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sufea преди 49 минути
1:19 omg
Лейла Яруллина
Лейла Яруллина преди час
Мне страшно я тут одна русскав
Janice Nipales
Janice Nipales преди час
Czékmány Tímea
Czékmány Tímea преди час
• Tøma •
• Tøma • преди час
Slime Queen
Slime Queen преди 2 часа
Charlie stoll the renigad
Unicorn Magic
Unicorn Magic преди 2 часа
Exploiting teenagers relationship for views...nice one.
Gastón David Acevedo
Gastón David Acevedo преди 2 часа
Hjkti gh dsc
CØLORZ преди 2 часа
Omg i love trippie redd😂😘
_Zinna Z
_Zinna Z преди 4 часа
Tony: said 🚁🚁🚁🚁
Matt Anderson
Matt Anderson преди 5 часа
Like_mf_tim преди 5 часа
Why didn‘t chase do renegade at the end ....that would have been perfect
Ellis Hague
Ellis Hague преди 5 часа
When yellow hearts came on I said "my buttcheeks jiggle when I fart"
Jennifer 205
Jennifer 205 преди 6 часа
🚁🚁🚁🚁🚁 I'm sorry I had to🚁🚁🚁🚁🚁
Konnor Yeager
Konnor Yeager преди 7 часа
He’s 18 she’s 15
Joe Y. Mora
Joe Y. Mora преди 8 часа
I love this premise of celebs chilling with their superfan. Please make more soon!
Diana Rodriguez
Diana Rodriguez преди 8 часа
Wow so funny I love tik Tok and Charlie dameliooo
julius dogta
julius dogta преди 8 часа
Dixie is too damn pretty
rita holdorff
rita holdorff преди 8 часа
Who else came to the comments to see if the music purposely stopped playing or if ur phone was glitching out 🙃
DARK MOON 1234 преди 8 часа
I got it after 1 0000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000 you still here it still goes look 0000000000 and all the i did
Jerilyn Highway
Jerilyn Highway преди 9 часа
Esmeralda Ortiz
Esmeralda Ortiz преди 9 часа
But it ain’t no “tiktok lyric” it’s literally a song that was played on the radio first.
Weener Orian
Weener Orian преди 10 часа
So large of a room containing so little talent
riley :]
riley :] преди 11 часа
Roberto Barbosa
Roberto Barbosa преди 11 часа
Camila Zúñiga
Camila Zúñiga преди 11 часа
lol_brooke vxbes
lol_brooke vxbes преди 12 часа
Am I the only one dying at 1:09
Holly Gabriella Murphy
Holly Gabriella Murphy преди 12 часа
ok but this is cute
Fwacck преди 13 часа
why dose this 2 min long with 130k likes. BOI
Spacdfn преди 13 часа
"And were playing Stealing a girls dance for clout"
Lourdes Morocho
Lourdes Morocho преди 13 часа
That reminds me of gigi
ttv_nathan123 345
ttv_nathan123 345 преди 13 часа
Chace: will u be my valentine Charlie doing renagade
Judit Garcia De la Rosa
Judit Garcia De la Rosa преди 13 часа
I love tony 💘💘
Subliminal Messages TV
Subliminal Messages TV преди 14 часа
Ever seen a plank of wood trying to dance?
Wdwlover101 Lovelife
Wdwlover101 Lovelife преди 15 часа
I want Why Don’t we on here
luli Aljadah
luli Aljadah преди 15 часа
I love them
Melana Homer
Melana Homer преди 15 часа
Just the fact that Charli can hold Lil Huddy😢😮💕
Lindsay Shepherd
Lindsay Shepherd преди 15 часа
i literally love tony🥰🥰🥰
Molly Fergusson
Molly Fergusson преди 15 часа
Lara. aa
Lara. aa преди 15 часа
Marija Karapandza
Marija Karapandza преди 16 часа
Ajme ljepotee
Arliah Bowkett
Arliah Bowkett преди 16 часа
Hi first
Name name Lol NaMe
Name name Lol NaMe преди 16 часа
Lamyae Lachka
Lamyae Lachka преди 16 часа
Secenddd watcher🤪❤
Ana Carolina
Ana Carolina преди 16 часа
Me notaaaa
jugando con ainnara y sofia
jugando con ainnara y sofia преди 16 часа
Liv H.
Liv H. преди 16 часа
First omg
Liv H.
Liv H. преди 16 часа
Team Waves I was SO excited lmfao
Team Waves
Team Waves преди 16 часа
Liv H. Lol
gtrable S
gtrable S преди 16 часа
Spit on it
alexander lammers
alexander lammers преди 16 часа
Dixie looks cuter than charli
Gracie McCay
Gracie McCay преди 17 часа
This is the funniest thing ever 😂❤️
Roxi Gonzalez
Roxi Gonzalez преди 18 часа
UNKNOWN STRANGER преди 19 часа
Bone,s Bone,s
Bone,s Bone,s преди 21 час
Since nobody said it helicopter 🚁 🚁 🚁 🚁 🚁 🚁 🚁 🚁 🚁 🚁 🚁 🚁 🚁 🚁 🚁 🚁 🚁
conni :h
conni :h преди 21 час
Dirk Vermant
Dirk Vermant преди 21 час
Every video ther is a sond glitch
Kermit the Frog
Kermit the Frog преди 21 час
Tony is so cute🥺💞 AHH MY HEART❤️
true crime
true crime преди 21 час
Whoever edited this did a bad job lol
Núbia Souza
Núbia Souza преди 21 час
Alguém Do Brasil?!🇧🇷❤️
IJ13 Yt
IJ13 Yt преди 21 час
What the fuck is with the audio my iPhone doesn’t cut out and they have actual equipment Jesus
Алёна Московская
Алёна Московская преди 21 час
Алёна Московская
Алёна Московская преди 22 часа
1:09 omg 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Алёна Московская
Алёна Московская преди 22 часа
0:45 😍😍😍😞
Keoma༄ _14
Keoma༄ _14 преди 22 часа
Piesełkowa 112
Piesełkowa 112 преди 22 часа
Hi bye Why
Hi bye Why преди 22 часа
Spit on it
Just Jaliyah
Just Jaliyah преди 22 часа
I love them❤️💙❤️
Mildute Karecksite
Mildute Karecksite преди 22 часа
Sau sau good😘
Madisyn Torrenti
Madisyn Torrenti преди 23 часа
Why do I know more tik tok sounds than actual tik tokers
mads преди 23 часа
Ruqayya Khalil
Ruqayya Khalil преди 23 часа
So like I they might be home schooled but like chase is a senior and Charlie is a Sophomore in HS 😂that’s like whole 2 years apart
Juley преди ден
It's soooooo nice.It's soooooo cool.😉😉😊
Margelys FloresP
Margelys FloresP преди ден
Yogita Yamini
Yogita Yamini преди ден
Am i tje only one who doesnt hear sound on 2:12
Taesguccicollection преди 10 часа
He said « China », but before that you couldn’t hear it bc they don’t want copyright
Jaz Simonovski
Jaz Simonovski преди ден
*I sailed away to *CHINA** China??? That’s where the corona virus is ;^;
Archana praveen
Archana praveen преди ден
They are the only fun people in the hype house
Fanhaja Ramasimahavola
Fanhaja Ramasimahavola преди ден
1:53 charli hit it after dixie say you didn't hit it 😂
Ra Ra
Ra Ra преди ден
Anonymous преди ден
He looks better when he was 13,he looks like a drug addict now😂
Keyarrah Jenkins
Keyarrah Jenkins преди ден
Is it me or Tony looks a lil different in this video?
Legendary Noob
Legendary Noob преди ден
I didn’t really like Charlie and I watched one video and she’s pretty funny
1:08 when my boyfriend doesn't look at me
CHESKA GEREZ преди ден
I thought my headphones are broken😒
Just a Mexican
Just a Mexican преди ден
Bro this dance is soooo ez like this aint dancin like stfu this makes me wanna die
Love you dad Ibarra
Love you dad Ibarra преди ден
There so cute together they should be couples
Cassidy Rodriguez
Cassidy Rodriguez преди ден
charle d amelio your the best tiktok star in the world
Honey Gummy
Honey Gummy преди ден
Project Light
Project Light преди ден
Charli flooding!!
Arts and Crafts by Tasfia!
Arts and Crafts by Tasfia! преди ден
I was laughing when the music stopped and they still keep on going
Jasmin Mares
Jasmin Mares преди ден
1:20 Awwww❤ I can tell he really likes that hug❤
denise cv
denise cv преди ден
Tony is so cute 😍
Munkh Anu
Munkh Anu преди ден
1:00 is charli .... 😞
Serena Valentine
Serena Valentine преди ден
I honestly love Chase and Charli even if they are taking about being together I see they have a bright future and they would make amazing parents I don't get why people hate on them for being iconic and a great couple💗
Flanders Freekicks
Flanders Freekicks преди ден
charli is a bigg butty girl. give her 5 years.
Jennifer Allport
Jennifer Allport преди ден
Lopez brother cute couple gay they with each other again baby boy they best I ship them a lot
Henry Calderon
Henry Calderon преди ден
Future Miss and Mr. Hudson
XD_ Neb
XD_ Neb преди ден
@xd_themind TIKTOK GO FOLLOW
Glue sticks are misjudged
Glue sticks are misjudged преди ден
Is it true that Chari stole renegade?
l I
l I преди ден
Khloe Marie
Khloe Marie преди ден
Khloe Marie
Khloe Marie преди ден
Good song 💙🖤🖤💙❤️😍🥰