading what Hyunjin said) I don't like #2... I'm regretting choosing him 2:02 R2: What is something that you're expecting from me? Chan: Why are the questions so harddd Hyunjin: (I will get eliminated 66.6%!)(Pretending to make sense) Be aerobic exercise because right now you only do anaerobic exercise Changbin: If you do aerobic in your house right now, it'll be bad, everyone. How do you do aerobic in your house, there will be noise between the floors. How can you do aerobic exercise in a time like this where you shouldn't be running outside. This person really can't read the room; by this, I think this may be Chan? (Hyunjin is getting scolded by saying a nonsense answer) Chan: (Just a person who did nothing) Hey hey hey Chan: If there is something I expect from Changbin, it's let's continue to do hiphop Hyunjin: The reason? Chan: Because it's hiphop. Come on, Changbin~ Changbin: (reading Chan's answer) Okay, this sounds like Han. Oh, I like #3 (Chan); I don't like #2 (Hyunjin). First of all, if you can't read the room- Chan: Aren't you saying this while you're thinking #2 is me? Changbin: I like the reason "Hiphop because it's hiphop" 3:03 R3: What's one line you would use to describe Changbin's image? Changbin: Comma is okay to use, dot is not I.N: There's no reason to tremble in fear, as I came here to rap Changbin: I think #4 is making me do rap (starts rapping what I.N said)(Stray Kids do whatever they are told) Changbin: This is what my image is in one line... so you're saying that I was cool at the time? Chan: Comma is allowed, so when I think of Changbin, "put a comma and write your next goals~" Changbin: So what, who am I supposed to choose? Do I just choose the rap that I like better? Please do it again before I eliminate both of you; I don't like your answers I.N: I'll do it again for you Chan: A really honest person I.N: Despite that he's dwaekki, he's pretty cool, really cool, really really cool! Baby Changbin~ Changbin: I thought #2 was Chan before, but now I think #3 is Chan Chan: See! Changbin: This is very hard.. but nowadays I like to hear more that I'm cool, so I'll choose #4 (I.N) Chan: I'll see you later, you! Changbin: You can actually come see me right now. Come upstairs 4:25 R4: Between truth, diligence, and modesty, which one are you the most confident in and why? Changbin: This is a hard question I.N: I'll go with modesty because I'm honestly bad at all three, but I think modesty is the best one Changbin: Oh, #4 (I.N's) response itself is modest Felix: Modesty for me too, as I had a thought since I was young that we should live modestly Changbin: #5 might be Seungmin or Felix. This is really hard to choose because both of them chose modesty, so which one of these three are you the least confident in? I.N: Diligence! My resolutions do not last long Changbin: #4 is not Seungmin Felix: Diligence for me too. I think I can have truth and modesty, but diligence is hard Changbin: (Reading answers) For me, I think I'm the most confident in truth, as I write truth-driven lyrics, and I try my best to always be truthful. Diligence is the hardest for me, and it's something that I'm trying to work on. I relate to both of them, but they both have way too similar answers, so I'll do coca-cola to decide (randomly choosing) I'll go with #4 (I.N)! I.N: What is this!! I am continuing to survive 6:27 Han: Yo! (Why is he not answering) Oh right, he can't hear me R5: Something you can't stand? Changbin: Like disrupting sleep, or repeating what you said. Repeating what you said. I don't really like those things Han: For me, the music that I made- please tell that ahjussi to be quiet Han: When I make music, I can take it when someone tells me feedback on the good and bad parts, but if they downright criticize/blame the work, I don't think I can stand that Changbin: #6's answer... something I can relate to. I think #6 is Seungmin I.N: When the goals that I set up crumble down Changbin: I think this seems like Hyunjin I.N: Getting everything wrong Changbin: Hyunjin, are you Hyunjin? Seungmin, Hyunjin! Seungmin! Changbin: When the goals crumble down... sort of sounds like Lee Know too Changbin: I'll ask one more thing. Same question, but think in a more optimistic way this time, like "I like this so much and I can't shy away from it; I can't share this with others." For an example "hugging Changbin"- this is so good that you don't want to share with others! "Eating with Changbin, Talking to Changbin, Sleeping next to Changbin, Gaming with Changbin" Han: Hugging Changbin Changbin: (It is easy to make Changbin happy) Oh is that the one thing you can't shy away from? Han: Because I only hugged him during MIROH Changbin: (Starts to read Han's answer) Han: NO YOU CAN'T WRITE THIS DOWN (Text on Changbin's monitor cut off) Han: If this shows, then he'll probably know who I am right away I.N: When we fo to the bathhouse Han: Good answer! Changbin: This is an answer? What do you mean..? (Probably surprised with the use of '...with Changbin') Han: Then you go out and go to the sauna and drink sikhae and yes Changbin: The fatigue goes away from my body, so it's good. Oh, I thought what are they talking about. Yes, this is hard not to shy away from... "Performing in front of STAYs" Stay should be in front of us, but because of the situations right now, this is the hardest :/ It's really hard; I always imagine, but I hope everything becomes better soon, and we can perform in front of STAYs Changbin: I'll choose #6 (Han)! Han: BYEE~ Come here, Kim Seungmin Han: He think I'm Seungmin right now; he thinks I'm you Seungmin: Hello, real baby! Did he switch us up? Han: Yes, he switched us up! 9:43 R6: For how many years can you live with me? Changbin: Think of it like roomates Han: Oh, as roomates? Changbin: In the same room, think of it like one room Seungmin: Until the last year in the army Changbin: That's not a very long time,, it could be a long time for someone, but for living with me, I don't think that's a long time Changbin: #7 (Seungmin) is definitely Han Han: I think maximum 10 years Changbin: Ahh a bit disappointing, at most 10 years? I think he answered sincerely, but 10 years? I'm getting a bit sad Han: When living together for 10 years, there will be a lot of things that happened, and right after three days, we will meet again and live together for 200 more years! (The dance of satisfaction) Changbin: Hmm, you're writing a novel Han: YOU SAID IT WAS TOO LITTLE Changbin: For me, I didn't like the way #6 (Seungmin) greeted me happily Seungmin: I think I am eliminated Changbin: I like #6. #7 is eliminated. #6 (Han) is the final winner! Han: He thinks I'm Seungmin right now! Seungmin: Pretend like you're #6 Han: I'll be hiding 11:10 Changbin: I think Seungmin is the final winner, right? Seungmin: Hello baby ! Changbin: I'm right; the last person to get eliminated was Han, right? Seungmin: You can be my soulmate... but you had a soulmate, and now you don't Han: #7 Bye~ Changbin: ?? Is it the opposite? Han: Why did you keep thinking Seungmin was me and Han is Seungmin Changbin: Are you for real? Don't lie Han: It's real; you can watch it yourself! Changbin: REALLY? What is this, you confused me on purpose, right? Han: No, I said my answers very sincerely! I thought you'd like sincere answers so I did just that, but am I the type of person who never answers sincerely? Changbin: Wait, you were too similar to Seungmin?! The thing about the feedback... Han: Yes, that's me Changbin: Ahhh that's rightt.. I did think one of them was you Han: You like me better, right? We match better than we thought
Hina Misbah
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Thank you!!!!
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Thank you so much. You're like a blessing 💙
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Aww thank you very much for waiting; that's so sweet and kind of you to say! I hope this helps T^T
You make Stray Kids STAY
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THANK YOU!! We love you ❤️❤️❤️
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I was waiting for your comment 😂, thank you!!!
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Lmao I'm not a stay, but I love these guys. Minho my bias btw😭
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i have my eyes on EVERYONE. i don't use the concept of bias this time,i can't . ALL OF THEM ARE AMAZING😭🤍🤍
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How could I understaaaaaaaaaaand
Emma Chapman
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If someone ever asks me to justify my men look good in uniform opinions this will be my evidence
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와 찬이 진짜 완전리더제질
Şeymanur Aşık
Şeymanur Aşık преди 19 часа
The video is so artistically perfect! I wish many people could see this masterpiece
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_Changbin eres hermoso 🥺💕✌🏻_
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창빈아 지성이좀 안아줰ㅋㅋ 요번엠카때 안아주짘ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ
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سامية. احبك.انمي. صور انمي.نا.ساميه. السعودي LOVE. KPOP.
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Gente o segredo pra ser bonito é dar vários tapas na cara
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IN’s bye is so cute uwu