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to xin
to xin преди 13 часа
Me: just some sand. My brain: it solid dry water.
Mishka Shaikh
Mishka Shaikh преди 13 часа
Why was shark attracted to cow blood but not human blood ??
L преди 13 часа
I need to know bgm at 0:15
Twisted Pixel
Twisted Pixel преди 13 часа
I had an impossible burger. I knew on the first bite that it didn't taste the same as real meat. It wasn't bad, it just didn't taste the same as meat and I knew it immediately.
ljpatgirl преди 13 часа
The thing is, we have the choice to eat meat, eggs and dairy from factory farms or we can choose to buy from farms who raise their animals out of doors on pasture. We should only be consuming animals who are eating what God intended them to eat. Cattle were not meant to eat grain. They are ruminants and should be eating grass. Chickens should be free roaming to eat grasses and bugs, etc. Pigs eat whatever and like to root. Free roaming out of doors. Make the choice to purchase from farmers who raise the animals in this way. The more we patronize these small local farms, the more availability there will be.
The Battlefront Veteran
The Battlefront Veteran преди 13 часа
Isn’t the owner of amazon the richest person on the world now?
Vaja преди 13 часа
Saturated fat in plants is different and healthy.
Mr.Cheese Chick
Mr.Cheese Chick преди 13 часа
but i thought those were tortoiseeeesa
ManyMen 1M
ManyMen 1M преди 13 часа
Sharks are fasanating
Undead Warden
Undead Warden преди 13 часа
8:22 *Corona has entered the chat*
n4psters преди 13 часа
meat is still a luxury for the rest of the 3rd world country
Joshua Stanley
Joshua Stanley преди 13 часа
if you are vegan this is the stuff to eat
K_ Den_Night
K_ Den_Night преди 13 часа
few facts that everyone can do to help the world, eat less meat, grow your veggies the ones you like, Support the green new deal and Vote Bernie 2020
Rahburt Benak
Rahburt Benak преди 13 часа
My only problem is plant based meat is like $10 a pound where I live and normal hamburger is like $3/pound. Feelsbadman.
Youtuber Titok0511
Youtuber Titok0511 преди 13 часа
eat your cereal
Grace Bat
Grace Bat преди 13 часа
There are only 8 billion people on earth
Name your channel
Name your channel преди 13 часа
We had the beyond meat at my work a couple months ago (Tim Hortons) and we had sausage patties, and burgers. In my experience though they tasted disgusting, smelled terrible, and even the texture was very wrong, but after watching this im wondering if its just the way it was prepared? I really want to try this again but at home with a barbecued burger
isaiah gorodn
isaiah gorodn преди 13 часа
8:34 Let the force be with you
Jed Diaz
Jed Diaz преди 13 часа
Alternative video title: Mark rober became vegan?
prahant tamang
prahant tamang преди 13 часа
What will happen if we and domestic animal keep on eating a plant ??😁😁
rani karuthedam
rani karuthedam преди 13 часа
Me at the hot tub 3:26
Green Rouges N’Stuff
Green Rouges N’Stuff преди 13 часа
Not to be mean but Who thinks about what happened to everything they ate I think of I’m eating
James Howell
James Howell преди 13 часа
Great article mark!!!
That one MUSLIM Kid
That one MUSLIM Kid преди 13 часа
fuNaN89 преди 13 часа
Adam (mythbuster) attached the egg to a string and dropped (lowered) it down. Tension of string and weight of egg is carefully managed - SCIENCE
Art Lamely
Art Lamely преди 13 часа
Yep I was one of those dads. Lmao.
Thomas Stabler
Thomas Stabler преди 13 часа
So basically eat peanut butter
Dexis преди 13 часа
Akumenshi Kirani
Akumenshi Kirani преди 13 часа
I'm an asian, and if i feed my family the impossible meat, they'll be as shookt as that young gurl eating a burger and contemplates life choices..
123 456
123 456 преди 13 часа
I don't eat much beef, but I love chicken. Do they have chicken breasts that are actually veggies? And tastes the same/has lean protein?
K_ Den_Night
K_ Den_Night преди 13 часа
KFC is releasing a beyond chicken soon
Auto Lee
Auto Lee преди 13 часа
When i saw it "fells like breaking the fourth wall"
leverposteifantomet преди 13 часа
Isn't soy pretty bad for the enviroment?
K_ Den_Night
K_ Den_Night преди 13 часа
impossible uses soy and beyond meat uses other proteins like pea and others no soy used .
Dexis преди 13 часа
It’s worse in comparison to other plants, but it’s still AMAZING a compared to meat
bssni touir
bssni touir преди 13 часа
16:43 that girl's a savage Edit : oh wait i thought she said mf, sorry
Steven Gulick
Steven Gulick преди 13 часа
but if we don’t eat meat won’t that mean that that there are more cows which means more cow farts
Dexis преди 13 часа
Well if farmers aren’t selling as much meat they will have tons of unsold stock due to dropped demand, and as a result won’t breed as many cows since they can’t sell that much. Though in the very short term yes, you are correct
adf преди 13 часа
i hear the minecraft button sounds
Lebenspiel преди 14 часа
Even after this, I will be rather on Ron Swanson's side.
bssni touir
bssni touir преди 13 часа
How come Dantdm hasnt met Bill Gates....
Rj Bro50
Rj Bro50 преди 14 часа
i’m goin to do this for my science project
The Mentsh
The Mentsh преди 14 часа
Real happy gilmore
Alexandru Badin
Alexandru Badin преди 14 часа
I guess all the dislikes comes from the robbers :))))
Arwa Bekhti
Arwa Bekhti преди 14 часа
spongebob needs this
pawan barde
pawan barde преди 14 часа
O my god
Oliver Griffiths
Oliver Griffiths преди 14 часа
He looks a bit like Elon musk ngl
Toaster Gameplay
Toaster Gameplay преди 14 часа
B-but meat is taste better ;-;
Fabrizio Pignataro
Fabrizio Pignataro преди 14 часа
""Meat"" from plants are for pussys, eat Real meat like a men
123madooya преди 14 часа
Why glitter and fart spray?😱 The whole work only for glitter and fart spray? You should have used paint that isn't removable (without any sound effects in advance to warn them). To stain their clothes, furnitures, the floor and everything else that's close to the package. These people deserve at least the same financial loss as the people they are stealing from!
Jali преди 14 часа
Bill Gates : Loses *Buys entire carnival*
cacafuti преди 14 часа
meatless monday like the meatless fridays from the catholics. the new left is the new religion. btw the amazon has been burned last year to make space for cocaine and not for cows
Karan Patel
Karan Patel преди 14 часа
I seriously can't believe what I m watching this is damn genius I have no words more power to u Manu and Saad
JXOR преди 14 часа
Bill sounds like he is going to be a Bill(ionaire) someday!
Water Puppies
Water Puppies преди 14 часа
Now I want to be vegan
Νομος Και Ταξη
Νομος Και Ταξη преди 14 часа
Bruh moment. I love how the biggest almond commerce is in California and farmers push bee's to their limits so they can get more almonds for vegans to have their milk. The bee's that get past their limits die. If the bee's vanish then humanity will have 2 years left. Good Job vegans.
Llama Boy
Llama Boy преди 14 часа
Bullseye isn't even the highest scoring section
Wendy Piper
Wendy Piper преди 14 часа
Lmao he went down to sniff it
beebobox преди 14 часа
Could eat it raw if it was meat too, but please.. go on.
beebobox преди 14 часа
Did you call the veggie burger a puppy? But to answer your question, it tastes good, its not good for you and not good for the environment (unless you compare it to factory farming which we shouldnt support)
BeVeJe преди 14 часа
Could there have been a different outcome if the sharks hadn't checked the cow blood out first, and discovered that there only were a surfboard. And the they didn't want to visit the human blood becuase they new there would only be a surfboard.
Burako Shimazaki
Burako Shimazaki преди 14 часа
Hicksy преди 14 часа
I love Mark. I’ve been a meat eater my entire life and, much like Mark, I grew up thinking a meal without meat isn’t a meal at all. However, this video has genuinely made me want to try the Impossible burger. Additionally, it’s made me more aware of the alternatives if I’d like to get the same nutrients.
Kade Gonzales
Kade Gonzales преди 14 часа
The kids didn't even belly flop they put their knees first then let their body like slowly fall down and their head didn't even touch it
Vadlimirs преди 14 часа
Let's be vegan then?!
Karan Patel
Karan Patel преди 14 часа
I m Sooo proud of you my brother.
Hwarang Lee
Hwarang Lee преди 14 часа
Is it just me or does mars rover sound mark rober?
Antony Evi
Antony Evi преди 14 часа
I feel sad for the Phones He lost
jetnut89 преди 14 часа
90% of the comments now are astros jokes. Sad. This video certainly didn’t age well.
Ulysses Fernandez
Ulysses Fernandez преди 14 часа
I’m rethinking life choice
Ethan Johnson
Ethan Johnson преди 14 часа
Although yes, plants consumed by animals is a higher percentage than plants consumed by people, you also have to include the factors of human capabilities to consume these plants. Many of the plants used for animals are either not high enough quality, or the human body just can't convert the calories inside of them as efficiently as animals. If you were to take that amount of land used to produce animal food taking the percentage of it which is safe and certifiable for human consumption, would it still be worth the statistic?
Ducky Duckling
Ducky Duckling преди 14 часа
sir i was eating a beefburger while waching this and I REGRET MY CHOICE
Chineso преди 14 часа
bill gates isnt the richest man in the world though .-.
Frost Gaming
Frost Gaming преди 14 часа
Me peacefully eating meat while watching this
Nimeire Mavounda Junior
Nimeire Mavounda Junior преди 14 часа
How come Dantdm hasnt met Bill Gates....
fads fdas
fads fdas преди 14 часа
Wow, it blew my mind the thing where you can put the wallet in the mail and they will send it to the owner.
MNikesh преди 14 часа
wow 7:00
BrewBeard преди 14 часа
Would be interesting to see if other species of sharks react differently, great whites, etc
Cey Trez
Cey Trez преди 14 часа
I thought ninja was in the thumbnail
Husaini Mohamad
Husaini Mohamad преди 14 часа
this vid is a great comparison when a kid watch it and when I watch a vid about quantum mechanics. both of them need a more knowledgeable people to explain it
Ruthvick Raj
Ruthvick Raj преди 14 часа
can u be able to find out if coca-cola is bad for us,and in comparison to its other counterparts, ie coke zero, etc, would really appreciate it.
Bacon Eater
Bacon Eater преди 14 часа
sorry on a keto diet
XZAR_3 シ
XZAR_3 シ преди 14 часа
Its sad too see grant 😭
Frandma преди 14 часа
Who is watching this on corona virus 8:21
Between the Lines
Between the Lines преди 14 часа
I could go for a steak dinner.. mmmm mouth watering steak...
Genl J
Genl J преди 14 часа
Bil gates eats with his mouth open but he is still the richest man alive ..... thanks all the years Ive bean lied to ,thanks mom
ali bazzi
ali bazzi преди 14 часа
60% religious returned the wallets. That is a majority. "Being religious had nothing to do with it", typical athiests.
DARKKING GT преди 14 часа
200peso is alot in the philippines taena
ali bazzi
ali bazzi преди 14 часа
Incorrect. Women outnumber men and the fact that men had over 10% return rate speaks volumes.
Zband преди 14 часа
I don't call 12.00 per pound a friction-less transition. I'm all for a better alternative to meat. However when you look at the price of this stuff in the store in comparison to a package of burger, I simply cannot see people wanting to pick this over a package of ground beef when you need to eat. Ground beef you get WAY MORE food. Now unless things have changed... I found an analysis saying that the average retail price for Beyond Meat burgers is $12 per pound, compared to $4 per pound for regular beef patties. If the price drops far enough so that it is affordable I'm all for it.
K_ Den_Night
K_ Den_Night преди 13 часа
Well with more demand. also factory farming gets tax subsidies to help the cost go down in truth it would be more per pound. if we did that for plants and not factory farming then it would go down in price a lot more.
Dexis преди 13 часа
Yeah if you can’t afford it then don’t feel guilty for not wanting to buy it, this video is aimed more at people who have plenty of money to spare where the cost really means nothing to them. And as he said the more of these people adopt it the further price will go down as production is scaled up and becomes more efficient. But yeah, the price is currently a bit too steep for me and a lot of others.
AliceTechTipsYTP преди 14 часа
This reminds me of an old bowling game I used to play called Gutterball where you could literally control the ball while it is in the lane. Some bowling games allowed you to do that.
V0ID-Reddit преди 14 часа
I wish you were my maths teacher :/
Mister G
Mister G преди 14 часа
India has figured it out
Aloukik Dubey
Aloukik Dubey преди 14 часа
Proud to be vegetarian
Nathan EH
Nathan EH преди 14 часа
btw hem{oglobin} is the 2nd most important thing in blood |:
RandomFishBucket преди 14 часа
This video actually makes me consider of eating less meat than I do.
Das Getto Pikachu
Das Getto Pikachu преди 14 часа
Any Gordons?
Victor Perez (Student)
Victor Perez (Student) преди 15 часа
you should have told him to install gentoo
Horn kjell
Horn kjell преди 15 часа
The problem is that plant protein is innefective so you need to eat meat at least once a week.
K_ Den_Night
K_ Den_Night преди 13 часа
Propaganda used by the meat industry to sell more meat.
EwokPanda преди 15 часа
It is IMPOSSIBLE for a peanut butter sandwich to be equal in both calories and protein to a hamburger. Sorry, this is just an epic fail.
Dexis преди 13 часа
Not the whole hamburger, just the patty, though it would probably be a pretty decent slathering of peanut butter
Nicholas Chung
Nicholas Chung преди 15 часа
Man uses child labourers to charge car batteries
Papa Doodle
Papa Doodle преди 15 часа
7:01 sounded like he said the n word
fadel fun&games
fadel fun&games преди 15 часа
Did he just eat of the floor 🤢🤮
Yavar Ahmad
Yavar Ahmad преди 15 часа
I am going vegetarian!!!!!!
是burrppito преди 15 часа
Who said robots can’t solve problems?
Durianrider Cycling Tips
Durianrider Cycling Tips преди 15 часа
Ive been vegan 18 years. Lost 124lbs
Ben Conlin
Ben Conlin преди 15 часа
U should make it shoot paint and glitter out