Ninja Kidz vs Ninja Kidz Photobomb Challenge
Extreme Acro Gymnasts vs Prodigy *dares*
Handcuffed to My Kids for 24 HOURS *bad idea*
Extreme Acro Dares and Stunts
преди 8 месеца
My Son's First Kiss **sweet**
преди 10 месеца
2 Photographers Shoot SOFIE DOSSI
преди 11 месеца
Sofie Dossi, Sean and Kaycee Surprise!!
преди 11 месеца
EXTREME Acrobat Tries Out NEW MERCH!!
Chloe Woolliams
Chloe Woolliams преди 6 часа
why don't you try and do a photoshoot of an ice skater that would be cool and pretty!
Tabi Eben Gwendolyn
Tabi Eben Gwendolyn преди 9 часа
How are you doing this Sofie dossi 👌🏾
JUAN CARLOS GARCIA преди 10 часа
i like yuor photos
JR Productions
JR Productions преди 12 часа
My favorite photo was Zak and Soffie or Sophie we’re together on the chair,and I think this photo shoot was better than the person who challenged Jordan
Darwin Garcia
Darwin Garcia преди 13 часа
Ola Kurcz
Ola Kurcz преди 14 часа
Moni Vega
Moni Vega преди 15 часа
I have 10years let copa
Averie Phillips
Averie Phillips преди 15 часа
You should do a ocean photo shoot with cast of dance moms
Hermione Jean Granger-Weasley
Hermione Jean Granger-Weasley преди 16 часа
_Who else thinks that Sofie Dossi looks like a goddess underwater?_ *edit I love all of these!!*
Ella Bella's Adventures
Ella Bella's Adventures преди 18 часа
isa Funez
isa Funez преди 18 часа
holaa única aquí que habla español? JAJAJAJAJAJAJAJAJA
Nextax Gaming
Nextax Gaming преди 18 часа
Ainul Kabir
Ainul Kabir преди 19 часа
Jordan you are my IDOL! I wanna meet you so bad.
Angelu Delos Santos
Angelu Delos Santos преди ден
that was super cool 👍👌😘😎.
Nifān Aulia
Nifān Aulia преди ден
I watched the video! It was funny. You are the most amazing photographer in this world! Hope you having a good day, Jordan!
Zia Socorro
Zia Socorro преди ден
That feeling when her daughter knows how to swim than me hahaha
Wayne Graves
Wayne Graves преди ден
You should try to jump over random people and scare them
Stacey Knoell
Stacey Knoell преди ден
At 7:21 when he's running while carrying her, her toes are still perfectly pointed!
Natalie Nobles
Natalie Nobles преди ден
møcha pikachuu
møcha pikachuu преди ден
Omg what about the soda juice it went in the pool! :0
ITZ MALI преди ден
Alguien español ? Nadie aaaw me quede solita
Masyn Mckinley
Masyn Mckinley преди ден
Pls pick me
galaxy hearts
galaxy hearts преди ден
I ABSOLUTELY LOVE your videos! My 14y/o loves photography. She has talked about becoming a professional photographer and wants to do wildlife photography. I was just wondering what camera would be a good start. Thanks for all the amazing videos and keep being the amazing inspirational person you are. ❤❤
s a i l o r m o o n
s a i l o r m o o n преди ден
Maybe if the water wasn't that murky?
Alicja 99
Alicja 99 преди ден
Beautiful photos but what a beautiful city 😍
Özge Ak
Özge Ak преди ден
That was so cool!
Kristen Lou
Kristen Lou преди ден
me: oh no zak you'll wet your cheetos me: oh no sofie you'll spill your drink. me: oh no jordan you'll ruin their snack.
Helene Fabregat
Helene Fabregat преди ден
Tres bonnes photos mais souvent trop dangereuses pour la fille...
Geflügelblume преди ден
💕 So nice! All of your Videos and Photos. Love it. I'm a new fan. Thanks from Bavaria 💕
Kit Ching Mok
Kit Ching Mok преди ден
Wow it was awesome 😍😍😍🦄🦄🦄
Aussiedog king
Aussiedog king преди ден
Was up
Emily Harris
Emily Harris преди 2 дни
She bit he’s lip
Kristen Lou
Kristen Lou преди 2 дни
whoa whoa whoa she's on pointe shoes???!!!!!
billie eilish fans
billie eilish fans преди 2 дни
Yo amo a este tipo pero avece es agrecivo
StrangerThingsLover преди 2 дни
Okay, but we’re those point shoes in the water? Gurrrrrl, you should know that even getting them slightly wet RUINS them. Those are expensive!
Contemporary Dancer
Contemporary Dancer преди ден
I hope they wear dead and she didn’t ruin a good pair
Chad Davis
Chad Davis преди 2 дни
I love your shows
cullen bejemino tries
cullen bejemino tries преди 2 дни
Photography in a plane ☺
Meity Burdett
Meity Burdett преди 2 дни
What a voice!!!😂😂😂😂👍🏽👍🏽
Avery Foley
Avery Foley преди 2 дни
The one with Sofie under water
Zuni Patel
Zuni Patel преди 2 дни
Sofie is really flexible she can do anything
Avery Foley
Avery Foley преди 2 дни
The Apuheroes
The Apuheroes преди 2 дни
4:04 Why is sofy wearin white
Blue Sapphire
Blue Sapphire преди 2 дни
You know Ben??!!!
verča преди 2 дни
David Labuschagne
David Labuschagne преди 2 дни
You should make a photo of Sophie sitting down
Laura D'Annunzio
Laura D'Annunzio преди 2 дни
like chi è italiano
Khamari Cooper
Khamari Cooper преди 2 дни
Them are really nice pictures
Tiphia Hodge Graham
Tiphia Hodge Graham преди 2 дни
I was not expecting Ben Azelart to be in this video cuz im a big fan of him
Scarlett Galaxy
Scarlett Galaxy преди 2 дни
I love all of them OMG JORDAN UR AN AMAZING BALLS PHOTOGRAPHER!!!!🤣🤣My favs we’re walking on water and the one when she is reading the book.
Amethyst LPS 101
Amethyst LPS 101 преди 2 дни
When they were diving head first it gave me anxiety 😂
Morph And Zorph
Morph And Zorph преди 3 дни
you should do more beach pictures or like her on a bike, car or somethin
ALAN преди 3 дни
It would be awesome if Brent Rivera was at the party
Srinivasan Thyagarajan
Srinivasan Thyagarajan преди 3 дни
Sophie it would be cool it u could do a handstand win any prop so cool ♡♡! Love your videos by the way my granddaughter is typing this;)
Ashley Wiltrout
Ashley Wiltrout преди 3 дни
That view at the end was GORGEOUS 😍
Michelle Yang
Michelle Yang преди 3 дни
Omg now Kamri is known partially as the girl from Crazy Fast on Brat I love that show
Franciele Souza
Franciele Souza преди 3 дни
Not for use
Christian Tome
Christian Tome преди 3 дни
sooooooooooooooooooo coooooooooolllllll
Tracey Smith
Tracey Smith преди 3 дни
Do a photoshoot in the ocean 😉😂
Pink Ixia
Pink Ixia преди 3 дни
It kinda looks like a painting with the blurry water
Isla._. Bowman
Isla._. Bowman преди 3 дни
Not joking here I’m from England and I couldn’t go there (L.A)
Ceecee Mam
Ceecee Mam преди 3 дни
Jordan please come to Toronto Ontario and do a 10 min photo challenge
moon ie
moon ie преди 3 дни
honestly, those pictures just look normal with a random filter on it, there’s no perspective or anything done with it, i wish they were a bit more considered, regardless of the timing thing
Matilde Monteiro
Matilde Monteiro преди 3 дни
i'm portuguese but i love you
Autumn Kay
Autumn Kay преди 3 дни
I love your videos I always try to be the first one to like it I would love to be in one of your videos you are so funny and cool
Lani Unicorn
Lani Unicorn преди 3 дни
So cool
Crazy Dragon
Crazy Dragon преди 3 дни
Jordan you should make a photo challenge where you are in a no gravity place and you float and try to do some moves in there! Love you Jordan ❤️🧡💛💚💙💜
Alicia Mayoraz
Alicia Mayoraz преди 3 дни
Love what you do, freaking amazing ! Love your personality too, you're such a gentle and nice guy
Debbe Sumner
Debbe Sumner преди 3 дни
Enjoy your channel so much. 😊
Bryan W
Bryan W преди 3 дни
Mark Jerome Bono
Mark Jerome Bono преди 3 дни
Udval Smile
Udval Smile преди 4 дни
Sofie:I’m never getting back in that water Jordan 3seconds later:Guys let’s do a photo underwater
Joulia Azmy
Joulia Azmy преди 4 дни
Me: oh no I broke my phone Mom: how did you break your phone Me: I smashed the like button so hard
Amelia Frazer
Amelia Frazer преди 4 дни
Next time please do it with the grav gang and sofie dosie
alejandra Gonzalez Garcia
alejandra Gonzalez Garcia преди 4 дни
hello my name is karen and i would love you to go to my country that is in mexico please
Kimberly The unicorn
Kimberly The unicorn преди 4 дни
You should have made her brushing her hair with a fork with tail like arial
Chim Chimmy
Chim Chimmy преди 4 дни
Y'all no offence but I never dared to watch Jordan's videos cuz I thought he was Gordon Ramsey but now I keep watching his stuff xd
Huang Frank
Huang Frank преди 4 дни
I'm just happy!
Lyla Reeves
Lyla Reeves преди 4 дни
my favorite photo is non
Ryleigh Krenzler
Ryleigh Krenzler преди 4 дни
hi Jordan Matter
Mésosore 375
Mésosore 375 преди 4 дни
HOOOOO Y A DES GENS QUI PARLENT FRANCAIS DANS LA VIDEO 😁😁😁 Sinon ce que tu fait est génial continue 😁
Diego Lee
Diego Lee преди 4 дни
I don't now wich one is my favorite photo
Laceymae Cooper
Laceymae Cooper преди 4 дни
Anyone else watching this at 3.8 million subscribers?🤣❤️
Alaa Al-Essa
Alaa Al-Essa преди 4 дни
Affaf and jack r so cutee!❤️
Инна Куликова
Инна Куликова преди 4 дни
это нечто потрясающее
Alya Alvarado
Alya Alvarado преди 5 дни
the one where she is walking on water it's absolutely amazing. You're a great photographer.
WWE FigureCollecter10
WWE FigureCollecter10 преди 5 дни
I have a channel and what I do is comment on my videos and pin my comment and wait for people to comment so it isn't disabled but a lot of my videos have disabled videos
1000k likes with no vids Pls like my channel
1000k likes with no vids Pls like my channel преди 5 дни
-Panda- преди 5 дни
Omg Sophie Dossi has the beautiful i color im so obsessed
Cheri Lynn & AG
Cheri Lynn & AG преди 5 дни
Can i schedule a shoot with you
Josephine Salyers
Josephine Salyers преди 5 дни
I like the one that makes her hafe of her head was pinking out of the water
Margo Nitrof
Margo Nitrof преди 5 дни
I can do the thing she did with her toes on her right foot at 6:08 like reverse them but people tell me it's not good for my feet but I still do it lol 😂
tatacutecat преди 5 дни
Also can we do it next to the Beach I changed my mind about going to new York City
tatacutecat преди 5 дни
And I hope you make this a video on BGshow
tatacutecat преди 5 дни
oh and my address is 1242 Pasadena I think but I live on Pasadena and I hope we can do this in new York City plssssss I love you
tatacutecat преди 5 дни
Hi Jordan my name is santoria and I am a flexible gymnest and I live in Michigan and really like to go pleases but I was wondering if I can to a 10 minute photo challenge and if you will except this my mom's phone number is 313 739 9896 I hope you except this and can you please bring Anna
Thea Bendaly
Thea Bendaly преди 5 дни
whose house is that???
Jordin Kornega
Jordin Kornega преди 5 дни
I liked the one where Sofie was walking on the water
Josh Ahrens
Josh Ahrens преди 5 дни
When Jordan matter said next stop Los Angeles the girl behind him was like uhhhhh that guy is wierd😐
Issy I guess
Issy I guess преди 4 дни
Josh Ahrens omg I thought I was the only one here in 2020 😂😂
Lishy Gee
Lishy Gee преди 5 дни
omg 😱
Pickles World
Pickles World преди 5 дни