Shaun Goes to Jail - The Good Doctor
Fizbo vs. Fizbeau - Modern Family
The Conners - Voter PSA
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Sir_Ski Max
Sir_Ski Max преди 3 часа
He got the oscar! I can now die peacefully
Toby Auyeung
Toby Auyeung преди 3 часа
I can tell Lea loves Shuan everytime she calls him Shuaniee... but reality can be hurting...
mondy710 преди 3 часа
This is the first time Animal conceded to a rival drummer.
Ashley Bates
Ashley Bates преди 3 часа
Im going to miss them😭
Sir_Ski Max
Sir_Ski Max преди 3 часа
do quang
do quang преди 3 часа
Xem đã mắt thật
b2kzangelalwayz преди 4 часа
How old is she now lol
bobjimhonio !
bobjimhonio ! преди 4 часа
Christ! People need to grow the fuck up in the comment section.
EsPGoPo преди 4 часа
I thought it was about Carly wanting to have lunch with Sean that day and he said he had a work thing or something.. but had lunch with Leah.. when he could have just been like" I'm having lunch with Leah" So to her it felt like he was hiding it. In my opinion
Ashley Bates
Ashley Bates преди 4 часа
Alex karev is gonna end up doing the same thing Izzie Stevens did🙄left and never came back and sent the divorce papers through the mail🙄🙄
Sebastian Rodriguez
Sebastian Rodriguez преди 4 часа
I need this on Spotify ASAP
John Smith
John Smith преди 4 часа
Clapping aside... I personally can't stand Billie Eilish.
Radi0 Hardcore
Radi0 Hardcore преди 4 часа
So they stole the No English bit from the 12th episode of Nichijou
mehrnoushrm преди 4 часа
This is aweful. Why does this have to happen to these people? They’re human too
linda gurrera
linda gurrera преди 4 часа
It's funny now him and Becky are close but in the old show he was closer with darlene
Eli Hughes
Eli Hughes преди 4 часа
Dan needs to find piece with God, he looks like he's about to die!!
Hannah Tricia
Hannah Tricia преди 4 часа
I like McWidow ♥️
leo jarquin
leo jarquin преди 4 часа
Miles Brown is the perfect Miles Morales for the MCU
Milkias Samuel
Milkias Samuel преди 4 часа
Although I am unsure if he is cast, live up to the Miles Morales in Spider-man into the Spider-verse. But yeah he would definitely fit the role.
leo jarquin
leo jarquin преди 4 часа
Exactly and he’s the perfect candidate for the job
Milkias Samuel
Milkias Samuel преди 4 часа
Definitely agree, since Miles Morales was referenced in Spider-man Homecoming.
Ingrid Erawan
Ingrid Erawan преди 4 часа
Don't cry carly
gabe_liu преди 4 часа
this kinda remind me of Bones
Xavier Mireles
Xavier Mireles преди 4 часа
River was the superior actor until Joker, IMO
Ingrid Erawan
Ingrid Erawan преди 4 часа
It's OK shaun,don't cry and stay strong
Ingrid Erawan
Ingrid Erawan преди 4 часа
Why did carly break up with shaun ?
Tumelo Sebata
Tumelo Sebata преди 5 часа
Ingrid Erawan
Ingrid Erawan преди 5 часа
Calm down's ok... You can do better next time
Jorge Garcia
Jorge Garcia преди 5 часа
Let's be real, she WON this Oscar as soon as the trailer for Judy was released.
Asif Awan
Asif Awan преди 5 часа
I just realized that _Freddie Highmore_ is the same kid from *Charlie and the Chocolate Factory* and "The Spidewick Chronicles* , I am glad he's doing so well, he's a talented actor
Marcia Dee
Marcia Dee преди 5 часа
"He hasn't eaten lunch today"...😂😂😂
Livvy.R. Rwot-omiya
Livvy.R. Rwot-omiya преди 5 часа
Love blackish
Johannah Johari
Johannah Johari преди 5 часа
New Firefly anyone ??
Zach Falbe
Zach Falbe преди 5 часа
Cuban isn’t chasing because he made it. The others are chasing being a billionaire
Mickey Ari
Mickey Ari преди 5 часа
Mark slyly attacked them to pressure them to get a better deal. Dont fall in the trap.... these guys think on a different level
Zion Tait
Zion Tait преди 5 часа
This is how my grandma feels about me when i show her how to download apps on her phone.
Ian Rodrigues
Ian Rodrigues преди 5 часа
i have been a shaun and Lea fan for a long time threw the ups and downs from her going to pennsylvannia, her return, Shaun and Carly getting together so its fair to say i am a Shaun and Lea forever fan, but i will be the first to say i am glad this seen happened because it needed to happen. A very important part of Shaun and Lea's relationship is that they are real with each other and genuine towards one another. That being said i think i would have had a bigger problem if after one episode they got together versus building an arc over the next few episodes and them getting together at the end of it. I know it hard to understand for a lot of people that have been wanting this for a long time like myself, but in this seen we saw Lea act completely selfless she knows what she wants and knows the burden it would be for shaun we saw in past episodes the conflict that can arise between them and that was just with toilet paper. This needed to happen and at the end of this it will be scenes like this that will create a strong relationship between them in the end, but this is the first major step for them both and the beginning of shaun and lea as a couple. so worry not friends we are in the endgame now
Sandy Permana
Sandy Permana преди 5 часа
at the top band
Maphuti Magongoa
Maphuti Magongoa преди 5 часа
Sisterhood 💓
MnMs002 преди 5 часа
I will say this John Goodman did what Roseanne couldn't do...He carried the show on without the other significant other in the marriage...When Roseanne killed Dan off it was curtains...When the Show killed off the Roseanne character,not only did they do it in tacky taste (O'D) They changed the name to "The Conners"... Should've kept your yap shut rosie...Should've kept it shut...
Ma. Winchelsie Bolaños
Ma. Winchelsie Bolaños преди 5 часа
Anyone knows what are the songs on this episode?
عاشق ثلاثينيه
عاشق ثلاثينيه преди 6 часа
خررب اريد وحده
Peter Ferguson
Peter Ferguson преди 6 часа
I think it is a total mistake that the writer has wrote this Carly and Shaun relationship . They didn't handle it very well. They kind of are ruining this great show. PLEASE , LET HIM BE A DOCTOR.
METALMAN4Wii преди 6 часа
Same here Dan I used to draw concept cars.
ananymous girl
ananymous girl преди 6 часа
One question.. if lea rejected shaun not because of autism, why the hell she didnt say that?.. come on people, he is a budding doctor.. who wants to be a good doctor rather than autistic good doctor.. ..and now she passively reminds his weakness?? Even if she did end up with shaun.. i really doubt how well she could handle well.. they may making miserable each other
Herbie Shevers
Herbie Shevers преди 6 часа
Ohh, bless his heart. He’s now in jail for beating his current girlfriend.
Miss Chievous
Miss Chievous преди 6 часа
Can any of you editing geniuses edit the song & cut out the clapping & upload it? Sincerely, the comment section.
Core Brute
Core Brute преди 6 часа
How many boats does Pops have?
Nachi Jr
Nachi Jr преди 6 часа
Shaun you be aight. So let's go on a parade spree 👍👀👍
Lil_queen Vampire 2019
Lil_queen Vampire 2019 преди 6 часа
Lmao I love this show
DONT label me part of your party
DONT label me part of your party преди 6 часа
Look like a hippie with a lawyer?!
Raghav Agarwal
Raghav Agarwal преди 6 часа
Brent oesterle
Brent oesterle преди 6 часа
That was wonderd he's be in jail for stop you been doing shawn pain the butt shawn
andy esoimeme
andy esoimeme преди 6 часа
I always knew she was a con artist.
djumbo67 преди 6 часа
📲*00212.679.620.248* *whatapps*📲 هـــــذا رقــم الــدكــتــور👨‍⚕️ الـمــخــتــص الــلــي سـاعـدنـــي فــي عــلاج مــشــكــلــتــي😄 لــقــصــر الــقــضــيــب نــقــص الإنــتــصــاب✅ الــقــذف الــســريــع ✅ الــضــعــف الــجــنــســي ☑الــمــنــتــجــات مـتـوفـرة فـقـط بـالـسـعـوديـة🇸🇦 وقــطــر🇶🇦 والإمــارات🇦🇪 والـعـراق🇮🇶 ولــبــنــان🇱🇧 والأردن🇯🇴 والـكـويـت🇰🇼 والـبـحـريـن🇧🇭 وسـلـطـنـة عــمــان🇴🇲 لا تــتــردد فــي طــلــبــهــا📲*00212679620248* *whatapps*📲الدفع عند الاستلام🤝
Thomas Steven
Thomas Steven преди 6 часа
Laurie Metcalf is an incredible actress she’s so convincing in this scene
onehothand68 преди 6 часа
Fk this show, no Roseanne it's just garbage.
Eric Ho
Eric Ho преди 6 часа
wow castle lost lot of weights
James Hontiveros
James Hontiveros преди 7 часа
Walang kupas 😊
Михаил К
Михаил К преди 7 часа
Как говорят о таком пении в России: "Не можешь срать- не мучай жопу!". As they say about such singing in Russia: "If you can’t shit, then do not torment your ass!".
George Ghareeb
George Ghareeb преди 7 часа
What's the name of the background music?
Crystal Hiscock
Crystal Hiscock преди 7 часа
Louise and Dan should be married
robin singh
robin singh преди 7 часа
Nicholas cage: PATHETIC😑
Xinzhu Liu
Xinzhu Liu преди 7 часа
I like Lea beafore this video but, if lea doesn't like shaun,she shouldn't disturb Carly and Shaun,she shouldn't enjoy the treatment of a girlfriend but reject others
Mr. H Fam
Mr. H Fam преди 7 часа
I don't see what's so awkward with a girl liking another girl..... i guess that's cause his asian parents could be conservative (.. source, I'm asian)
RoyalMasterpiece преди 7 часа
Is it me or just did Freddie Highmore’s accent sneak in when he said Autism? In addition, Lea has always seen Sean as a friend. Dr. G predicted she will hurt him and she just did.
Charlescx7 преди 7 часа
Antonio Banderas looks so confused lol
ozzie mederos
ozzie mederos преди 7 часа
This was AWESOME episode
ozzie mederos
ozzie mederos преди 7 часа
What about dan sister ed other child
Ruben Garcia
Ruben Garcia преди 7 часа
First Heath Ledger and now Joaquin Phoenix 😭
Kresta Nge
Kresta Nge преди 7 часа
Tika Sumpter's eyebrows are too dark and heavy handed
DONT label me part of your party
DONT label me part of your party преди 6 часа
Why ?
Fred Rainey
Fred Rainey преди 7 часа
Lecy acted her ass off I love Becky
Jo Allen
Jo Allen преди 7 часа
There so gonna end up together.....
TheQuestion преди 7 часа
Coulson didnt die for this
fanman12 преди 7 часа
I was trying to see if he as lip syncing
Norah Grisius
Norah Grisius преди 7 часа
how is no one talking about Ariel being played by the voice of moana. girl really out here livin the disney dream
Elvira Florence
Elvira Florence преди 7 часа
Jessica is just like my aunt. She kept regretting how she can't go to school cos her parents can't afford it, spend her teenage and adult days only working, the only thing she can do is attending some part time courses cos she can't do university full-time
Kozzie Leffall
Kozzie Leffall преди 7 часа
Lies I'm a 10 year old but in her biggest fan
Trap Town HNH
Trap Town HNH преди 7 часа
Great video! Keep it up Would you like to be BGshow friends? :]
Trap Town HNH
Trap Town HNH преди 7 часа
Great video! Keep it up Would you like to be BGshow friends? :]
Shengpei Dai
Shengpei Dai преди 7 часа
I swear to the God. The audience was so fking lame!
Mrs. преди 7 часа
And This is why I Love Being An American😚 rock it as always Em
Boikanyo Leabile
Boikanyo Leabile преди 7 часа
😂🤣🏃‍♂️🏃‍♂️🏃‍♂️not in my family
Lehlani Armani
Lehlani Armani преди 7 часа
I don't dislike Leah but I wish people would stop giving her so much credit! She knew how Shaun felt all along and I feel like she sends mixed signals. Carly tried to do right by Shaun and so many people criticized her. Yes at times she was hard on Shaun but that helped him grow. I know this is an unpopular opinion but hey it's mine and I am sticking to it HAHA okay goodnight! 😏
Peaky Blinder
Peaky Blinder преди 7 часа
Tears always works..
Codie Butler
Codie Butler преди 7 часа
That was off script lol that was a real slap
Rachel A.
Rachel A. преди 7 часа
I feel crushed. Like the writers did this on purpose because most of viewers didn't like their precious Carly. I never cared if Lea and Shaun were "together" I liked them as friends but I didn't need to see that. A lot of people didn't need to see that. It's not always "just a tv show" when you see yourself so much in the main character. This, as someone with autism, made me feel worthless. I appreciate Lea's honesty. It was a mistake to have Shaun be in love with her in the first place. They could have just let things be for awhile. But for everyone else on this comment thread saying relationships with a disability are hard... SHUT UP! Autism is not a disability. It has it's challenges and so does Lea and so do you! People with autism don't always do well in relationships but we also don't make up over the 50 percent of marriages that fail! That happens because of being human. Not because one is autistic or disabled!
Los Plebiz
Los Plebiz преди 7 часа
Ariana deserved it more since she did so MUCH this year produced a soundtrack did a tour a record breaking album 1 2 3 spots released two singles during tour featured on many other songs and that happend in ONE YEAR while Taylor just released a common album
Andre Corrales
Andre Corrales преди 7 часа
omg smosh guy
Trap Town HNH
Trap Town HNH преди 7 часа
Fantastic video! Keep it up! Would you like to be BGshow friends? :]
RiceFlavoredGum преди 7 часа
1:08 Who keeps hand sanitizer by the sink???
stylow Flysett
stylow Flysett преди 8 часа
Yo fr he did??
Jack's Bald Head
Jack's Bald Head преди 8 часа
I never thought I'd see the day where the connors are "fluffy bunnies" compared to what they used to be.
jinxiejae преди 6 часа
Age does that to you
Jennifer Coleman
Jennifer Coleman преди 7 часа
People change when they grow up.
Rodshark75 преди 7 часа
You mean the day when the shrill, abusive POS harpy Rosanne wasn't sleazing all over the place. Still, they should have let this dead horse stay that way...
Boikanyo Leabile
Boikanyo Leabile преди 8 часа
Is there a new private school called public school🤣😂😂😂😂🏃‍♂️🏃‍♂️🏃‍♂️🏃‍♂️
Boikanyo Leabile
Boikanyo Leabile преди 8 часа
🤣😂🏃‍♂️🏃‍♂️ I just never thought I will be such a great father
Jack's Bald Head
Jack's Bald Head преди 8 часа
omg... Jennifer Grey!
Harold Beckwith
Harold Beckwith преди 8 часа
It’s cool to see Tim be human and watch a football game for a change instead of Captain America like he always is lol
Jared Reisinger
Jared Reisinger преди 8 часа
Sit down with him listen to his part and then punch him in the face golden
Giorgy Germain
Giorgy Germain преди 8 часа
Jared Reisinger lol classic Dan
Sophie Leiton Toomey
Sophie Leiton Toomey преди 8 часа
Sophie Leiton Toomey I don’t see why everyone thinks Lea should be with Shaun. The two are not compatible. Lea can barely take care of herself. She’s a mess. Being with a person with a disability can be very difficult and requires a lot of patience which Lea admits she does not have. She has things she needs and Shaun has things he needs and they do not add up together as a couple. Shaun needs stability from his partner and Lea has proven time and time again that she cannot provide that to him. Two people can love each other but can be wrong together as a couple. To me Shaun and Lea are that couple.
Trap Town HNH
Trap Town HNH преди 8 часа
Great video! Keep it up Would you like to be BGshow friends? :]
Trap Town HNH
Trap Town HNH преди 8 часа
Lovely content! Keep it up! Would you like to be BGshow friends? :]
August Sky
August Sky преди 8 часа
That's a hard song to keep up with! I'm so impressed! Go Shaggy !! 😍🤗🤩
Trap Town HNH
Trap Town HNH преди 8 часа
Great! Keep it up! Would you like to be BGshow friends? :]