Steep Holiday Event Gameplay | Ubisoft [NA]
One year of FAM | Ubisoft Canada
преди 2 месеца
Un an de FAM | Ubisoft Canada
преди 2 месеца
Sky Knight
Sky Knight преди 2 часа
cant we side with keener?
Lazuardi Rahadian
Lazuardi Rahadian преди 2 часа
Keener deserve more stories, if there's by any chance for that, First Wave Agents Stories themed would be interesting, probably for DLC
Washy Senpai
Washy Senpai преди 3 часа
Imagine hooking this type of Fish when you're fishing peacefully
Sorrow преди 3 часа
Badass. Pre ordered the dlc a few days ago. I love both Division games too.
happy5642642 преди 3 часа
TD2 agent: *bitter laugh* I'm in danger TD1 Striker agent: Kept you waiting huh?
Al Camacho
Al Camacho преди 3 часа
Year 1 pass was BS
Fung Kenny
Fung Kenny преди 3 часа
0:27 LMB runs with JTF now?
SmithOnMe преди 3 часа
Is the LMB working with JTF?
Ramy Aoun
Ramy Aoun преди 3 часа
make a mission where we go rogue on division and we fight div agents XD
William Outhwaite
William Outhwaite преди 4 часа
So when’s the series coming out? 😱
Dz Gaming
Dz Gaming преди 4 часа
Bad graphics
Dz Gaming
Dz Gaming преди 4 часа
Is this watch dogs 😷
Chris Zweipunktnull
Chris Zweipunktnull преди 4 часа
Captures Zero atmosphere of the game... Awful -.-
McNasty преди 4 часа
Who de hell carries their phone on an operation
峰永月 преди 4 часа
When will the Division1 updates its DLC? Washinton DC
I Don, t have a name :]
I Don, t have a name :] преди 4 часа
Anyone gonna explain why the JTF are wearing LMB uniforms?
Dr Moscow DVDBOX360
Dr Moscow DVDBOX360 преди 5 часа
This looks BADASS love the animation style
Cococrash11 преди 5 часа
Awesome Tom Clancy’s The Division 2 Warlords of New York Animated Short Video.
Kitty Lil
Kitty Lil преди 5 часа
New apex legends map? :)
Inv4der_ X_Zimmx2
Inv4der_ X_Zimmx2 преди 5 часа
Now it looks like dokkaebi is now the hammer and thatcher is the nail. My how the tables have turn.
Calebu Pelon
Calebu Pelon преди 5 часа
What happen with agente of first TD
Leem преди 5 часа
Wow, didn’t even know New York has warlords.
Gaven Mueller
Gaven Mueller преди 5 часа
I want to see them find a way to create a cinematic like this one, except it's a giant map with like 6 bombs and 3 defusers, and it's every attacker in the game vs every defender in the game. Instead of a 5v5, it would be a 27v27 match and seeing that in this form would be amazing in my opinion. It would probably take forever to make and would become outdated the second they released new operators after Iana and Oryx, but it wouldn't matter, because seeing a giant Siege game played with 27 operators on each team shot and done cinematically like this one would instantly become the greatest video game cinematics ever. Even without the after game commentary that this one did.
that_one _guy
that_one _guy преди 5 часа
What if they add "Leave Her, Johnny?"
Redneck Ninja
Redneck Ninja преди 5 часа
Please on Netflix
Remake Or Craft Knowledge
Remake Or Craft Knowledge преди 5 часа
I liked the extra content that is given to help with distractions. Let’s see how much more can be covered up.
Enigma Existencia
Enigma Existencia преди 6 часа
Interesting! 🤔
PUBLIX MN преди 6 часа
So. Hunters were cool. We actually never hated them but liked them. In weird way. And Keener is hated. Simple AF. We wanted to kill him. And now he tripled. So we can kill suckers like him three times.
Zap преди 6 часа
can i still play it? noob question
C-Crystals преди 6 часа
Spend more time to making trailers instead of fixing the game
José Camilo
José Camilo преди 6 часа
An animated series to link with the upcoming movie?
W8ting Simulator
W8ting Simulator преди 6 часа
1:15 tons of bullet used but no one dies, remind me of those days.
Keem преди 6 часа
damn cant wait to play this Badass Character on Apex Legends
ZzBlack BanditzZ
ZzBlack BanditzZ преди 6 часа
Division the Anime but wait what about that movie 😂😂😂
staci bulle
staci bulle преди 6 часа
That was on fire I definitely want the dlc now
Sauceyfire94 преди 6 часа
Put him back in ranked
Paul Morgutia
Paul Morgutia преди 6 часа
Was that LMB and JTF at 1:13 ??
FullMentalAutism преди 6 часа
LMB part of the JTF In the beginning? The white ski masks with the headsets
Demislonzie преди 6 часа
man pyro has a cult
Luis Hernandez
Luis Hernandez преди 6 часа
We are back to NYC.... Great move by the division...
jake nicol
jake nicol преди 6 часа
Like to see those two go at it ;)
Zexuw преди 6 часа
Where tf was hibana
CMDR Hanszo
CMDR Hanszo преди 6 часа
Plot Twist. Keener is actually a good guy in a very deep cover. He will control and destroy everything from the inside.
TK 4174
TK 4174 преди 7 часа
The animation style reminds me of the apex legends animation
King Crimson
King Crimson преди 7 часа
So... we're going to talk about how Blitzy Blitz looks like Leon?
Christian Jimenez
Christian Jimenez преди 7 часа
Whoever animated this got the JTF and LMB mixed up.. the Jtf were running around in full LMB gear lmfao
Rykker Bird
Rykker Bird преди 7 часа
Remember when they said that they wanted to make the game more realistic "adds Orxy"
Alexander Rodriguez
Alexander Rodriguez преди 7 часа
Nomad builds and predator mark builds rise up
Richard Alejo
Richard Alejo преди 7 часа
Very awesome...gj ubisoft 👍
Diego Garcia
Diego Garcia преди 7 часа
I need that lmb gas mask and balaclava for my agent pls massive
Chivo Gaming
Chivo Gaming преди 7 часа
Why is the not a Netflix original with ten seasons on standby...smh...
Tweety преди 7 часа
This film did not show all the operators' skills. Also,the defenders' performances in this game are far away from the attackers'. Aren't they all well-trained? Weird. Fine,I just wonder... When will UBI do movies?
Rocky Wong
Rocky Wong преди 7 часа
It'd be cool if there's a terminater theme week
Noe Sulvaran
Noe Sulvaran преди 7 часа
It looks like lmb jtf
Ruslan Agajanyan
Ruslan Agajanyan преди 7 часа
shkon преди 7 часа
Imagine World of Warcraft-ish Horde vs Alliance kind of branched storyline where you experience the story from Rogue agent or Division agent's point of view, both side fighting for their own agenda. Then there's ongoing warfare between Rogue agent and Division agent, eliminating each other collect dog tags for progression or unlock stuffs , it can be AI division agent though so don't have to make whole world into open PVP . I know I'm asking too much but one can dream.
Christopher Hernandez
Christopher Hernandez преди 7 часа
This would make an amazing tv show
Nehemiah Briseneau
Nehemiah Briseneau преди 7 часа
We need a series with this kind of style on this show now on God fam!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ASAP!!!!!!
Leon преди 7 часа
Yea Keener is cool and all... but whats Ramos up to?
Derp KG
Derp KG преди 8 часа
Is it just me, or do the JTF look a lot like the LMB with some green paint on the gear
jeff syarief
jeff syarief преди 8 часа
just make a miniseries already. the division lore and story is soooo good.
Eskinder Mamo
Eskinder Mamo преди 8 часа
Emile Skeete
Emile Skeete преди 8 часа
Bro it's easy to be the bad guy if it takes 500 bullets to kill you. The good guy could never be bad because he can only take about 10 shots.
Jack Loder
Jack Loder преди 8 часа
So a member of your elite military unit has been disillusioned and gone rogue, and nw you must travel to an island he has taken control of and take it back in a third person shooter live service game. Am I talking about Ghost Recon Breakpoint or The Division 2?
Húxiān Cyclops 4
Húxiān Cyclops 4 преди 8 часа
But can you prone?
b4F преди 8 часа
i want to join him
Sane преди 8 часа
Is this the new assasin's creed origin trailer?
Ja’Quez Kress
Ja’Quez Kress преди 8 часа
why does this give me a apex vibe?
Nathan Lee
Nathan Lee преди 8 часа
Deer Ubisoft, Can you please make a flame drone please. A lot of people are most into skills and I’m really low on damage. So, I ask you, Ubisoft, to make a flame drone to watch the enemies burn. This is an Idea I’ll take dear to my heart if you make it. From your division agent, Nathan Lee
Marc Kilgour
Marc Kilgour преди 8 часа
I dont know how I feel about Oregon rework but I like the operators goodbye Montange plants
HazzaH преди 8 часа
Cleopatra is as far away from the pyramids in time as we are from her now. Truly ancient that country was.
retro reaper
retro reaper преди 8 часа
Lol drones cant go far
Dean Brown
Dean Brown преди 8 часа
please make more of them!!!
M Knox
M Knox преди 9 часа
I want more of this rather than the game itself 😂
Optic Chicken06
Optic Chicken06 преди 9 часа
Why doesn’t anybody die
Flicks & Games
Flicks & Games преди 9 часа
Can you give us a movie/show with this animation?
Saki Nagatobi
Saki Nagatobi преди 9 часа
Can I get free sponsorship warlords of New York
Terry Pierce
Terry Pierce преди 9 часа
So everyone's done doing the zombie thing?, sweet good! *UBISOFT from nowhere with a quarantine.
Bonnie Jade
Bonnie Jade преди 9 часа
Thank god ive been saving up my renown
an nguyễn
an nguyễn преди 9 часа
Being a Division Agent may be a thankless job, maybe no one will even know you even there, you may be left behind to fend for yourself but see those people, those kids who tried to survive past these dark days, I know why I do this, I do this for them, so that they can smile again. That why I will hunt you down Keener, for the life you had take, for the people you had betray and I will stop you
Robo Piggeh
Robo Piggeh преди 9 часа
where's discombobulate?
Michael Ortiz
Michael Ortiz преди 9 часа
So frickin sick!!
cj преди 9 часа
So is it just NY that's infected? And cut off from the rest of the US and world?
orrthehunter преди 8 часа
NYC is Ground Zero for the virus outbreak. It spread throughout the USA due to people who were staying or living in NYC traveling to other locations in USA unknownly carrying the virus. Washington DC, revealed in one of the new Classified assignments released in Year 1 epsiode 3, got hit by the virus because a asymptomatic carrier unknownly brought the virus into DC. The virus outbreak was planned by a Mysterious Shadow Organization that ruined the world's society in the shadows by manipulated people, the economy, and governements for years but now they want direct control of the world rather than manipulating people to get what they wanted thus they planned and started this Green Poison Virus outbreak by supplying Gordon Amherst with resources to create the Virus and secretly sabotaging the US government for years through industrial sabotage and using corrupt US government members to help them. Their plan is to "save" the USA from the Virus they secretly unleashed while making the USA government look incompentent and corrupted to the core so people will be glad to have their new "Saviors" as the new ruling government. There are a few people who suspect this Mysterious Shadow Organization exists in the storyline but have not found real proof to present to the Public about their plot and they suspect they are the Black Tusk's client which is confirmed throughout Year 1 storyline as we learn these people have connections to every important places in the world even among the US government resources such as DARPA. USA is hit the hardest because it is the Organization's first target but after the USA, if they succeed, they will attempt to take over the other countries and eventually the world since they will be the only ones who have the cure for the Green Poison while everyone in the world remain ignorant that they planned the Green Poison Outbreak. The other countries have manage to keep their infected to a minimum but the world governments are struggling to find a cure for the Green Poison outbreak. A cure that the Division now has in Washington DC and ready to be mass produced after the events of Year 1 Episode 3 due to ruining this Mysterious Shadow Organization's plans to use the Black Tusks and President Ellis to steal the Cure for themselves.
Lawrence De La Torre
Lawrence De La Torre преди 9 часа
Why does this remind me of Apex legends like the animation
nobel Stifler
nobel Stifler преди 9 часа
“Command patch me thru to DC” Yes maam im ready!!
A S F G H K M E V B N M преди 9 часа
Niolk earski hdrt Mreu Fdki etc while you have
The Reaper
The Reaper преди 9 часа
They added Kool Aid Man
cjallenroxs преди 9 часа
Apex legends much?
John Trussell
John Trussell преди 9 часа
We need a movie like this!! The art style is amazing
Lil Mike
Lil Mike преди 9 часа
Who else wishes Cheeseburger and Peaches had their own trailers. I mean, there old owners could have told the story.
Peyton Robison
Peyton Robison преди 9 часа
2:44 did anyone catch that negan savior whistle in the background there?
Ali Mahjoub
Ali Mahjoub преди 9 часа
If any one will buy this game on ps4 please send me an invite on ubisoft Club or psn befor he buy it i can help you to Level up and in return i can get the hunter outfit please Tell me befor you buy the game thanks and have a good day 😉
Ali Mahjoub
Ali Mahjoub преди 9 часа
If any one will buy this game on ps4 please send me an invite on ubisoft Club or psn befor he buy it i can help you to Level up and in return i can get the hunter outfit please Tell me befor you buy the game thanks and have a good day 😉
Peyton Robison
Peyton Robison преди 9 часа
The jtf guys look more like lmb
Noah Washington
Noah Washington преди 9 часа
Skooma преди 9 часа
So mute is a must have
william carrier
william carrier преди 9 часа
pulse wins simp AND clown of the year
Wayne Buffin
Wayne Buffin преди 9 часа
This looks more interesting than the game itself it’s a shame division 1&2 didn’t do as good as any other title game had a lot of potential
VelvetMidnight преди 9 часа
Some people pay 100$ Some pay 60$ *_Some pay 3$_* Sigh
DMartin-CG преди 10 часа
I really like how some of the LMB are apart of the JTF now