The most BADASS car in the world *Exclusive*
Rajmund HORVATH преди 2 часа
Shit. Audi Porsche copy👎
CHRIS R преди 2 часа
Chaudhry Ali
Chaudhry Ali преди 2 часа
Yes passenger ride in it...
David Nych
David Nych преди 2 часа
I rather buy a used bmw m140i
Zeedelphi преди 2 часа
Any video with you lovely mom I watch. I simply love her. 🙂
Zbarci преди 2 часа
But gtr is 3 times cheaper than nsx
Katlego Mohlala
Katlego Mohlala преди 2 часа
That’s a BMW 3 series bafanas...
Cem Kaan Güney
Cem Kaan Güney преди 2 часа
FWD for a BMW coupe, what a shame :’(
STORMM IS KINGG преди 2 часа
1:46 activate subtitels
Richard Atkins
Richard Atkins преди 2 часа
The Bugatti chiron that did 300mph is not a production car ,people are so dumb
Amir alizada
Amir alizada преди 2 часа
You mean x5
Mind Blowing KH
Mind Blowing KH преди 2 часа
2008 please
Sultinys преди 2 часа
I prefer E36. That car has so much potential.
Mr Car Beast
Mr Car Beast преди 2 часа
i might get this. Can't afford an Audi RS4 and the Golf R looks stupid and the Honda Civic is overprices. I like this design
Poppy Thomas
Poppy Thomas преди 2 часа
I have a 208 and I love it!!
Guitarzan преди 2 часа
So it needs 3 parking spaces to get the doors open, copies the C8 ‘vette center console, and is ridiculously expensive. And there’s no where to charge it. The Tesla sports car has higher performance at a price less than the deposit required on the Lotus. Bottom line: silly.
Sid Thiru
Sid Thiru преди 3 часа
Tesla model s p100d: Peasants!
BroccolliJay преди 3 часа
the fake air vents in front ruin the aerodynamics tbh
Nick G.
Nick G. преди 3 часа
Mercedes on theirs cars be like YOU GET A 63S BADGE !!! YOU GET A 63S BADGE !!! EVERYONE GET A 63S BADGE !!!
Marvin преди 3 часа
The most annoying thing? They are driving and sitting on the wrong side, damn it.
twister truck
twister truck преди 3 часа
Nice hublot!
Jamoon Xerxes Sauber
Jamoon Xerxes Sauber преди 3 часа
2:27 Holy shit its got mercedes DAS system. Even the Ferrari Roma won't have that
TP преди 3 часа
BMW fan boy here... jizzing myself senseless 😂❤️ MPower 👊🏼
Leonardo Curcio
Leonardo Curcio преди 3 часа
Try with Autobianchi
darsh bhatia
darsh bhatia преди 3 часа
Cooooooooooooooooooool review
Cartalk преди 3 часа
We also just reviewed the Jaguar XE R dynamic With 250HP what a fun car to drive! while also being comfortable
Đan Phạm
Đan Phạm преди 3 часа
Audi A1 left the chat
Noisy Planet
Noisy Planet преди 3 часа
The new 8 series is expensive, geez!
THERMO преди 3 часа
M5 is king forever....
Ju Hwan Kim
Ju Hwan Kim преди 3 часа
This looks like what the discovery should have looked like NOT what a new defender should look like.... I had the discovery 4... so i might get this one....
Viktor Rudi
Viktor Rudi преди 3 часа
Rs6 всегде всех ебла что же с ней случилось(((
Axel Myhre
Axel Myhre преди 3 часа
“ways is way better” 😅😂😂
Sima Kayal
Sima Kayal преди 3 часа
Aventador SV driver can't even drive a cab . Haha
Head Collector
Head Collector преди 3 часа
Go BMW Go! 😯😯😯😯
Sam Butterworth
Sam Butterworth преди 3 часа
it would have been a better comparison if you had porsche 992 2s
ibra преди 3 часа
so if you want a peugeot 208, get a new renault clio
djchristian82 преди 3 часа
We all know what you were thinking of when you fingered those isofix anchor points. ;)
Keshav Sharma
Keshav Sharma преди 3 часа
01:05 - This is for all the Indian fellas out there. Enjoy 😏
Qooplite преди 3 часа
Check out SaveForCar App on AppStore it has a List with nearly every carwow review
Speed Freak
Speed Freak преди 3 часа
Review in middle of nowhere.
Kiero1 Kiero 1
Kiero1 Kiero 1 преди 3 часа
Once again Mat is lost in showbiz £20k after discount for a 100 bhp car is daft you can get a new Ibiza FR with DSG for 5 grand less! more space better performance and handling, but a boring interior. But the steering wheel on the Pug is stupid
Steve Frampton
Steve Frampton преди 3 часа
All well and good yet what about the Car Wow stick of truth test in that comparison
PumaSpeedster преди 3 часа
But why is it not the 209
Remember The Fallen
Remember The Fallen преди 3 часа
I think it's mainly due to exposure and advertising
Philip Scott
Philip Scott преди 3 часа
Do the petrol engines have a wet timing belt? I don't understand that idea, what's the point of it?
Gilles Peeters
Gilles Peeters преди 3 часа
M power😈
Sau 6
Sau 6 преди 3 часа
But the McLaren cost 1000× more
bojan radovanovic
bojan radovanovic преди 3 часа
Apple carplay and Android auto in basic model, where my Serie 5 have Carplay at extra cost, and no matter how much you are ready to pay, you still can't get Android auto.
Robert Stakston
Robert Stakston преди 4 часа
Rs2 could keep up better. Think they was very carefull with it
Squidward преди 4 часа
Tesla: Eat it
JTR преди 4 часа
want one
langra man
langra man преди 4 часа
Review some more electric cars
Abdullah Said
Abdullah Said преди 4 часа
What does wet mode stands for?
Karabo Tsatsi
Karabo Tsatsi преди 4 часа
This is a stupid race.
Loosa Bway
Loosa Bway преди 4 часа
I can't believe this is supposed to be 'cheap' - £22k? - my wife just bought a 1 yr old Jag XF 3-litre for £25k - other bargains are available - this is expensive.
ALEX KON преди 4 часа
Pontiac gto
dont care
dont care преди 4 часа
cant wait for the 508 PSE
Geeta Paul
Geeta Paul преди 4 часа
Watching this vid and having a black forest pastry...
TheRulleskoejten преди 4 часа
You shift like an old man!
wnnalis cioov
wnnalis cioov преди 4 часа
8:52 ure late mat, was alrdy cleaning up ✌🏻😂
Rado Ino
Rado Ino преди 4 часа
BMW - paying 80k $ to have a car that cant even launch off the line :DDDDD or pay 20k$ more to be 2 meters quicker :D
lazynamingbox преди 4 часа
7:04 being car reviewer is tough and life on the edge
Emmanuel K
Emmanuel K преди 4 часа
that's crazy satnav is only available on the highest trim...I think it's available right after the lowest one in France
Nirpa Upadhayaya
Nirpa Upadhayaya преди 4 часа
Such an embarrassing moment for Volvo
valleysofneptune преди 4 часа
Best looking small car by a country mile , I had the new 5008 and it was mega , don’t normally like French cars but Peugeot IS killing it at the moment
Allen Husch
Allen Husch преди 4 часа
So. they raced a 6 year old used Ford Raptor against brand new ones? How do you think it would do against a new Raptor?
rhys преди 4 часа
How in gods name has the new series 6 l200 not been reviewed!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Nilam Brahmbhatt
Nilam Brahmbhatt преди 4 часа
Go Drive The Lotus
Рамиль Гасанов
Рамиль Гасанов преди 4 часа
280 лошадок против новой 320 ты идиот?
Martino Rocco
Martino Rocco преди 4 часа
Both shit car ... Oh sorry a box car!
Dzevad Celikovic OSAB3E Olympiaskolan
Dzevad Celikovic OSAB3E Olympiaskolan преди 4 часа
Jack Hole
Jack Hole преди 4 часа
If the battery is 70kWh, then it'll only make 2000kW for about 2 minutes. I'll stick to fuel. A normal car with 2000hp would travel the quarter mile in under 8 seconds and reach a speed over 220 miles an hour in that first 400 yards. This seems like an expensive shopping trolley by comparison.
florin albu
florin albu преди 4 часа
Matt, what is your personal car, please?
marklola12 преди 4 часа
I love the Yellow one
Speed Freak
Speed Freak преди 4 часа
100 hp with GT Line spec. 😂 See you at the traffic lights. Loser.
S D преди 5 часа
Wow that’s cheap I was thinking high 800,000 thousands that’s crazy
Volkan Yavuz
Volkan Yavuz преди 5 часа
wrong this is a porsche macan S look alike with an AMG engine sooo it's german
Foursh преди 5 часа
I dont mind all these low budget cars.. Dacia, Peugeot, Skoda, Audi, Daewoo, Citroën. The Reason i will never buy such a car is, because of the Motors u can choose from. 0,8 Liter 3 Cyl with Quadturbo 190hp 1,0 Liter 2 Cyl with 20 Turbos 250hp 1,5 Liter Turbo OR the Sport version 1,6!!!!! Liter Motor with Biturbos and Supercharger and Batterypack for eeeenormous 1psi boost!!!! Jesus fucking christ. Just put atleast 2 or 2,5 liter engines into these shitters and i would consider buying it without having the panic behind my ears when i am accelerating on the Highway above 150km/h.. Mercedes CLS Class from 2015 STARTS with a 3,5 Liter Motor and still somehow manages to achieve 7Liter/ 100km.
GameOn преди 5 часа
Peugeot is teaching us for decades how you can with good design sell shit product.
Darcy Knight
Darcy Knight преди 5 часа
Looks like you from behind Matt...awesome !!!
lupupetruviorel преди 5 часа
some unit conversions text in the video would be great because the rest of the europe doesn't undertand what " people over 6 cats tall will be fine"
Citizen T
Citizen T преди 5 часа
Turning indicators still optional extra on all BMWs?? I wish more BMW drivers would have them.
MPower 911
MPower 911 преди 5 часа
Gemach mit Bugatti Chiron?
MICHAEL TODD преди 5 часа
Love this vehicle....looks and all.
[ mocha ] says
[ mocha ] says преди 5 часа
The back is slightly copying the 205's rear light bar-thing.
Felix Nope
Felix Nope преди 5 часа
World record 😅
DV преди 5 часа
Missing carwow's old theme song. The new one sounds like it's from Windows 98.
Don Laight
Don Laight преди 5 часа
As much as I love the new T3 model and yes there is a BGshow vid of a T3 doing an auto pilot run to Barcelona. The range of the car from full to empty still doesn't do it for me. My 6 day working weekly commute is 350 kilometres after which I usually park the car up for 2 days before I work again. I don't usually need to refuel until day 9 the following week. (It's a 21 year old Barn Find of a Rover 45 V6 Auto I bought it 2 years ago with 60,000 original kms on the clock) the majority of my motoring is motorway/ dual carriageway so it's a case of set off engage cruise and just monitor my progress. The mere thought of coming off the road at the end of the week just to charge up for soooooo long, when with my dear old rover to reach the same state of readiness takes 5 minutes at a filling station seems a step back in progress. Lovely car, great videos, very informative and entertaining. Thanx Matt.
Sk 2000
Sk 2000 преди 5 часа
It doesnt look pretty cool, i dont like it, and its definitly not a nothing where you have to get used to it
Vyasa Dodson
Vyasa Dodson преди 5 часа
@12:26..I died.
RadeoN ReLive
RadeoN ReLive преди 5 часа
Audi didn't press the gas and the bmw did the flooring.
Sarmad Ahmed
Sarmad Ahmed преди 5 часа
Thats the best thing i have seen seen today
Gordon Clark
Gordon Clark преди 5 часа
No way. Hate French vehicles and their 'quirky' design features. French vehicles in Australia are lower bottom feeders.
Andreyxiv преди 5 часа
Hi Mat. Do you feel vibrations from the engine in the cabin?
LunnarisLP преди 5 часа
Do the same test, but instead of doing it until they die once, drive them all day until the car breaks down or battery has major drop in capacity.
Kyle R
Kyle R преди 5 часа
Bring it to the states! I need something to replace my R56 Mini !
paul ndungu
paul ndungu преди 5 часа
Bro if you wanted to advertise bmw and discovery just do it..why potry landcruise in such a bad eay yet you know how reliable it is
wayne h
wayne h преди 5 часа
nice looking car, not sure why all the hate . We are living in an age where nothing is good enough
Synergy278 преди 5 часа
Add 3000 pounds to the bike and then let’s see how fast it is.
nipps223 преди 5 часа
V10 is a lovely car, the 4.0 v8 personally looks the best but the new 2020 makes me think of seat's cupra range.