Dear Smartphone Makers.
преди 6 дни
Unboxing the $399 Foldable Phone.
Samsung Galaxy S20 vs iPhone 11
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The $100,000 Smartphone Unboxing.
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20 Android Apps for 2020.
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The Ultimate Google Android Comparison.
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15 Smartphone Gadgets you didn't see Coming.
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What Nokia has REALLY been working on.
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The Biggest Smartphone Unboxing EVER?
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The realme X2 Pro surprised me.
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25 Questions with MKBHD
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The Flagship Phone that's now $330...
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Mystery Unboxing from Xiaomi.
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NOOB PLAYZ GAMZ Noh lasta nam
NOOB PLAYZ GAMZ Noh lasta nam преди час
Android users getting cocky because iPhone 6 is number #2.😎 Android users realising what number #1 is😑
Alexandru Marzenco
Alexandru Marzenco преди час
I don't give a crap about marketing, it always bends the truth to the boundaries between lie and truth, I choose my phone or any other product solely based on experience with past devices and the experience of others with the ones I don't have, I look at the experience people had with the certain company directly, and my own past experience. My current phone is a Samsung Galaxy Note 9, and this will be my phone for quite a while, why? I consider it the last true Galaxy Note phone. I can't stand the notches or the holes in the display, and I don't care about the new features or a slightly better camera as well as I don't give a crap about apple's ecosystem, why would I lock myself down in one single ecosystem when I can bou whatever the hell other products I want and they will just work with my phone because of Android. And yes, I did have the iPhone in the past. I didn't stick with the iPhone because of it's user limitations, so I turned team android, chose Samsung because of outstanding build quality (in my opinion) and I had good experiences in the past with them as a company. I always tend to buy something from a bigger company like Samsung, Sony etc. Simply because they don't really afford to be jerks like a small company could. I'm not dissatisfied with my phone in the slightest. So, fuck ads, I don't care at all about them, I simply ignore them and I suggest you all do the same.
sujak pradhan
sujak pradhan преди час
Such a premium and futurestic phone
La Sue
La Sue преди час
Good Haptic? *Laughs in vibration off*
Karfk.c . .
Karfk.c . . преди час
Goggle: it's bad for me and Samsung. Also America Huawei: Thank you! now I'll move on to plan S
eheks eROG
eheks eROG преди час
Im waiting fot jerry rip this phone.
Marco Christian Magno
Marco Christian Magno преди час
“Anti-infantry’” Finally, something I can use during sex
M P преди час
Spy on me all you want, I want this.
Mirza A. Baig
Mirza A. Baig преди час
Beautiful pcs of tech!
Malik Warikatti
Malik Warikatti преди час
I love u bro
x S33U
x S33U преди час
I think this is the IPhone 12 Pro
Richard Stevenson
Richard Stevenson преди час
Hello. Is it possible to take photos by using your voice by saying "cheese" or "smile"? Thank you.
Aaadi Jutt
Aaadi Jutt преди час
You did a great job for making this video
Skilledllex IOS
Skilledllex IOS преди час
“And also opens 3rd party applications” *shows youtube*
Tres Caballeros
Tres Caballeros преди час
the note 7 was the bomb
Scooby Doo
Scooby Doo преди 2 часа
Anyway Samsung said that s20 will open a new era of smartphones,so I hope they’ll update it for 3-4 years or make 3-4 smartphones per year instead of 40
Apre Pradia
Apre Pradia преди 2 часа
Why are you carrying your Luggage
3 as a bird
3 as a bird преди 2 часа
I like all your videos and this is no exception but you used the s*n so I had to give this video a massive thumbs down from me.
Tony Bobo
Tony Bobo преди 2 часа
Better than Samsung...
Lorenzo -81
Lorenzo -81 преди 2 часа
People pleaser dont take this Apple Super fanboy talking points seriously! That's the only reaon I I can think on why he made some of those insanely ridiculous ass statements in this video! I just came from my local Best buy and have spent hours playing with some of the upcoming Beastly ass smartphones and also some of Apple's underwhelming stuff. This guy in the video is clearly biased and it's sad how he claims Apples major phone from LAST YEAR has The S20 ultra beat in so many categories! First off that camera setup on the 20 Ultra smoked the iphone easily in pic and video quality. The iphone does good pics but seeing it against the S20 ultra in person wasn't even close! He just likes the iPhone camera personally better, but it's not factually better. Also he clearly blindly believes the overly recycled Apple talking points about their A13 chips being so amazing and is faster than the one in the s20 ultra is straight up bullshit! My sons iphone lost every time we tested opened up apps and games on the S20. Not to mention even in all other areas like switching between programs, running, booting up websites, videos, social medial S20 Ultra was just easily faster. Oblivious fanboys always repeat the claim how the iphone doesn't need as much ram as competitors due to iOS and it's still faster is STRAIGHTUP A DAMN LIE against the 20 ultra. None of these phones feel anywhere near cheap at all. That elitist ass uppity comment about the S20 U feeling cheaper for any reason compared to the iPhone is a lame attempt to pass personal preference on how a premium phone feels as a straight up fact. Apple fanboys are still believing that their phones have the best, overall design and look. Those same old recycled to death Apple iOS talking points are so damn weak and full of shit! Every update All of these bullshit claims come from Apple and you fanboys just blindly believe it! Dumb shit like being 20% faster than the last iOS update and its improved battery life. Its The same shit every time with iOS you hardly get new useful features you notice or use. But you have the nerve to claim that standard ass weak shit is better than the feature heavy android 10 running on that S20 ultra? Man GTFOH with that shit! Did you even use that phone? I only have android 10 on my Note 10+ and this shit is amazing. But your biased ass opinions dont equal facts. You claim the S20 Ultra feels cheap because its a little lighter is straight up dumb. None of these majorpremium phones feel anywhere near cheap. I just spent several hours playing with all of thes phones at my local best buy. Apple fanboys always claim the iOS updates are so amazing and revolutionary and you said that's an advantage over the S20 Ultra running Android 10. Man GTFOH with that shit! You actually get new features that are incredibly useful with android updates especially 10 which I have on my Note 10+. That ios shit is always shit that's not even noticeable but you fanboys always eat up the shit. Bottom line it's so pathetic how much your cheerleading for a easily outmatched old device that couldn't beat some of the elite older flagships from Samsung, but to you the old 11 pro has the S20 Ultra beat in so many areas already. Jesus, I already know fanboys as diehard as you are going to orgasm all over yourselves when the iphone 12 comes out.
Josh Grounds
Josh Grounds преди 2 часа
Make it for boost mobile I’ll buy it
R3Built преди 2 часа
Might as well be a power bank with a screen
T9Chris преди 2 часа
No way is that a Costa, the tables are clean.
mandeep singh
mandeep singh преди 2 часа
Paid one... he didn't point out a single flaw, that's impossible
LoWii преди 2 часа
12:21 you can hear one of the phones get a notification
Azrael преди 2 часа
The design made me appreciate how cool the folding phone can be, but I still don't like Samsung foldables.
Adithya Binish
Adithya Binish преди 2 часа
Sir can you try sony xperia 1 mark 2 plsss
Babyk преди 2 часа
Just saying if you cannot get yourself to switch to it what does that have to do with the public?There is a phone out there for everyone if its not for u then don't bother with it
Dylan torre lópez
Dylan torre lópez преди 2 часа
Lol I may switch to Huawei from my trusty Samsung
1080p official
1080p official преди 2 часа
the huawei logo doesn't glow... clickbait!!!!!!!!!
GurkenKiller 555
GurkenKiller 555 преди 2 часа
My internet is to bad for all things Like if you watch the video with 140p
apood преди 2 часа
Oh good this is soo good i see myself using this everyday... I wish these phones are just a bit cheaper
Andrei Bunea
Andrei Bunea преди 2 часа
The S20 (smaller one) is the perfect phone to date (imho).
Francis Gabriel L Abordo
Francis Gabriel L Abordo преди 2 часа
What is the song that you use in 2:38
kuriakose jim
kuriakose jim преди 2 часа
Man I’m so grateful you did all this just for the review Legend ❤️
Whitney Tan
Whitney Tan преди 3 часа
Loved the Nokia 3310 as an actual control/reference~! Samsung is doing things right, I once watched Note 7 dropped from 1000 feet and was still functioning XD! Samsung might just be the next 3310 if they keep going down this path. I wonder if there's a Note strong/weaker test on this channel? - Note 9 user
Abhi Shah
Abhi Shah преди 3 часа
Where can i buy it?
Jordan Ortix
Jordan Ortix преди 3 часа
been using my note 3 for 5 years no issue or whatsoever 😎
Ali Mohammad
Ali Mohammad преди 3 часа
Million roses
Pankaj Verma
Pankaj Verma преди 3 часа
Good phone
Nielsf2704 преди 3 часа
Huawei nailed it. Imo they did a better approach than Samsung while I’m a Samsung fanboy kind off. The only downside is that if folded, the display is on the outside if folded instead of the Samsung ones where it’s on the inside wich would be better protection for in your pocket.
Muizzuddin Mustafa
Muizzuddin Mustafa преди 3 часа
Should've been titled, Escobar fold exposed
Tamir Ganbaatar
Tamir Ganbaatar преди 3 часа
Prince Kashyap
Prince Kashyap преди 3 часа
Really Huawei's showing Flagship producers how it's done. It's a Genius work of Hardware and the better industry gets the better the products will be. Props to them👏
NOOB Tubers
NOOB Tubers преди 3 часа
whos where in 2020.
NCHUBS123 преди 3 часа
The Sun 🤢🤢🤢 Dislike and unsub...
Giridhar K
Giridhar K преди 3 часа
Your voice sucks try using a dubbing artist
sitinjak Jawshua
sitinjak Jawshua преди 3 часа
you fucking forgot the SE
PJ 74
PJ 74 преди 3 часа
You mean the Samsung galaxy s20 Ultra
Blake Ost
Blake Ost преди 3 часа
Olivia Godelinde
Olivia Godelinde преди 3 часа
at the museum my only thought was: oMG nOOOoOo yOure gONNa dROP iT!!!!
RaziJohari Official
RaziJohari Official преди 3 часа
Just wanna know where did you buy that 3 phone holders tripod?
INFERNO- преди 3 часа
I downloaded it from google as an apk mod app for free. I'm such a dick...
fidelis auve
fidelis auve преди 3 часа
Your sister is beautiful
Sunny Foo
Sunny Foo преди 3 часа
Never buy outdated chipset forget it
Darryl Jakobs
Darryl Jakobs преди 3 часа
Everytime I watch one of your vids, I want to buy these smartphones.. I wish I could afford them 😂
RH преди 3 часа
İphone and 1 plus sucks. İ believe sony 1ii is the best camera and sound this year.
Martin Ohene
Martin Ohene преди 3 часа
The K stands for Kwame
Ace Kent
Ace Kent преди 3 часа
Apple is a better technology brand PERIOD. The specs don’t matter
Anton Wong
Anton Wong преди 3 часа
7:24 Can u see an Iphone X reference No? How about now? 7:26
Apollon Lv
Apollon Lv преди 3 часа
Ugly plastic toy 😂 Only Chinese or stupid might buy it 🤣
Arie преди 3 часа
Really good review. I have a Note 9 and the upgrade bug is biting pretty hard but I've recently found a seed of interest in switching to Apple after being a solid Android user since the Galaxy S2 debuted. Now I'm all sorts of undecided on S20+, S20 ultra, 11pro, or wait until Note 20 and 5g capable iphone hit to decide. What a wonderful delimna though.
Tony Ho
Tony Ho преди 3 часа
Best foldable phone design so far, too bad no google services...
Thomas Jose
Thomas Jose преди 4 часа
Someone gotta by it first to be refurbished!
Arie преди 4 часа
I find Samsung not including a charger to match the capability of the device to be a really cheap move. It's the flagship of their flagships for crying out loud and the most expensive phone they've released.
Philipp Schleich
Philipp Schleich преди 4 часа
I loved the note egde. I was My Daly for like a year. One of the best notes ever!
Danny Lavoie
Danny Lavoie преди 4 часа
I prefer youtube music
Deej Sub-zero
Deej Sub-zero преди 4 часа
Best review Eva!!
taking down keyboard warriors
taking down keyboard warriors преди 4 часа
Apple has not released a 2020 iPhone yet and everything else is still trying to compete.
Terranova преди 4 часа
This looks really good, probably a high price tag but, if i had the money for an expensive phone, i'd probably grab this
Ultimate Area
Ultimate Area преди 4 часа
7:51 meme content too!
fire spitter
fire spitter преди 4 часа
Nobody Literally everybody This guy : showing off his phone to make us feel poor
Tuvalu Quality
Tuvalu Quality преди 4 часа
Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra <3
Kylee Dunn
Kylee Dunn преди 4 часа
I don't like my fans silent lol
akamerz _
akamerz _ преди 4 часа
That was my old phone 😂
Pallabi Mandal
Pallabi Mandal преди 4 часа
S20 ultra is best
mrkiky преди 4 часа
Actually the "eating your own words" is calculated. People forget from their hand to their mouth and they don't care. Apple does this too. When they mess something up they don't say sorry, they pretend it never happened and people forget. If you're not constantly into tech, you won't notice.
Todd The Humble
Todd The Humble преди 4 часа
whats the photo editing software that you use ?
George thomas Pramod
George thomas Pramod преди 4 часа
Samsung fold : who are you? Escobar fold : I'm you but cheaper!
vprashant83 преди 4 часа
1. While calling, phone screen should be locked all the time automatically. Usually it doesn't locked screen properly, causing touch sensors active and multiple buttons got pressed during the call by your cheek. 2. Mobile phone should have in-built call recorder, with enable/disable feature, best compatible with phone. 3. Mobile phone should have in-built voice recorder, best compatible with phone. 4. Should have some unique in-build apps/features compatible with the phone.
octojofoJR преди 4 часа
Thanks for the video. Very nice. Obviously spent a lot of time on it. (worth it!) 😎👍🏼
Coldsteak преди 4 часа
stadia ad is an instant click-off
FabledEmperor преди 4 часа
I think this is my favorite take on a foldable phone yet
JZ VR преди 4 часа
Best foldable out there, Huawei is the king.
Teter yow
Teter yow преди 4 часа
Add LG bootloop issue
ATHIEST преди 4 часа
even tho samsung amd other android smartphone companies release beast phones at lower price,but still most of the gamers prefer iphone ...🙂maybe its because of their better optimization
Cody Sewell
Cody Sewell преди 4 часа
My iPhone 8 barely got splashed in the tub and the speakers no longer work
itzishichan преди 5 часа
Jerryrigeverything is going to love this and doing a burn test on this phone but not looking to pay 2700 for thos phonw
Ziyad Ameen
Ziyad Ameen преди 5 часа
Can you make a video about realme 6
dan jam
dan jam преди 5 часа
Imma wait five years till I can afford it 🙃
Btheball Balata
Btheball Balata преди 5 часа
I wish this guys voice was different. I would sub here ... it’s annoyingly smug sound. Interesting stuff but uuggghhh. Got to get his voice out of my head ....
AUH Racing
AUH Racing преди 5 часа
Hello, love your channel! where do you sell your used/tested phones/other stuff??
Chirag Agarwal
Chirag Agarwal преди 5 часа
Apple: hold my beer Samsung: I made that beer worth holding dumbass
Vibhu Bharadwaj
Vibhu Bharadwaj преди 5 часа
Why doesn't anyone think ingeniously like Aaron and Marques Brownlee?
Dias George
Dias George преди 5 часа
I have seen a few videos from you and one thing comes through that u don't like Samsung at all maybe ur not doing it intentionally but seems to come through
Gacha life Ellen uwu
Gacha life Ellen uwu преди 5 часа
Android beats ios sadly ios has a better storage than android...
Kylee Dunn
Kylee Dunn преди 5 часа
Imagine how much shit he has to charge. His wallet. phone. Headphones. Remotes. Shoes. Umbrella. Speakers.
Chirag Agarwal
Chirag Agarwal преди 5 часа
Arun: swings hands while talking me: careful, easy there, don't hit the phones
Shourya wardhan Singh tomar
Shourya wardhan Singh tomar преди 5 часа
Which is the best phone you could buy under 600£
Ashar Saeed Technical
Ashar Saeed Technical преди 5 часа
Samsung Galaxy S20 ultra has the most fucking design I've ever seen