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Komasz Trymski
Komasz Trymski преди 38 минути
Over 2M views in 1 day... Good for you man, your videos look amazing.
KashOutJake преди 38 минути
Samuel Orozco
Samuel Orozco преди 39 минути
Not once have I watched one of your videos and thought your opinion or views expressed were not trustworthy. I've been following you for YEARS. Thank you for keeping your ethics intact, Marques. If there's anything I've learned in life it's that by compromising your morals, you will have to pay eventually. Mad respect for you as a person and more importantly, the best tech BGshowr ever.
Arvin Kamberi
Arvin Kamberi преди 40 минути
Thank you! I've been following you since early 2009 and since then I've always been excited and happy to believe on your reviews. Among them is the famous LG Nexus back in the day. Wish a great weekend! 🙌🏻
TZ_Minty_YT []•[]
TZ_Minty_YT []•[] преди 41 минута
Meanwhile apple doesn’t include anything in the upcoming iWasteOfMoney 12
D'angelo knight
D'angelo knight преди 43 минути
What about the Microsoft Surface Book?
Cosmic Sniper
Cosmic Sniper преди 43 минути
So young looking
JoyEl88 преди 44 минути
So pretty!!
Jun преди 45 минути
MKB really do be out here and telling the man himself at Apple about the fans thoughts, he has a power and it benefits everyone 👌
Raymond Barnhart
Raymond Barnhart преди 47 минути
Thank you for your honesty; as always!!
Shoaib Mahmud
Shoaib Mahmud преди 47 минути
The world's greatest mysteries: 1. Yt recommendations 2. I phone 9 3. Area 51 4. Bermuda Triangle
Sandra A. Kelly
Sandra A. Kelly преди 48 минути
The pose with the pendrive😂😂😂💔
catguru10 преди 51 минута
2:56 D E M O N E T I Z E D
Joshua Nosa
Joshua Nosa преди 52 минути
Whether paid or unpaid sponsorship, I love your level of assessment /reasoning of devices as a result your preferences too. So, I trust your judgement.
iTzEchoZ преди 53 минути
i actually had lint on my shirt and i never usually do
Farhanking7864 преди 53 минути
Tyler Sounthonevichith
Tyler Sounthonevichith преди 54 минути
Never say never. Ha.
12 76
12 76 преди 55 минути
Could you pay for my trip to your house let me pick out all the tech I want from your house and pay for my trip back home?
DivineEnt. преди 56 минути
hello from the future lmaoo
JaJa GAMING Yt преди 58 минути
i trust MKBHD cause he is my favorite youtuber
Rushabh Parekh
Rushabh Parekh преди 58 минути
this video shows precisely why you have a loyal viewer base over years irrespective of when your review video is out. the process of scouting isn't over until mkbhd reviews. glad to know more about the channel. peace.
damolin77 преди 58 минути
A true BGshowr who cares about it's it's subscribers "I work for you @ the end of the day". If I see a product many people have reviewed You are the last one I will watch and why because I know out of all the tech channels I will get your honest opinion and I want that to be the last thing that sticks in my mind so I have something to take away and think about.
Syphon Toastie
Syphon Toastie преди 58 минути
I’m blind. I love this guy. He’s such a typical passionate white guy that loves his tech. Bravo! I have a special brail smart phone. Thanks Mark!
Motanul преди 59 минути
ple tredis ma frends
Rainer Wever
Rainer Wever преди 59 минути
LG V60 has also a folding screen which you have not review and is one of the best concept right now on the market. Of course you talked trash about LG last year. And know you can not even review it.
syed Mehdi raza
syed Mehdi raza преди час
Great Review
Born in Wrong Generator
Born in Wrong Generator преди час
How did he get Jeffrey Epstein?
Rahul Gupta
Rahul Gupta преди час
This middle child of macbook line is to benefitted a lot from ARM TRANSITION, atleast that's what I hope and Expect to happen as this footprint is perfect middle Ground for mobility and Performance 🤞🏽*fingers crossed*🤞🏽
Constantin Matei
Constantin Matei преди час
Paradox_cracked преди час
Who's watching them while wearing the pros?
Moh Dagar
Moh Dagar преди час
You hit it hard
Beef Boss From Wii Sports
Beef Boss From Wii Sports преди час
I’m pretty sure 99% of people who say that are just joking, idk maybe I’m wrong though.
Tom Harris
Tom Harris преди час
Thanks for the update, can’t wait for you to utilise the new setup
Saad Sameer
Saad Sameer преди час
Your awesome mkbhd
Scott Harbin
Scott Harbin преди час
Better title would be “Can you trust MKBHD? (MKBHD review)
Rocky Di Rollo
Rocky Di Rollo преди час
I’m on a 6 core phone with 5g from the future
Fernando Aguilar
Fernando Aguilar преди час
Love your videos dude. What you're describing is the lowest form of trolling and it needs to stop.
Tissuenoob преди час
No one: Me: for some reason when i first saw this scene from another video, i thought Kobe was MKBHD Balded
Happy Water Studio’s
Happy Water Studio’s преди час
I want to buy a picture frame to put around it
tristan relucio
tristan relucio преди час
Is the giveaway still available?
Dan Desjardins
Dan Desjardins преди час
not very useful comment but thanks Marques
585 Gaming
585 Gaming преди час
Ive never got a beta how do you do it
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Климентий Митин преди час
No comments
Deeply Dude
Deeply Dude преди час
Suprrsaf bro r u there
Kids71hd преди час
Watching dis on an iPad 4 lol
Shadab Khan
Shadab Khan преди час
Biggest problem I can't sign out n sign in yo just app store with a new I'd. I keep 2 I'd for different countries n before in ios 13 we had option to sign out n sign in with new I'd under settings-app store. Now it's removed. Any tips for this issue
Stupidlysmart420 преди час
Elons way smarter than this black guy
Stanislaw Zielinski
Stanislaw Zielinski преди час
Jiorgi преди час
This reminds me of that Doja Cat song “if you can see it from the front wait til you see it from the back”
angelo cacchione
angelo cacchione преди час
Question never even crossed my mind.. trolls are trolls let them be
Tea With Danny
Tea With Danny преди час
How do you not have 100 million subscribers yet?
Scott Harbin
Scott Harbin преди час
So ive been trusting MKBHD for about 2 weeks now
ChocolatexCherries3 преди час
I love this man so much. I'm not even super into tech like that but his videos are so entertaining to me and he just comes off as just so honest. I'm so proud of this person that I don't even know. Keep up the great work and thank you for this honest video.
EpicGamer преди час
yo no way thats him (nice glow up)
chavo raceba
chavo raceba преди час
I have always trusted your opinions and comments. And now after this refreshing comments and clarifications, I trust you more....Thank you Marques for your expertise and efforts.
Motanul преди час
oh god i remember the pictures/ emojis i loved them
Arslaan Askari
Arslaan Askari преди час
Welcome back to another video of things you wish you could afford
Therkel Larsen
Therkel Larsen преди час
Mid rolls can burn in hell. Topic relevant ads directly from the creator is where it's at. All YT is doing is push more users toward "unofficial" apps.
Mimic Mohsin
Mimic Mohsin преди час
I shall buy a iPhone, in sha Allah.
Aureum преди час
Who’s here after the entanglement 💀
Alberto Mendoza
Alberto Mendoza преди час
the 🐐
trucker2b преди час
Best for rylo 360 ....
Chandler преди час
Wow it’s crazy how far he has come. Congrats MLBHD for sticking with it!!
#1 Duckz4li8f
#1 Duckz4li8f преди час
My main thing is how dafuq he had the same Gmail for over 10yrs, I can barley keep one for 3yrs
Unandi C.
Unandi C. преди час
I want one 😢
Sam Plante
Sam Plante преди час
i appreciate the transparency
Smile Urena
Smile Urena преди час
Yes i do believe the channel! And you point of view of the techs !!! Thank you
Buraik B7
Buraik B7 преди час
This is golden
Hoca Nasredin
Hoca Nasredin преди час
i dont see future this way... its stupid inovation just about size.... boring... make phone with week battery last or more rather then these shits...
George Jacob
George Jacob преди час
Anyone in 2020 when even more almost everything is USB Type-C
Patrick Woods
Patrick Woods преди час
So can I ask a question without getting banned...Do companies give you expensive product for product review and do you get to keep the stuff like from Apple or Samson or Huawei ? Do you consider that being paid and do you declare it in your taxes?
Tech Urdu
Tech Urdu преди час
You're the only Tech guy I trust blindly. Love you MKBHD. ✌✔👍
Roblox Amelie
Roblox Amelie преди час
i love how you dont babble at the start for so long so that litterally 1/5 of the video is the actual reveiw of the phone lollll
R преди час
I went from nokia 1110 to iphone 11 I didn't know that a phone has a camera
Carey Morgan
Carey Morgan преди час
It’s not a button, it’s a sim tray slot
Aneun Oppa
Aneun Oppa преди час
"Very nice person.", I sure some Afeghan kids would agree with you.
Kiran Rajeev
Kiran Rajeev преди час
After this video no
Yurz 2ruly
Yurz 2ruly преди час
I honestly already knew about your ethics in the Product Review Industry. Being in sales myself, I know a bias opinion when I see one. But its clearly different with you. We really appreciate it. Thank you for your hard work, honesty & dedication.
issatr4p преди час
Kunal Gandhewar
Kunal Gandhewar преди час
That's what she said .
Relaxful преди час
Me: *uploads the same video file*
Jimbo Jones Manifesto
Jimbo Jones Manifesto преди час
Next: The Apple Apple @1200.00. An absolute steal.....from your pocket
Abdulrahman mahaini
Abdulrahman mahaini преди час
Why is this on my recommendation
James Castillo
James Castillo преди час
MKBHD “that’s what she said” moment @3:40
Instant Life
Instant Life преди час
Thanks man :)
Keanu Lui-Kwan
Keanu Lui-Kwan преди час
Meanwhile new 3ds xl
Amin Amin
Amin Amin преди час
I'm ditching Arun..
Nobody преди час
Aswindev A
Aswindev A преди час
No, I don't trust any reviews anymore. Let me explain. I currently use a Samsung Galaxy S10. It's shit. But I dare you to find a review of the S10 by the main tech BGshowrs saying it's shit. I'm pretty sure no one, absolutely no one is talking about what's actually wrong with the phone. I'm so pissed at it at times that I feel like I should start a channel and make videos explaining just the problems. Problems: 1) Battery life - It will last a day, if you use it as a watch. 2) Camera bugs - There are so many bugs in the camera. Eg: Minimal focus distance bug in pro mode, unusably shitty video quality with EIS, completely useless auto focusing in super slowmo. The annoying thing is, deep down you know Samsung won't fix these anytime soon. Perhaps they might in S40. 3) Camera quality - When you listen to these godly BGshowrs claiming how the smartphone is catching up with the DSLRs and how soooo good they are, you actually start to believe them. Till you actually compare it to a DSLR. (I have a D3400, the cheapest DSLR from Nikon. It takes just about, a million times better photo than the S10) 4) Performance - I have the exynos version. ABSOLUTE SHIT. 5) Half assed job - You cannot help but think how much better this phone could be if Samsung actually gave a shit. I am constantly reminded of how peaceful and calm and refined my Lumia 620 was to use. Eg: Samsung gave the S10 the hardware capable of doing 960 FPS, but forces you to use auto focusing that I believe is hunting for unicorns. Cause they never find it. (Yes, I'm pissed because I tried to take a super slowmo of a dragon fly that was kind enough to sit still for ~15mins while I was trying to get it in focus, but the camera instead fancied taking the clouds in 960fps). Have I mentioned that you can't turn of the camera shutter sound in camera settings. (You have to put the phone in silent or vibrate. Or I believe turn down the settings volume). Now you see, I was wondering, is this how a flagship from one of the top mobile phone manufacturers is supposed to be? A friend in office had bought the one plus 7 pro. He was all praises about it. I thought the problems were with Samsung. Then an other friend recently bought the 7pro (more honest, less fanboy). He said it had problems as well. For instance, the proximity sensor would mess up and turn on the screen during calls with phone held to your ear. And at times the screen to answer call would be all broken and won't let you answer the call. Yup, in 2020, the flagships, won't let you answer a call because the screen's stuck. (All hail Nokia 1100) Now tell me. Which main tech BGshowr is giving you these levels of info? Perhaps I wouldn't have spend so much money on a phone if I knew they were like this. P.s. Yes I trust mkbhd won't lie to us. But I don't think he is actually telling the REAL truth about these either. P.s.s. My brother recently bought the BMW g310gs. Yup that's shit too. Just a heads-up in case anyone reading this is interested in buying it.🤣
RedSkullQ преди час
Thanks BGshow!
Mohammed Kamal
Mohammed Kamal преди час
No of course i don't trust u u Kobe fanboy what's wrong with Shaq ??
Make Asylums Great Again • 10 years ago
Make Asylums Great Again • 10 years ago преди час
If I don’t trust you the world will consider me racist, what are your thoughts regarding that?
berry on a straw
berry on a straw преди час
sir w h a t no one would say that
peet777 преди час
People who would sell their old iphone in order to buy new iphone, they sell it together with charger, but now they have to sell it without charger or to buy new charger separately
Joel Kungu
Joel Kungu преди час
I look up to you because I don’t see much black tech people on this platform and I’m happy about that. And you really used your voice and I respect you for that.
A SRIDHAR преди час
I don't know why mkbhd didn't reply for the comments or even gave a heart for his premium🤨🤨 subscribers .... Sorry marquees 😑😐😑😐
Ambrose Maikai
Ambrose Maikai преди час
Marques, I want to become a tech reveiwer like you
Varun Katyal
Varun Katyal преди час
Ur car unboxing was not a review
Simran Kaur
Simran Kaur преди час
Sometime/Not always.. Have a question..... Why supporting oneplus brand ?
Chance Beard
Chance Beard преди час
I have never doubted Marques and his integrity.
Fredrik Hedenrud
Fredrik Hedenrud преди час
Hi! Thanks for that video MKBHD! I’ve been following you for many years and I think you make excellent videos. And since I live in Sweden where transparancy is very important, for many people, I really enjoyed you brought attention to the subject. Let’s say that Your president doesnt make Your country likeable but you do. I say MKBHD FOR PRESIDENT! You have groundvalues that would benifit your country and the rest of the world so much more than your mr T. And I say This because swedes in general both as individuals and as nation is following your commercilized way of living in a devistating way. This transparancy talk and thoughts of doing things right and descent gives Some kind of hope for all of is. Thanks!