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Khalifa Al Khoori
Khalifa Al Khoori преди 40 минути
Urus is awesome.
Jesus Kid
Jesus Kid преди 40 минути
What's going on with mats hairline
BrawnyFanta преди 40 минути
Can we gave Yanni being a dinosaur more often? 😂😂
Rushi Patel
Rushi Patel преди 41 минута
You buy any of these, money goes to one.😅
robert shinenne
robert shinenne преди 42 минути
so it's like VW family drag race :D
The Brenn
The Brenn преди 43 минути
what are you talking about?? the cabin is so cool. you dont need it to be too much. its very nice
Harold Sweathead
Harold Sweathead преди 44 минути
But can they get from school to Tesco and back?
Donde Merlin
Donde Merlin преди 45 минути
Yes, I want it....that one...the red one with a std trans. Gimmie, gimmie, gimmie......
Khalid Sh
Khalid Sh преди 45 минути
Just if the bmw was there
Marius dumitru Motrici
Marius dumitru Motrici преди 47 минути
Dacia vs mercedes E63 AMG 8V..SO GOOD DACIA!!:)))
Amadou Barry
Amadou Barry преди 48 минути
This demonstrate how much petrol cars still shit all day on electric cars
T Wehbe
T Wehbe преди 48 минути
Audi looses like usual...
Matthew Davies
Matthew Davies преди 48 минути
The Porsche looks like it’s about to take off
Nicolás Medina
Nicolás Medina преди 48 минути
AUDI 😍❤️
David Mathew
David Mathew преди 49 минути
Only VW SUV's 😂
Willem de zwijger van Oranje
Willem de zwijger van Oranje преди 49 минути
When people tell their friends that Volvo’s are slow.....
Sean преди 50 минути
You would have to be STUPID to pay 11k for this new, it's 2008 tech and you could buy a used 5 year old reliable car which has much more tech for less than half the price.
fly bobbie
fly bobbie преди 50 минути
My Granparents lived at 7* Cecil street Walsall. And the flats are the converted school my mother attended at the end of the street. Think i would prefer the get away from Walsall!!
Ryan Frisby
Ryan Frisby преди 51 минута
Awesome video! We have more evidence Mat doesn’t always drive the winning car!😸😸
Dnesh J.
Dnesh J. преди 52 минути
Would love to see it again with an X5 M competition
Olger Estrada
Olger Estrada преди 54 минути
Bmw & Mercedes missed :c
Ramiro Venegas
Ramiro Venegas преди 54 минути
Trackhawk vs Lamborghini Uris like if you agree.
Hiago Matheus
Hiago Matheus преди 54 минути
For me the driver of the RSQ8 did not know how to step kkkkkkkkkk a save here from Brazil 🇧🇷❤️
J. D.
J. D. преди 55 минути
Where is SRT TRACKHAWK ???
Miguel R
Miguel R преди 56 минути
I'm wondering what others drivers would do if Mat doesn't tell them to brake hard when the end of the runway is coming. Would they die? Would they brake without Mat's permission? Would they appear at the beginning of the runway?
Hen Ryj
Hen Ryj преди 57 минути
Such manly running.
Kiyon преди 58 минути
Audi is just trash! All day, every day!
Nicolas Brunet
Nicolas Brunet преди 58 минути
Wish we could see the other drivers
D'andre Tallie
D'andre Tallie преди 59 минути
beauty and the beast
Snypxr Xphantom
Snypxr Xphantom преди 59 минути
Add the track hawk
Jack War
Jack War преди час
That Audi is one of the ugliest cars I've ever seen, it looks like a teen with braces too big for its mouth
Porscheguy Ou
Porscheguy Ou преди час
Enough granny SUVs. Race the new 992 Turbo S aginst anything fast!
Hazulkar преди час
Imagine this car with the interior design and technology from Mercedes-Benz. It would be the best car ever built.
Maxim Holek
Maxim Holek преди час
You should do this with trackhawk
Fernando Zalazar
Fernando Zalazar преди час
Saludos desde Argentina!! Excelente contenido loco
Z z
Z z преди час
Civic all day every day
Srchangwaytogo C.
Srchangwaytogo C. преди час
The Bentley standard looks are bad and do not look special, that guy might have fixed it ;)
MMM18092 преди час
If you are leasing your car or your car is still under warranty, this list is pointless. If you are buying a car older than 3 years, you should perhaps pay attention.
Gerard Beaubrun
Gerard Beaubrun преди час
I do enjoy the lovely interaction these two gentlemen have
Meme TV_XP
Meme TV_XP преди час
Sapient Budgie
Sapient Budgie преди час
Get the RSQ8.looks the best and just as fast. 80k left over you can buy Porsche macan turbo with left over money
Hazulkar преди час
Too bad rear wheel steering doesn't come in the M8 Competition. So stupid.
Fernando Chein
Fernando Chein преди час
Just amazing! What a car! Next race should be 911 Turbo S x McLaren 720s...
Retro Js
Retro Js преди час
Forgot to mention price of Bentayga
The Architect
The Architect преди час
It’s not true. From 2018-2020 Ram has beaten Ford in sales in 1-3 quarters 2018 and some quarters on. Ford actually adopted some of Rams ideas as well. Now that’s in the United States. Worldwide doesn’t mean much to Americans. Fords been distributing its products a lot longer. The power lift gate Dual glovebox is Rams playbook. The interior is very cheap and the layout is not very intuitive but the 2021 is leaps and bounds better. Makes this model obsolete. Sync3 is not great. Lags a little. The seats are thin and the leather is bottom class. Cheap plastics makes it a big thumbs down. The price exceeds the quality. Ram is years ahead for same price. Think Big Horn in comparison plus you can opt for any add ons you want easily.
Neo Moselane
Neo Moselane преди час
Porsche 992, 2020 911 cabriolet has by far better wind deflector!
M4YH3M преди час
It’s funny that the electric assistance in the Porsche Cayenne turbo electric is absolutely redundant
Guralam Bir Singh Jandu
Guralam Bir Singh Jandu преди час
Why don't you review lamborghini urus car we are eagerly waiting for it 😀...
Matthew Desselle
Matthew Desselle преди час
I would love to be able to use Car Wow in the US looks really handy and informative. Sad we don't have it here
Brian Westfield
Brian Westfield преди час
Yanni is the kind of guy who would lose his shi!t if he gets a blue army man instead of green one in his happy meal. "Green allll dayyyyy every dayyyyy!!!"
troy smith
troy smith преди час
yanni too fat for drag race
Francesco Di Sanzo
Francesco Di Sanzo преди час
only Italian can do that......
Jata Nevtelen
Jata Nevtelen преди час
Mat: The driver of that car's gonna tell you about it... It's Yianni from Yiannimize... Yianni (as always): *watching his phone... 1:04 Mat guesses right
Luke преди час
Bmw just rules! Nice job guys, nice drags as always.
Marcio Correia
Marcio Correia преди час
All VW basically they are same car ...
kyokuten преди час
9:50 doesn't Matt look quite a bit like Rob Brydon?
Mike преди час
what’s crazier is volkswagen owns all of these. insane that one auto group makes these super SUVs. If you like one better than the other, you are still putting money in VWs pocket
Quarteto Volkswagen, tudo top!!!
osvaldo cisco
osvaldo cisco преди час
that bentley is stunning.... Matt what happened to bmw x5 & GLE 63ams s and trackwak??? Great video as always, salute...
Boyce Ngoma
Boyce Ngoma преди час
You owe us The new E63s and the M5 competition Drag race
J преди час
These things are so much better with Yianni involved.
Light -Pluto
Light -Pluto преди час
Mc: broom Audi: broom AMG: brooom BMW: ------
JJ J преди час
VW vs FCA perhaps? Cayenne vs Urus vs Trackhawk vs Durango Hellcat
chimaeraSPK преди час
I swear Yanni and his reactions are the best thing about these drag races.
Boyce Ngoma
Boyce Ngoma преди час
BENTAYAGA mara why??? The RSQ8... Yei
Ayhan Ibrahim
Ayhan Ibrahim преди час
Dude, you got 4.14M subscribers but you still haven't updated the clip were you push the subscribe button. Just update that.
Juanpa Leimor
Juanpa Leimor преди час
El mismo auto por 4, volkswagen haciendo de las suyas!!
Rahat Ahmed
Rahat Ahmed преди час
Yo I was hoping you would do this drag race
Adam Salamat
Adam Salamat преди час
BMW m5 is the best car ever not the m8 it’s like a 1939 Porsche type 64 with 50 hp
joneslaakso преди час
That turkish yani is so Basic arab. Iq 80, White shoes, and screaming lambo..
User User
User User преди час
Tell me about the stats on your car... Its a black and its rolling on 24s. Thats obviously all he cares about. You'd think he would know a bit more than that, seeing as he has spent more on a car than most do on their houses. Then again people who buy a bentley like that know absolutely nothing about cars. What a waste of money. Buy a cheaper car and give the rest to the starving kids in the world.
MARCUS TSE преди час
@carwow I had one z tune
tislota_f преди час
Definitely one of the more enjoyable car reviews I've seen! Awesome vid guys!
Marvin Trilk
Marvin Trilk преди час
i miss the X6M...
paul harper
paul harper преди час
So I was flicking through the tv channels here in New Zealand and yiannimise was on the tv.
songmingi преди час
Just drove a rental kona about a week now, and I actually think the review is bang on. Car's not slow, it reacts slow. Automatic transmission is laggy. The suspension is not harsh, but very bumpy. Even as an economy compact, there are definitely better value out there.
porscheguy89 преди час
All four are my favs! Urus all day everyday, RSQ8 LAST ha
Mhmd Jomaa
Mhmd Jomaa преди час
You forgot the Bentley price
Areck Veracruz
Areck Veracruz преди час
Looks so Boring.
Joel Brown
Joel Brown преди час
Why is there a second F-Type in the beginning and the middle of the video, after you stayed in the hotel! Did Jaguar send two just in case something happened to the one car?
Aaron Jarvie
Aaron Jarvie преди час
M8 sounds like a beast
みさみこ преди час
やっぱFFはスタートがゴミだね 280馬力規制の車に勝てないって
somanybugs преди час
Kind of stupid to race these 2 with the porsche seeing as it isnt actually a 100k car...
Clay Pfenning
Clay Pfenning преди час
Lol they’re all deafeningly quiet
Carlos Gonzalo Ibanez Alcala
Carlos Gonzalo Ibanez Alcala преди час
Nobody is going to comment on Matt's french? Or the fact that he cussed in French?! Hahah
Carlos Gonzalo Ibanez Alcala
Carlos Gonzalo Ibanez Alcala преди час
I love his videos...
fan2lexus преди час
The RSQ8 is defenitly the best value ! But, i’m not a big fan of SUV’S. 🤷‍♂️
Edward Katona
Edward Katona преди час
Lambo the winner defo ...... Love your videos !
AN D1 преди час
Best value/performance for money: Porsche. How strange.
Archie 123
Archie 123 преди час
Audi and the Bentley look the best in my opinion
JayLove tattoo And Design
JayLove tattoo And Design преди час
That black Bentley looks soooooo sick!!!!!!!!!!🔥🔥🔥🔥looks super mean
Some Weird Guy
Some Weird Guy преди час
the rsq8 is the best value, the urus is only a little better but its a 60-100k difference.
fireblade2102 преди час
That Bentayga is hideoussss! Well swerved on the price 💰💰💰💷💷💷💷
Glideman преди час
who's watching the shop?
Can Din
Can Din преди час
I like the way how the lambo’s badge shaking when the lambo started to pulling away.
Frederic Belinga
Frederic Belinga преди час
Bentayga rolling on 24,s 😂 pulling up on them in style. Hahaha
Allahmein Crews
Allahmein Crews преди час
Should have had the Jeep Trackhawk in the mix!
noenic преди час
cayenne : am the best urus : no i am the best ?: AMATEURS VW : what was that? trackhawk : AMATEURS !
Asfand Javed
Asfand Javed преди час
Mario Martinčević
Mario Martinčević преди час
AutoRankings преди час
Amazing race, the Urus is a real competitor for some supercars, it can put all his power down really well despite its weight. Here i made a video with the fastest and most powerful SUVs if you want to check it out: