zenterno1579 преди 3 часа
7:54 Everyone : laughing Tobi : I am not involved 😂😂
Dbdbdbh Duh snhsjhs
Dbdbdbh Duh snhsjhs преди 3 часа
JJ puts in the least evert all he does is sleep
Kuda95 M
Kuda95 M преди 3 часа
Ethan said "keep it in the family"😂😂😂🙌OMG
ManLike Ali
ManLike Ali преди 3 часа
jj+simon+tobi oreo :)
JP преди 4 часа
44:25 I’m sorry but he should eat another one if that was vikk eating it they would make him eat the whole lot
Midget Stupidity
Midget Stupidity преди 4 часа
*no snails were hurt filming this*
Viraj Nair
Viraj Nair преди 4 часа
2:53 Tobi low key threw up in his mouth lmao
James Fort
James Fort преди 4 часа
Is it a coincidence that my ad was a weight loss ad
Lucas Banks
Lucas Banks преди 4 часа
Go on, make another one
Kuda95 M
Kuda95 M преди 4 часа
OMG that Simon segment was awkwardly painful.....ouch JJ just eat the bugs🙆😂
Ronnie Redfern
Ronnie Redfern преди 4 часа
the only reseon vik said mango is because of mango chutney
admiralsparrow 17
admiralsparrow 17 преди 4 часа
bro, 32:31, JJ' behaviour is like he's the poorest of the sidemen
baoz 177
baoz 177 преди 4 часа
Or toby could have eaten salmon
CrankAU преди 4 часа
Simon does use him 🤷‍♂️
Lucid Replayz
Lucid Replayz преди 4 часа
did anyone else here danTDM's voice when the vid started!!!
Josh Dalton
Josh Dalton преди 4 часа
tiffany's mind
tiffany's mind преди 4 часа
Wait Tobi isn't a virgin :o *surprised Pikachu*
Sancho преди 4 часа
Simon literally ate the food for his friends' sake. He ate bugs and the pigeon for them, what a good mate he is!
Frank Daniele
Frank Daniele преди 4 часа
Sinahi Salazar
Sinahi Salazar преди 4 часа
Holy ads “11”
Darren Ip
Darren Ip преди 4 часа
Darren Ip
Darren Ip преди 4 часа
AWP Senpai
AWP Senpai преди 4 часа
Bro all the food looks fine to me.
athish js
athish js преди 4 часа
28:43 ethan bro we see your thick
Kuda95 M
Kuda95 M преди 4 часа
This was a really good video idea hahahaaa
encrypt преди 4 часа
I can throw a discuss 26 meters lol I thought I was bad I’m 14
Diwansh Giri
Diwansh Giri преди 5 часа
who is watching it in 2020 16:00 shoutout to us nepalese
weekendfever20 преди 5 часа
Lol he baby octopus is yummy af idg why they were so scared have they never eaten sushi
confuciuss преди 5 часа
Genuinely didn't understand one second of what the game was
idontevenknowanymore преди 5 часа
Ya think thats enough ads mate?
Frazik x 24
Frazik x 24 преди 5 часа
At the gun fight scene how did one person get killed what about the rest
Wyett Munro
Wyett Munro преди 5 часа
His face at 20:34 I cant.
Muqree Pmmp
Muqree Pmmp преди 5 часа
Bro vik earns 2 million from just Minecraft .
Ryder Warner-Masters
Ryder Warner-Masters преди 5 часа
Sankaran CB
Sankaran CB преди 5 часа
Best moment of 2019 Ksi v LP 2 or Harry's crossbar volley?
Nirbhigna Aryal
Nirbhigna Aryal преди 5 часа
The only person to diss ksi and not get dissed back is phil😂
Ana 123
Ana 123 преди 5 часа
I would have asked jj what person he regrets having in his song down like that
AlphaAce преди 5 часа
Ethan looks like someones GTA character
Justin In
Justin In преди 5 часа
Who worked on the sound for this video? Because they need to work harder
FatFighter 578 Yo broakei
FatFighter 578 Yo broakei преди 5 часа
Jarvis and Kay are so boring
petrol power
petrol power преди 5 часа
I am surprised they didn't just use food colouring to dye the food
Mark Poland
Mark Poland преди 5 часа
Team 1: screw Logan paul Team 2: Fortnite Lovers Team 3: Crowbar
Mark Poland
Mark Poland преди 5 часа
Leaning Tower of Piza
Rj Ward
Rj Ward преди 5 часа
Vik in these Sidemen Sundays has about as much of a sense of humor as a dead fetus hung by its umbilical cord
Alex Ugalde
Alex Ugalde преди 5 часа
No one can even see it
Alex Ugalde
Alex Ugalde преди 5 часа
No one like it
Alex Ugalde
Alex Ugalde преди 5 часа
Rj Ward shut up man stop commenting
Albert Binu
Albert Binu преди 5 часа
I feel like Deji would beat Gib in a fight
ritaj преди 5 часа
babatunde ha ha ha ha
KRedittz преди 5 часа
Tobi was focused on this writing lyrics throughout the whole vid and murdered this beat
Lola Reneé
Lola Reneé преди 5 часа
Nobody : Ethan: wHaT a CoRkEr
BlackThunderHWD 22
BlackThunderHWD 22 преди 6 часа
Ksi’s laugh has me dead every time
Archie Cooper
Archie Cooper преди 6 часа
Watch this again and can’t help to realise when Harry falls down the stair he actually tries to fall
AYE D.B. преди 6 часа
Why does ksi sound like ivar from vikings sometimes
Braythen Games
Braythen Games преди 6 часа
This is like the wwe 24/7 championship
Thivinnaash Kumar
Thivinnaash Kumar преди 6 часа
I feel like deji would win
Ryan Owen
Ryan Owen преди 6 часа
Wtf is those feet on simon
Kuda95 M
Kuda95 M преди 6 часа
Our word of the episode is "POO"🤔😂
Nathan преди 6 часа
14:06 ethan having a mad scratch
Itzadil Khan
Itzadil Khan преди 6 часа
Wait... In the trickshot round faze didn't do a trickshot
H преди 6 часа
Is this the first time JJ never slept
Captain FN
Captain FN преди 6 часа
48:51 the Nigerian trio back at it again.
Zach McGill
Zach McGill преди 6 часа
by far the best youtube video by the sidemen to come out I will be looking forward to part 2
Contra преди 6 часа
Wait so what servers did vikk make money on? 2 million seems like alot. Was most of that from cosmic?
vAspire преди 6 часа
This is how many people thought the sidemen were abductors like to agree
Sam King
Sam King преди 6 часа
i guess ethan doesnt like me
James Michael
James Michael преди 6 часа
B. B B 1u
DarKing _
DarKing _ преди 6 часа
Is that juice wrld?!
Fiery Playz
Fiery Playz преди 6 часа
Vikk: Can i have some hard word please? JJ:Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious.
SadatBoss123 преди 6 часа
Sub to KrazyGame
GAMER преди 6 часа
Enes Batur!!!!!!
Daniela González
Daniela González преди 6 часа
Claudine Medina
Claudine Medina преди 6 часа
WTF did I watch
Free Melly
Free Melly преди 6 часа
The last girl is wack
Edwin chu
Edwin chu преди 6 часа
that's just minute to win it challenges
XxMb09boyxX YT
XxMb09boyxX YT преди 7 часа
03:48 was the best
Abz Farooq
Abz Farooq преди 7 часа
If there is anything I’ve learnt from this video it’s.... recycle 12:29
Citrus преди 7 часа
Who else doesn’t know what a body count is
Sam - Josh
Sam - Josh преди 7 часа
Is this in the Netherlands
David Copperfield
David Copperfield преди 7 часа
here is my vegan comment = i wish they ate all of it and later died in the hospital
Jason Tang
Jason Tang преди 7 часа
14:12 just saving this for me lmfao
Red Soul Music
Red Soul Music преди 7 часа
Do a sidemen card against humanity on sidemen gaming
D.A is a Pyscho
D.A is a Pyscho преди 7 часа
46:55 shes only into the body
Joab Kirk
Joab Kirk преди 7 часа
Citrus преди 7 часа
What’s a body count?
Varun Sunil Nalge
Varun Sunil Nalge преди 7 часа
Ari kal
Ari kal преди 7 часа
Was that a surpirse for JJ to hear that Vikk hated him most of the Sidemen... JJ is the only one back in the day that abused and bullied Vikk 😂
MoiKoi преди 7 часа
I think Cal should be in the sidemen just me?
Warrior 22
Warrior 22 преди 7 часа
5:27 was the best part ever
Wavvy преди 7 часа
8th sidemen?!?!?!?!
Warrior 22
Warrior 22 преди 7 часа
This was so random but I love it. This deserves an Oscar award
ツPhantom преди 7 часа
For us Egyptians, eating pigeons is normal lmao
CiderBoys bob
CiderBoys bob преди 7 часа
Truth or drink next would be fire.!
Petros Baltayan
Petros Baltayan преди 7 часа
*cough *cough James Corden
Preetish Desai
Preetish Desai преди 7 часа
Mur Mula
Mur Mula преди 7 часа
When it paused on ft an Tobi was like that’s a nice screenshot😂😂😂😂
XuanDric Entertainment
XuanDric Entertainment преди 7 часа
As an Asian those food don’t look disgusting to me at all
Hyunsung Kim
Hyunsung Kim преди 7 часа
what's the credit song
Afif Abdullah
Afif Abdullah преди 7 часа
nobody: jj: *CHURCH*
ZeroG Xo
ZeroG Xo преди 8 часа
This is awesome and I love this wow still laughing.
Liz Grace
Liz Grace преди 8 часа
By far josh won.
We do Everything
We do Everything преди 8 часа
Harry is a legend
Vinn pai
Vinn pai преди 8 часа
They are all asia food lmaooo