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Christina Pratirupa Pulidindi Mathers
Christina Pratirupa Pulidindi Mathers преди час
@eminem you have too many girlfriends
Dragica преди час
this goes so well with every 'nice guy's' narrative of 'girls just want jerks who mistreat them'
Gabriela Daniela
Gabriela Daniela преди час
I had to pause at minute 3:24
Evelin Ivailova
Evelin Ivailova преди час
Same music, same dance moves, same clothes, we need something new. I like Nicole's solo carrier, every song is different and nice.
oovouvois преди час
Nicole really be ouy here not even visibly aging..
Eadlyn I
Eadlyn I преди час
I hope BlackPink cover this. Or even just Lisa.
Inkimetronic преди час
THEY ARE BACK!!!!! YASSSSS!!!!!❤❤❤🔥🔥
Following Fancé
Following Fancé преди час
Someone is missing
aldrin преди час
honestly, this is a legend.
A D P B преди час
Rengaraj Sudarsanam
Rengaraj Sudarsanam преди 2 часа
Nicole is beautiful:)))
Natalie .b.
Natalie .b. преди 2 часа
Princes Elaine De La Rosa
Princes Elaine De La Rosa преди 2 часа
Bang Yongguk's shiny black perm
Bang Yongguk's shiny black perm преди 2 часа
I swear nobody's getting older...
S Y A преди 2 часа
If my kid ever wonders what the style was in 2008...this vid lol
Syifa Hana Baksh
Syifa Hana Baksh преди 2 часа
just came out of a breakup and this hit
OnlyLyrics преди 2 часа
Amy Leigh
Amy Leigh преди 2 часа
wow they look incredible
JoLee Dain
JoLee Dain преди 2 часа
First time to watch this.
Johana .N
Johana .N преди 2 часа
Yes, they came back too well <3
A Nnn
A Nnn преди 2 часа
When I grow up I wanted to be like Kimberly.
Graciele Rodrigues
Graciele Rodrigues преди 3 часа
Donas do meu bate cabelo 😚
Graciele Rodrigues
Graciele Rodrigues преди 3 часа
Nicole rainha 👑
Graciele Rodrigues
Graciele Rodrigues преди 3 часа
Pega fogo cabaré 🔥 Elas voltaram com tudo 😎
Igor Thame
Igor Thame преди 3 часа
GENTE 1:12 😱😍
s' 's
s' 's преди 3 часа
How does she still look so graceful while dancing those thgs,,,,,, wOw,,,
Leanne Hough
Leanne Hough преди 3 часа
Awesomeness 😍🌟🙂💖🦋
Leanne Hough
Leanne Hough преди 3 часа
Love this 💎✝️🦋💖😍🌟
judderz m
judderz m преди 3 часа
Absolutely love it smashed it 👌👊
Leanne Hough
Leanne Hough преди 3 часа
Good to hear 🦋💎✝️
TheWhiteCrow #938
TheWhiteCrow #938 преди 4 часа
David was in the back ground lol
Leanne Hough
Leanne Hough преди 4 часа
Awesome 💖❤️💖🙏👍🙂
valerie marquez
valerie marquez преди 4 часа
Sonya Jersey
Sonya Jersey преди 4 часа
They look beautiful as always, the video is very hot, but the song is not that great in my opinion. Still gave a like.
楊君君 преди 4 часа
2020 好聽
Manu_el González
Manu_el González преди 4 часа
This isn't Pussycat Dolls, this is: *Nicole and her friends, ew.* PERIODT
wongto yemchong
wongto yemchong преди 4 часа
Where's everybody? What's with the views ??
Creative Beauty
Creative Beauty преди 5 часа
Клип как батонс ничего нового
Gamsai Gift
Gamsai Gift преди 5 часа
L. S.
L. S. преди 5 часа
This shit got me putting chairs in my shower
Kierz преди 5 часа
I’d love too see Craig david do a collab with the pussycat dolls he’ll bring back the old school🔥🔥🎶🎶
Joel Adams
Joel Adams преди 5 часа
Xavier Yazzie
Xavier Yazzie преди 6 часа
It's so weird but Nicole looks better today than her younger days. NO shade just saying.
Larissa Alvez
Larissa Alvez преди 6 часа
Ameeeeei! Nicoleeee sz
A Bilal
A Bilal преди 6 часа
Never gets old
Ariff Hamid
Ariff Hamid преди 6 часа
Nicole looks like the long-lost Kardashian family member. 😂
Long Ngo
Long Ngo преди 6 часа
Hoi xua nghe tren radio thich bai nsy
Mialynn преди 7 часа
Ricky Law
Ricky Law преди 7 часа
Nicole and the four backup dancers
Saif Khan
Saif Khan преди 7 часа
She has killing smile. Honest to got
Funeral преди 8 часа
I love them and this song... but imagine this with Melody’s ad libs 😫>>
Hayden Peeples
Hayden Peeples преди 8 часа
Can’t believe Alexis rose wasn’t even in this song
Taft Euphoria
Taft Euphoria преди 8 часа
they're still background dancers even after all these years... 😣 song slaps though
Imam Malik
Imam Malik преди 8 часа
This is my song when problem just too much at highschool era...... Like nicole sang, "i hate this part right here.... , but i gotta do it"
Shirtless Pinoy
Shirtless Pinoy преди 8 часа
grabe, walang pinagbago.. parang hindi 10years silang naghiwalay.
Destiny преди 8 часа
Nicole and her backup dancers
João Teixeira
João Teixeira преди 8 часа
I want more songs!
Yeyo sito
Yeyo sito преди 8 часа
I love this group but I want to see more of the girls not just nicole bring Melody back too! And give her songs to sing why it has to be all about Nicole ?
Champagne Darling
Champagne Darling преди 8 часа
why the hell i search react and this didnt show up??
a b
a b преди 9 часа
Nicole is so fucking hot.. like it's not fair! 🙃😉😊😆😁
Lapyn Mawiong
Lapyn Mawiong преди 9 часа
So this song encouraged Infidelity huh😶
Seraphan90 преди 9 часа
they make me wanna get straight
Jermaphobic преди 9 часа
I cannot take my eyes off Ashley. She was my favorite back in the day and she hasn’t let me down 10 years later. Kim too. Can’t believe she just had a baby 3 months ago and she’s popping off like this. Nicole front and center just works. I’m glad to see Carmit back. I was sad when she left the group before the second album. And Jessica’s turned it up a few notches. She was sexy before but now she’s gotten even thicker and more feminine. Damn they just work so well together
moon57457 преди 9 часа
This is the best girl group on dis years💪☝️🙌and they are very hot and sexy🔥🔥🔥💋better than any famous girl group like blackpink, fifth harmony, little mix and more Korean girl group!!! 😏 the point is they are a great dancer and they make a good music🎶🎶🎵dis so powerful🔥🎸💃😊
Mooka Mook
Mooka Mook преди 9 часа
I hate how once again that Nicole is the only 1 singing. I am glad that Melody Thorton was apart of it this time.
neeko преди 10 часа
Nicole still be doing the school project all by herself I see.
Matthew Connors
Matthew Connors преди 10 часа
No I’ve been looking for this song forever, it always pops up in my head then I forget and it happens over and over. It still slaps like it did 14 years ago.
Toosickforskool преди 10 часа
Still HOT!
Nana Libatique
Nana Libatique преди 10 часа
She must be really hot in 7th grade.
karen Bruce
karen Bruce преди 10 часа
Snoop Dogg is in this video
iamthenotoRious преди 10 часа
Since Melody is gone, Nicole can finally have ALL vocals. And most importantly, be in the dead middle in every formation.
César M G
César M G преди 10 часа
Rasputia XD
mandybabe966 преди 11 часа
Literally dying they're so perfect😍 this is also really good motivation to work out lol
Jcdida 14
Jcdida 14 преди 11 часа
Wow melody solo here was bomb! Why the hell didnt they put it in the track?!?
Sohyon Warner
Sohyon Warner преди 11 часа
one singer and 4 back up dancers...why...she should just go solo....btw, BlackPink in your area
Katelynn Stan
Katelynn Stan преди 12 часа
this is very pussycat dolls
Prince Echo
Prince Echo преди 12 часа
Melody should’ve been the lead singer. Not Nicole. Her voice is way better. That’s why she didn’t reunite with the dolls
Marcos Costa
Marcos Costa преди 12 часа
Marcos Costa
Marcos Costa преди 12 часа
Thais Neres
Thais Neres преди 12 часа
PCD continua sendo Nicole
오free한 일상
오free한 일상 преди 12 часа
It has been about 20 years but they're not old at all!
K226 преди 12 часа
They still ain't singing... Nice to see the label still keeps them down to promote Nicole...
Nathalie Hermosillo
Nathalie Hermosillo преди 13 часа
But let the other girls sing too damn!!
Nathalie Hermosillo
Nathalie Hermosillo преди 13 часа
This should have been the Charlie’s Angels song. As much as I loved Lana in the song with Miley and Ari, I feel like this fits better.
José Miguel Martín Marquez
José Miguel Martín Marquez преди 13 часа
Kim K knows how to sing
jzel barenio
jzel barenio преди 13 часа
welcome back girls 👏🏻❤️❤️❤️
Rodrigo Mestres
Rodrigo Mestres преди 13 часа
Estuve esperando todo el vídeo escuchar a las demás y ni eso. Pésimo
Reagan Ward
Reagan Ward преди 13 часа
I love this song good team name
Samantha Dominguez
Samantha Dominguez преди 13 часа
Whose here after watching the meme of why we take so long in the shower or run out of hot water😅😅😅✌️
Daniel Makhalfeh
Daniel Makhalfeh преди 13 часа
2020 LiKe !!!!!
Kiana Perreault
Kiana Perreault преди 14 часа
Who choreographed this
Kathy Kelly
Kathy Kelly преди 14 часа
Download it to my phone love you Nicole you go girl my beautiful angel ❤️😘❤️
Georgia Guimarães
Georgia Guimarães преди 14 часа
Okay (ahh), yeah (ahh) Oh, we about to get it Just a lil' hot and sweaty in this motherfucker (ooh, baby) Ladies, let's go (uhh), soldiers, let's go (dolls) Let me talk to y'all and just, you know Give you a little situation, listen (fellas) You see this shit get hot, every time I come through When I step up in the spot (are you ready?) Make the place sizzle like a summertime cookout Prowl for the best chick, yes, I'm on the lookout (let's dance) Slow bangin' shorty like a belly dancer with it Smell good, pretty skin, so gangsta with it (ooh, baby) No tricks, only diamonds under my sleeve Gimme the number, but make sure you call before you leave I know you like me (I know you like me) I know you do (I know you do) That's why whenever I come around, she's all over you And I know you want it (I know you want it) It's easy to see (it's easy to see) And in the back of your mind I know you should be fuckin' with me (ahh) Don't cha wish your girlfriend was hot like me? Don't cha wish your girlfriend was a freak like me? Don't cha? Don't cha? Don't cha wish your girlfriend was raw like me? Don't cha wish your girlfriend was fun like me? Don't cha? (ah-ah-ah) don't cha? Fight the feeling (fight the feeling) Leave it alone (leave it alone) 'Cause if it ain't love It just ain't enough to leave a happy home (uh-uh, uh-uh) Let's keep it friendly (let's keep it friendly) You have to play fair (you have to play fair, yeah) See, I don't care But I know, she ain't gon' wanna share (ah, ah-ah) Don't cha wish your girlfriend was hot like me? (oh) Don't cha wish your girlfriend was a freak like me? (like me) Don't cha? Don't cha, baby? Don't cha? Alright, sing Don't cha wish your girlfriend was raw like me? (raw) Don't cha wish your girlfriend was fun like me? (big thug) Don't cha? (ah-ah-ah) don't cha? (Okay, I see how it's goin' down Seem like shorty wanna little ménage pop off or somethin' Let's go) Well, let me get straight to it Every broad wanna watch a nigga when I come through it It's the God almighty, lookin' all brand new If shorty wanna jump in my aston vanquish Lookin' at me all like she really wanna do it Tryna put it on me 'til my balls black and blueish You wanna play with a player, girl, then play on Strip out the Chanel and leave the lingerie on (ha) Watch me and I'mma watch you at the same time Lookin' at you wanna break my back You're the very reason why I keep a pack of the magnum And with the wagon, hit you in the back of the magnum For the record, don't think it was something you did Shorty all on me 'cause it's hard to resist the kid I got a idea that's dope for y'all As y'all could get cold so I could hit the both of y'all See, I know she loves ya (I know she loves ya) I understand (I understand, yeah) I'd probably be just as crazy about you if you were my own man Maybe next lifetime (maybe next lifetime) Possibly (possibly) Until then, old friend, your secret is safe with me (shhh, hot) Don't cha wish your girlfriend was hot like me? (oh) Don't cha wish your girlfriend was a freak like me? (like me) Don't cha? Don't cha, baby? Don't cha? Alright, sing Don't cha wish your girlfriend was raw like me? (raw) Don't cha wish your girlfriend was fun like me? (big fun) Don't cha? (ah-ah-ah) don't cha
ExpiredCrayon преди 14 часа
caio cezar
caio cezar преди 14 часа
Hot ❤
Amanda Mendes
Amanda Mendes преди 14 часа
Rainhas fazem assim.
CaroFit 91
CaroFit 91 преди 14 часа
Orlilover4 преди 14 часа
Why do i keep hearing ' crookers ' ? Hahaha i really had to check the comment section for the right word
Anna Melody
Anna Melody преди 14 часа
love it 2020
candife perchment
candife perchment преди 14 часа
Have they all got back together