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kristelgomez преди 23 минути
There's actually no tune of dani that I do not love she writes what she feels 🔥🔥🔥
AndreaTheStrongMama Bear
AndreaTheStrongMama Bear преди 33 минути
She Got Thick....Niiiccceee
Que Isso Gustavo?
Que Isso Gustavo? преди 38 минути
Love you girl killin it 🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷
AG M. преди 43 минути
Anyone else notice that Trey Songz was sitting in the barber chair at 0:50.
Minerva NoLastName
Minerva NoLastName преди 52 минути
I love yo yelling ass adlibs LOL this #2 Monique #1 D.Mami #3 for me! the whole Movie Hot tho!
Angela Porter
Angela Porter преди час
1181Matilda преди час
I love her so much ❤️
Maci Wade
Maci Wade преди час
That’s why it’s called movie
Lil Alfee
Lil Alfee преди час
Sophia Paiva
Sophia Paiva преди час
não consigo parar de escutar esse hino 😩✨
kie sucede
kie sucede преди час
Temon💕 unas de mis canciones favoritas del albun movie
Blank преди час
This is so god damn good
Bea Kadri
Bea Kadri преди час
this is way way way too good! loved it
Iam RaphaCool
Iam RaphaCool преди 2 часа
Elliott Pluto
Elliott Pluto преди 2 часа
I'm mad 😤😤😤 why this shi ain't longer bruh
Johnny KnoXXX
Johnny KnoXXX преди 2 часа
Dope!!! Can’t front this is hard AF! Love Dani even more for this!
Elliott Pluto
Elliott Pluto преди 2 часа
gunna went off, danileigh killed itand yella beezy coulda done better with his verse but he did his thing NO CAP
DaRKneSS ❶
DaRKneSS ❶ преди 2 часа
Yo isnt it old vibes??? Daamn de ja vuuu
Candy Baby
Candy Baby преди 2 часа
Omg plz collab wit Snow tha Product 😍
Joao vitor Almeida
Joao vitor Almeida преди 2 часа
Maliyah - Gabriel is my big brother
Maliyah - Gabriel is my big brother преди 2 часа
cem bounezra
cem bounezra преди 2 часа
i love this song so much , because it is so cute
patricia obasanjo
patricia obasanjo преди 2 часа
@ joanna ward it said in the article that the african american celebrities in hollywood use a japanese skin lightening and bleaching lotion that changes their color from looking black to looking like light skinned mixed race but they deny it matsuiskinlightening.com/products/bleaching-skin-lightening-orange-peeling-lotion-100-ml-top-selling-product i guess they want people to think they are naturally light skinned thats why they wont admit to using this lotion, thats the only reason i can think of.
It’s just a AMG
It’s just a AMG преди 3 часа
Another hitter.... 👌🏼
It’s just a AMG
It’s just a AMG преди 3 часа
I’m a guy and I listen To this 5x already...Good shyt Dani!
Christopher Kiewiet
Christopher Kiewiet преди 3 часа
Chris brown should feature on this song 😍❤️
jamicheal gates
jamicheal gates преди 3 часа
I like this song I like to be with whoever did the beat that s*** is crazy
Manish Chounkria
Manish Chounkria преди 3 часа
KRiSTiNA преди 4 часа
I've been Listening to BullShit & Mistreated on Repeat!!!
Ana Ishimine
Ana Ishimine преди 4 часа
Candice Covington
Candice Covington преди 4 часа
She did her thang cooking like 🤸🤸🤸🤸🤸🤸
nadia. 123
nadia. 123 преди 5 часа
I like the vibeeee
Sara B3
Sara B3 преди 5 часа
“What Baby say go” lol this gives me secondhand embarrassment
Tammy White
Tammy White преди 5 часа
How does this woman look like a different person in every video?🤔🤔 she’s gorgeous!❤️🤗💜🤗
pleasestop1000 преди 5 часа
Already weak
Cookie Cookie
Cookie Cookie преди 6 часа
She's so consistent. 🤗
greta fernandez
greta fernandez преди 7 часа
This is a whole mood 🎇
Mica H
Mica H преди 7 часа
I LOVE this video and song ♥️🔥
BANDIT YT преди 7 часа
polska górą!!!!!!
AfricanDrSeuss преди 7 часа
She most definitely going down as a legend when it’s all set and done 🔥🌹🙏🏾.
Andrew Tam
Andrew Tam преди 7 часа
dani a baddie forreal
AfricanDrSeuss преди 7 часа
Let’s get it 🔥🌹🙏🏾
The Real Desirae._
The Real Desirae._ преди 7 часа
I really hope this album doesn’t flop bc this shit is soooo gooood 😩
The Real Desirae._
The Real Desirae._ преди 7 часа
All her songs are so good whatttt
Rambo Villarey
Rambo Villarey преди 8 часа
Ladies reminder, just keep lighting them Backwoods and dump those fcckboys.
Teresa Karr
Teresa Karr преди 8 часа
Adorable ❤️.
SidratLOL преди 8 часа
where's the lyrics guy
Dabaddie K
Dabaddie K преди 8 часа
Love her
Mine Yılmaz
Mine Yılmaz преди 8 часа
Lil zey kanka bu kız
Da Herbal Goddess
Da Herbal Goddess преди 8 часа
Nothing respectful about what she's doing in this video and anybody that behave like this is immature and need to grow up.
OH YORK преди 8 часа
Gxxn 94
Gxxn 94 преди 8 часа
Mitch 🔥
Carla aka Tip śy
Carla aka Tip śy преди 8 часа
This song on repeat tho that is some 🔥
Jonah Arend
Jonah Arend преди 8 часа
this song would be so much better without G-Eazy's weird verse. Why is he rapping about a woman that cheats on her man with him but he knows her man pays her rent so he hopes he doesn't find out. It's just random and puts a negative vibe on an otherwise cool and sexy song. Bummer
ابو تهاني الأحمدي
ابو تهاني الأحمدي преди 8 часа
This sheet is 🔥🔥🔥
Christina A
Christina A преди 8 часа
This literally be me....fuckin 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥
JANAY B преди 8 часа
Here before it hit 🎯 1 million 💯
Monica Nava
Monica Nava преди 8 часа
I love you dani!!!!
Dabaddie K
Dabaddie K преди 8 часа
I can’t stop listening omg
Courtney Moore
Courtney Moore преди 8 часа
I cannot believe this was producer by Darkchild. I was shocked when i heard his voice near the end!
Sulpak Sulpak
Sulpak Sulpak преди 9 часа
Gamechange1112 преди 9 часа
This song and “Clover Cage - Monster Cover” are the only two things keeping me sane through these tough times. I just want to send love to everyone and I want everyone to know things will get better...We are in this together...I love you.
Stephani Narvaez
Stephani Narvaez преди 9 часа
Her acting skills are incredible! Sis have you decided to get into acting because !!!!
Noton преди 9 часа
Amschel преди 10 часа
The beat is Yankin, but she is Slurring.
AK57 преди 10 часа
How does she manage to look like a different woman in every video?
haangphung преди 10 часа
imagine bringing your boyfriend to the party and get cheated on the same night smh
Glyndon Warren
Glyndon Warren преди 10 часа
Danileigh f Notorious aka gdubb female rap r&b hip-hop is"bulls&$#"(album is Def jam mixtape vol.1) TXFH/MD Def jam interscope recording
Shady Booty
Shady Booty преди 10 часа
What i'm going through ATM.. Boss up time <3
Splash Squad553 Ty
Splash Squad553 Ty преди 10 часа
Ayyee Moneyy Productions
Ayyee Moneyy Productions преди 10 часа
Who Else Liked This Before The Beat Even Dropped??
Nicky Cropley
Nicky Cropley преди 10 часа
BABA TEE EMPIRE преди 10 часа
The queen shall always be respected👑👑👑👑👑👑❣️❣️❣️
myillusi0nz преди 10 часа
Yesssss!!! <3 <3 <3
nightshade1621 преди 10 часа
I hope that's the devil's lettuce in there and not tobacco.👵
RüD преди 10 часа
Who knew Rodney Jerkins still had this in him!
Anthony Higgins
Anthony Higgins преди 11 часа
No...not the bleach! Good song and video. And damn you bad👍🏾👍🏾👍🏾🔥🔥🔥
Vanny Mary
Vanny Mary преди 11 часа
Yes!! i keep replaying your ig clip and now i can listen to the whole song😃💙💜
GiftedSince92 GiftedSince92
GiftedSince92 GiftedSince92 преди 11 часа
Great video! DaniLeigh SLAYS period!!! #DaniLions
Tili's Hauling Company
Tili's Hauling Company преди 11 часа
Big Boss yea you got this.....#Dani
Khanyizzi Topic
Khanyizzi Topic преди 11 часа
This is dope💖💖💖💎Danie can bring Drama, while she hella cute🔥🔥🔥