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Shane Dawson Controls My Life For A Day
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преди 2 години
ubi преди 10 часа
I love how Jeffree talks to us like were his best friends because i stan 💅🏻
Danielle Nicole
Danielle Nicole преди 11 часа
When he mentioned Sommerset mall in Troy, MI. My hometown! Ha!
Alexsia Doss
Alexsia Doss преди 11 часа
Asabove Sobelow
Asabove Sobelow преди 11 часа
Same thing happened to me but I can’t afford a surgeon to fix it
Amira Sheikh
Amira Sheikh преди 11 часа
did anyone realised that one of them has jake from mr beast
Danielle Nicole
Danielle Nicole преди 11 часа
This was so entertaining lmao
Brïdgette Collïns
Brïdgette Collïns преди 11 часа
When you did your reveal and it was interrupted by a clear blue pregnancy test add... Awkward!!! 😘
Sina De Goede
Sina De Goede преди 11 часа
You have a great grandma! You both are soulmates 🙏❤ and your face is like an angel. So fine and slender with a smooth, almost transparent skin.
Andre Malik
Andre Malik преди 12 часа
Kelly bag is $200,000
Helena H.
Helena H. преди 12 часа
Helena H.
Helena H. преди 12 часа
M.Y.O. H.
M.Y.O. H. преди 13 часа
Same colors as other people's pallets. Been there, done that. The names for your eye shadows are disgusting. You wore a g- string when you have a penis and balls!! I'm laughing! Was it a woman's pink g-string panty?
Akhrieu yase
Akhrieu yase преди 13 часа
Sister Wapang and sister yangthsaba 😂 😂
kingwordss kingwordss
kingwordss kingwordss преди 13 часа
"Do you love yourself or would you hurt yourself ,because you feel incomplete without a certain someone else ?"It's time we believed we are whole and deserve as much love as we give out! In this podcast I'll be talking about moving on from that "Love of your life" that you thought there was no moving on from.
Robin McElvaney PERSONAL
Robin McElvaney PERSONAL преди 13 часа
At 2:03 he calls Jefree him! I mean I know he is a him but just didn't pic Nate doing this! Also I didn't know how to comment a time in a vid, so when I googled it, googles suggestion was the EXACT same time that I needed to comment, 2:03, freaky or what!!!!
Jiggler преди 14 часа
Sooo I saw some fishfam stuff I feel less anxious about , like, how could u have four kids or whatever in a place that I don’t know anything about but it seems like ryland and Shane the kids there from my POV well thank goodness team 10 did it again they had a I mean the worst part about the little girls was a SMOOTHIE DID IT Hve Like you gotta keep in mind Algeria’s and stuff they seemed very capable it was just. Edit well it wasn’t any of my business whatsoever donafrios stables bro edit 11:11 I’m just saying why wouldn’t his shirt say cry. All I’m duhin
Jiggler преди 14 часа
Hmmmm I said yeah some rats need to be poisoned sadly my brain I guess thought Charles cheese was a good idea but I guess I’m the jerk
abby преди 14 часа
I came here for Gigi.
roblox gamer
roblox gamer преди 14 часа
why does James Charles look the tiniest bit like Harry Porter thou?
Ghoast Mayn
Ghoast Mayn преди 14 часа
the moment James Charles regained his subscribers he really tried to be his friend again lmao
walking dead
walking dead преди 14 часа
Nice moments
Jiggler преди 14 часа
11:25 my bad I almost fell asleep yeh that’s a color . Suicide squad was legit not cool levels of .... huh I’ll take at least two tony n Andy we talked about it as a group and well they said they’ll eat the cats and I said not if u don’t have cats we men it’s tada *blood war stare* oh cmon it hasn’t already been 21 mins DONT leave me I mean I was spalmost asleep now I’m out here wielding my Gemini wig jux ready for a bloood war final answer RUGER Gifford . Oh nvm wrong time or something maybe now not the right time no chairs . BYE WAS just actually it’s another scorcher says tomorrow gonna be hotte like yesterday I’ll call for over 35 years Garrett has been a good night you guys gotta get a Gemini wig jux I mean ... just picture me saying I can’t even call my mama they won’t let me wouldn’t you be like uh so u want the pizza or not? well there gonna be only one way to find out or maybe I shouldn’t post 4 moba Gemini wig jux oh gosh this is quite a situation I had a message nothing to write home about but well cheers to the moon I’m sorry about that here yeh go good as new then the moon just well back again yeah that’s wut I would duh the moon just like SMASH and elastic girl can play mobas wuts ur excuse? My excuse is that and just when u was the best gig ever I don’t want them stuck up on the stage while I’m like who the frick are these guys and where did u get all that well we both know where I got all that Amanda pleasantries from the wild roost grain and feed you guys still want to be with meow? Pfft cluckitycluck cluckitycluck clcuckkclcucluckitycluck sorry about that I’m sorry for WHO I AM wubwubwub . It’ll come out in the wash surely
Jiggler преди 14 часа
Jiggler преди 14 часа
:54 SHOCKED AND AWED :D only took me 17 years give or take a card it’s on me I guess that’s my jux my nana jux rip my gosh how did I miss the unicorn beach story from Nikki the second time rip logic edit hey it been about 6 years soo ruby Tuesday’s orrrr is that not kosher or sorry about that I guess I mean it only 4:33 a.m. I’m just getting started . so tired aw lil dabbers yeah i know I could have been a better man to the fans then again can like bela and my grandma can see through walls I’ll take a card
Jiggler преди 14 часа
Can I just say this blows cash cab out of the water and the galaxy where was y’all when I was a baby brrr brr brrr oh well Rupert time edit 8:56 for real tho churros are encouraged if I ever just there in person with yeh or how would I word this ? u got a good menu item churros are delicious. whole world is saying hi that I don’t know how to respond to like the galaxy deserved better than well okay Nathan not the camera guy soo we some kinda transgender real ness polygraph squad Wut r we gonna do about the temptation to EAT A BILLION CHURROS ?! well I’m sorry I’m gonna only get bigger and bigger and uglier and uglier that’s all I’m duhin well maybe next time for sure we could uh nice to have any sort of anything cali 2016 stuff nbd yeah I’m sry too about the mess in the wild rift bot lane don’t worry about 8 *shrugging violently*
Jiggler преди 14 часа
Good news y’all I just got back from the west side story review meeting or whatever it was and uh it wasn’t Britney Spears it was some Italian in a red hat nbd next stop TACO BELL NO MATTER WHAT!,!,” or something like well spied v why not 1:16 so this is awkward yeah I agre but who the hell is Nathan?! Yeh btw Nikki (sp) absolutely can play mobas good on u atta girl I knew a summertime sadness like u ain’t good enough to play shooters well u can’t even find a single reason to PLAY MOBAS FOR TWENTY MILLION DOLLARS YIU CANT PLAY PUBG no problemo maybe we should Taco Bell moba 4 wifi or something idk but I can’t even say I knew you would have a lot of Nathan stuff I never even knew about well AINT that ironic . Pffffttttt okay so far far far away jux oh okay well at least I’ll get to see for myself what is a unicorn store? I’m basically a big list of things you cannot blame me I didn’t know you had the list like and liked that place better this gonna be a wild rifting moba blitzCRANK of a jux wooo . . . . . . .. . . . . N woo . I gonna say final answer Nathan the camera guy final answer ?.???? Edit WHICH FIIIIIVVVEEEEEEEEE?!as far as what else is new? I should be asleep i can’t get a churro from this screen bc blood triad blood moon stuff you know and cmon what did u want him to do ? Have a dictator for life “YEH HEY DADDY U STUPID B****. Huerverbfugburefvruhberv” like surely he can smile its a little our little secret so many daughters I just ugh I can afford apples can we get this over with tell nana I say sorry about the end of the .... actually I’ll be in the wildrift then I just well I just wtf was that? you’re getting a tattoo that says “I’m a cat, duh” okay stranger good luck with the beast
Jiggler преди 14 часа
DRUG LORD on the knucks
Jiggler преди 14 часа
7 o’clock that’ll do btw *broken beaten down like pretty much the saddest story ever* sigh California
Sienna Christy
Sienna Christy преди 14 часа
shane looks like he stinks
Sienna Christy
Sienna Christy преди 14 часа
jefree is so toxic omg
Jiggler преди 14 часа
2:42 fore oh I knew a swaybee. Edit 5:13 yeah we messed up big time hahah 6:36 CUT MY MUSIC MUTE MY MUSIC wait I gonna rewind fair warning what happened at the beach with the unicorn,? I was actually having a flashback to when we just like well sorry Britt thanks for all the good times that’s all I’m duhin well then we was like if ur being held hostage can’t talk about it then neither can I goodbye glen rose we will never for you buddy that’s why I can’t get up . I don’t have internet I like ur hat jux
Jiggler преди 14 часа
It’s my first time too darlin!, -McDonald’s y2k
Jiggler преди 15 часа
12:32 wtf was that? got a havingfun time flies it’s like cmon now oh well 6 o clock I got to get up and run a 5k bye
Jazlyn Manera
Jazlyn Manera преди 15 часа
I like when that girl who took the pic with Jeffre was so happy after I could hear her giggle
Juraj Zlatic
Juraj Zlatic преди 15 часа
Considering the current situations, I'm not sure if this is aged like milk or wine lol still very fitting regardless, I found this awesome halloween website:
Jiggler преди 15 часа
3:05 Unbelievable won edit yeah I lovin it too well I actually spoiler alert I know why y’all can’t hang out with me well I’m the ugly y’all the good or th pe bad meh I’m duhin tonight woopig woo jefferee star highlander be careful with the lightening we don’t want to lose our wildrift well frick pump 8 buddy we oh I’ll get a tuba for the ears no spoons and a Mountain Dew for p goodness sake that my favorite sodiepop a Mountain Dew edit jk obv well if I was there I would have a good night until you never ate pizza ever like u sat there on thanksgiving and pretend3d to eat or.. wut? I mean my papi has many button up shirts long story haha I knew you guys was gonna be like something no mana no problemo twist and churn stuff I’m gonna eat some Cher it grooves ranch u maybe get a chance to slow me down tomorrow fore til hahah yeah yeah 10:41 heck yeah man it’s a wild frisking rift forget THE FONZ!!
Jiggler преди 15 часа
Dan преди 15 часа
You're a man, start acting like one
Jiggler преди 15 часа
How about 241 I’m a very big fan of these videos so far what could go wrong? well we just got the wagon wheels rolling I’m getting excited about you guys and I meeting and hahahaaha yeah well sorry idk why we can’t. Ty fore WHICH FIVE?!
Jiggler преди 15 часа
yes r.I.p. old friend I concur very spacey but where the heck did u guys get the knowledge of Kevin bacon 7 degrees this place so weird . Not terrible just Charles cheese eat ur heart out this seem like a place u could handle having kids there as if to say u have the emotional maturity to get ur jux wildrift opening very soon we’ll some itched time we talk about this stuff it could be a good night. A good night hahah edit oh dear you guys always have good nights?huh this my first time I mean it’s a heck of a beach book right? not to mention yeh sparkly baby to a big list of things u done golfed buddy I know you pretty dang well ahem card please. Bye watch out for that starla and bela in the Jewish Channel on my birthday shocking I know but it’s so sad that I’m gonna just go back to the trailer in the moon books and fix the glass I guess or I will duh a train . Like I meant to tell you I don’t think that ordinary darkness dwelling so low I’m pretty sure it’s a few things the devil forgot in my house ? like I don’t know maybe I could get you a cup of coffee and you could get me a sparkly baby sure SHAPESHIFT INTO THE ABYSS
Just Ingrid
Just Ingrid преди 15 часа
It's too many shades that look alike. Would have been better with glitters and metallics in it.
Mefi España
Mefi España преди 15 часа
When Jeefree star said “they wanted to stay anonymous” I said There is one imposter Among us
Jiggler преди 16 часа
9:21 GALLLLOWAY AUDIO SCOTLAND ARE YOU RRREAAADDDYYY . that wAs my papis couch!!! now it papis carch me if u can wild rift botlane 12 am jux edit oh dear indeed well it’s like Caesars Palace pfft benefits? Benefits? 12 am-7am 18 + only botlane wild rift lol moba and u wanna talk about benefits indeed if I could hav a objection I would have used this one to save the neighbors’ fence nay to save the neighborhood from my little secret well our little secret bow I ain’t gonna apologize for yes indeed I said no thanks to everything you got to understand sorry about the mess in the galactic federation well said only green and next time I mean maybe if u find something in my car like that all there is? It’s not a Narf it’s a heck of a beach book I found the women stuff tada 11:25:BALLGAME *standing ovations just goin nuts the audience crying laughing that was a little bit of a uhhhhhh weeeeeeelllllllll donegal* yeah I guess I just imagined a wink or somethin ha ha .... do u guys ever have like, a fifth grader who one day y’all look back and like wtf they wasn’t even there well that’s impossible for me because they know Tex glitter pretty damn well surely falcone indeed that is falcon jux I don’t wanna lose my wildrift 2:48 STOP HOLLYWOOD!,!14:00 u guys givin 110% out there phone lines jammed u gotta get a jux call Scotland Yard is even tryna get a chance to get ahold of the mommorpehrfire well it wuz free and the Care Bears was different but nobody acknowledge a darn thing moba FUTURE SHOPPING NETWORK SHOPPING OFF UP NEXT WELLL ITS ME ITS ME BACK AGAIN N WE GOT A LOT OF STUFF TO COVER SO CHECK IT OUT COMBAT EVOLVED CUPID GET UR BOW UTS HALO TIME PEWPEW tldr yes future shopping network selling halo why wouldn’t we 16:46 I’m not gonna apologize for a whiiiineeee I mean I’m whining about the mess in the well deep so low inside of me I mean my lips are chapped we can talk about it some other time I knew a glitter..... dan bed idiot stuff nbd I’ll BE IN THE OFFICE TOMORROW MORNING 6 a.m. until then thanks for the best ever future shopping network night of the much bye
Liliana Garcia
Liliana Garcia преди 16 часа
Imagine jeffer star in the hood for a week he wood die if there was not a Gucci store like girl it’s the hood wym
Liliana Garcia
Liliana Garcia преди 16 часа
And this is just dollar tree so imagine the hood
Liliana Garcia
Liliana Garcia преди 16 часа
Rodi Mousa
Rodi Mousa преди 16 часа
Minato Abe
Minato Abe преди 16 часа
I'm sure you'll take good care of the dog with food because you have millions of money.
*smok_princess* Gina.B.
*smok_princess* Gina.B. преди 16 часа
I love the movie jaw breaker it's one of my all time favorite movies too and it's exactly what I thought of soon as I seen your pallet. I love it it's beautiful gorgeous amazing and so are you Jeffrey (my) Star ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ I want this pallet I want the Minni pallet too
Jiggler преди 16 часа
Edit here to the moment ty toot toot
Jiggler преди 16 часа
Edit THEYRE FROMT ROW LANA DEL REY SEATS LIKE IDK MAYBE THEY CAN edit sigh so tired I’ll pack hockey pants ;:/
09 PAHAL PIPALVA преди 16 часа
* I don't know what does it remind me of.... like a diaper...* My goodness Jeffree you're so funny....😅😆😀😀😃😃😚😘😘....
Livv преди 16 часа
He didn't end up wearing the taco bell sunglasses in the car
HowToGamingStuff преди 16 часа
The fall of jeffrestar
wolfemcbane преди 17 часа
Yeah the esports community a bit stagnant too alas I’m the vengence edit I too have many stories of the jux well I don’t know if Alyssa want me to rack my brain think back to the times people talked about Alyssa like y’all beautiful ppl always like to name drop and it’s just enough yessir Jux btw I know this might not make much sense but lol you can play mobas Alyssa I’m not jealous I’m just selfish soo these. *018+ plz fix this lack of card issue and leave my bottom lane until I get a 7am Chicago time oh it was just edit **2:41** or something u never like used a mirrror but also never can we have breakfast together or... wut? Bc I don’t want to justify or think about how the heck do u learn to fall from a little insurance as in like wigs and stuff like that or...? I’m a fan of RUGER Jesse tbqh I ain’t pro orange island indigo beach I play mobas for breakfaST I gu3ss the show us dined you now or maybe timeless dimension u don’t have time for the timeless dimension soo what anywayx good luck with the show **4:30** word to ur mrs universe surely one day we could share a mrs universe u know u fellers forget the fonz and if I don’t talk to yeh ever again givetoot +30 toot Alyssa edwards I mean I’ll spell it right if I do something edit time unknown I CAST QUIVERING COMAS arhat like a good sign he comin back we got him back woo n wooooooo! wogidie dang duder I actually like I’m gonna go to sleep any minute now but I’m happy to hear these little whispers WTF WAS THAT!? GOT WHISPERING HANDS IN UR EYESHADOW OR SOMETHING LIKE THAT I CANT HEAR NO ONE COMPLAINING ABOUT BOTTOMLESS MOBAS ALL U CAN PLAY MOBAS ON EARTH rip RUGER Regis . Call Robinson auditorium u AINT seen nothing yet **9:39** yeh like cleopatra and Marc a match made in heaven not one blemish may the stars never fall jus lovin it . my legal team hopefully can explain no u too stupid to talk u get ur kid send it to the jiggler final edit oh dear it’s perfecto. I didn’t mean it like that I cast RUGER RUSH a I don’t want to have to adopt this entire clearance section play nice kids **12:12** I surrender to the people in the audience I say forget the fonz I don’t have a lot of confidence in this process so let’s just say RUGER rush is like... we can surely do the RUGER rush it’s like the seaweed dance except instead of the arms goin up n down they go windmilling it’s a heck of a beach book there I said it bye **13:28** I REMEMBERED PETTY DARN WELL BUDDY BLOOD WAR BLLLLLOOOOOOOD WWWWAAAAARRRRRRRRRRRRRR just bc the sun comin up doesn’t mean I can’t even pass I just well I had a triggering moment and now I’m oh I’m sorry about that I got to just sit back relax u guys don’t want hello swaybees and jojo we lost a place a kid can be a kid last week I’ll get my parka like well she can get me a card saying she forty I guess then I shall pass alas I mean pastor mike sermon in my kitchen damning me for not lovin everybody as much as my daughter well jojo idk her age but bamba mo bamba yeah 11 okay I’ll play nice **9:35** phew all the way up there on the roof huh get the game loaded I’m goin up look at that oops marsh. well it’s actually even easier to use a map and explain not even worth the wait I mean Jacob stuff moment of silence for those who don’t have internet but they still like okay the uss enterprise stuff no parts stuff buddy that how a cheribum would be and the water frick no I won’t but what? Which one!? probably the duder who had a good morning til well nobody in the galaxy cares *smashes balloon* fonz forgotten 13:31 MOMSTER!!!,! I CAST RUGER REBELLION secrets out no mana save ur self save ur self yeh yeh I thought maybe while waiting on the mama to regenerate we could umm well I like the quiet stuff I’m uh I’m basically a big list of little rainbow with a chore a chore to exterminate the best vahalla has to offer that kiwi was soooooo pissed. well Alyssa I guess the gig went okay bc it was a few Alyssa name drops throughout my journey of Scotland Yard bye I said BYE thx fore stomping BYE
wolfemcbane преди 17 часа
sometimes it takes five villages to oh THATS WHAT THE FRICK I DIDNT hey hey Kathy I just hate how they misspelled it I wuz gonna power through 22 Videos . Well if y’all give me enough time we can be back to watch this well I know just where u can look like a female. The wild rift welcome aboard.... icy wanna go bot well bring your card it 18+ 12 am til 7 am cst Chicago time btw yeah I sometimes don’t have a problem I lost my problems last week they was so pissed . Future shopping network stuff welcome back btw i hope to say the same soon ohhhh I’ll actually just gonna say I’ll email I’ll get on the list shout out Whitley streeber
Angel преди 17 часа
I always forget Jeffree doesn’t have eyebrows
Grant Brown
Grant Brown преди 17 часа
what about harmony
Našid Karalic
Našid Karalic преди 17 часа
Jeffree Honey your beauty killer
wolfemcbane преди 17 часа
Yoyoyo. Wut it wuz wut it wasn’t I felt bad just laying motionless like I wuz to even a heck of a beach book soo jus sayin hi 311 stuff goodnight Vietnam 1;47 ITS A MIRACLEEEEE!,!!!,!3:00 cnn ENOUGH I have no grizzzy jux well can we make paradise public ? Then we can get a new Batman movie night. Ghandi says wutever the ruger krum does at hogwarts will be meaning loss. But it very important you make the moon bleed thrice and then just say fk it . (I tend to agree with the ruger stain remover) soooo 0OoOoOo about the podunk people who are in a star cage basically mayb3 we could just like ken Kesey prank em but like 2020 version u know like marry the PRANKSTER “ ?! no no no problem tony and Andy I say we don’t let’s just I DON’T HAVE ANY ISSUES WITH MY CHERIBUM STUFF BUT I MEAN if there more like coors *stares* and... dirty coke?! How about this tldr oh my bad I mean bored yes but that not an ordinary Lana deal Rey tickets u doctored the moon I hope bc I’m in the kitchen just trampling everything; for no reason wutsoever soooo thanks human females I’ll be back ASAP now get me back u animals that wut the wild roost recommend first contact take to the banks. I would myself but I kinda don’t want to lose my wildrift I wanna lose my tryna explain how nice of a dream something like well u was a pleasant surprise like jomquisition circus in town freakin let’s PLAY MOBAS AND NEVER STOP all zombocom looking and ohhhhh canduhus 9:20ish yeh that a koala. Sooo I was down with seedy euro beat underground well Jeff wtf are we gonna do about that and boom ohhhhhhh kiwi I had no idea u was a man it was a very good impression for the love of Scotland I mean just put on a wig and like a kimono n restart eat ur heart out. It ain’t really a big deal it’s perfect for cheribum stuff ohhhh how’s ur blood lust creator doin like who made the blood lust pallet like conspiracy was jefferee star so blood lust well I mean we men it tada I got a lot of people who ask me ‘extra most bestest ever?’ To which I say “oh u heard tINA swaybee up there screaming about the snow? Well it never snowed so she just excited about the toothpaste aisle....” then I just gone 12:30 did he just confirm he is the real smoshy? I’ll fetch my comfort combat jux . For the first time in five years I can fpsay I’m finally happy , smosh. Happy about them cancelling dr disrespekt whose next jkjk I can’t even next a pastor mike sermon for cryn out loud THATS why I can’t get up. Well the donafrios stables bro that ain’t a normal ‘do u want an apple , kid?’ *audience losing their minds with a huge lol like I can’t even call the cops or nothing to do except just go upstairs and break the church window and jump to the abyss aka front yard or... or wut? We some kinda blood war squad? 1409 this is it? thought u said moba!,? 17:31 lmfao not in my five Tony’s doin great bro 6 OCLOCK KIWI PLAY SOME ALAN PARSONS PROJECT 9:00 aye edit good news I meant 1900; GIGI GIIGIGIIIII WE ARE GOING TO FIVE GAMES THIS IS WILD RIFT BOTLANE 20:30 Well u can take two more and adjust epchikl bc there ain’t halo here I mean well there is a uhhhhh but it’s no big deal I’m sure there a shooter around here somewhere. Well dang dang I don’t know wut I was thinking without skipping a beat hey ca3sars palace I just made us a billion with a sn3s and super Mario rpg crossover jux 22:40 yeah that’s a heck of a beach book I’m not gonna apologize for saying 6.13 pull to my window NOW and maybe gamers can play mobas and shooters after work?? And you know what they say I don’t think my team good enough to make 1816 look oh I talked about it already cool cool 600k for that not cool movie lol oh dear surely we can talk about 600k could be a good halo tourney and the girls can do makeup and the men can shapeshift and ohhh well warpaint not a frickin wreck big Chris it’s war paint for hereafter house sigh oh we consent to smoshy did u bring some Gemini white belt mobatalk didn’t anybody HAVE ANY OTHER QUESTIONS ABOUT YOU KNOW it’s her birthday she can just kiss her freedom goodbye fore well RUGER Mitch goodbye I loved lol oh well I don’t want to lose my wildrift soooo I guesss sigh RUGER Mitch congrats you can play mobas one day I may learn to love you too Mitch. If you made the blood lust pallets well I guess that makes sense if not oh well I didn’t mean to be offense I just hate how they misspelled it. I actually had a few moba athletes who was girls on my tea, they usually just ran in circles midlane while I well I was support but they could have been uhhh well they could have been more than happy to try to play a pbug game for 20 million so pardon my eastern boys of Dubai are you ready to make a good business investment? !?!?! Well bc it’d only take me five ksi to get a chance to just ignore the internet plug in Xbox we men RUGER Jesse hit the frickin flubber bubbler undercover PLEAZE DONT TAKE THE GAMES AWy pleaze ARE YOU GOING TI REFUSE TO LET US PLAY SHOOTERS TOO!? but I’m bored and just like I was asleep I wasn’t there so I can get my face painted but that don’t meN I cannot get my flipping BEAMSWORD BE AUSS ITS NOT HALO THERE NO HALO THERE JUST A FRICKIN ERIGVUERIVBEIRVBUFEYUBVERIUNVMOUREJNONGIONERVNIERNVERIJBVERUIVBERUIVERUIGNUEIRGINUERNGUIERUINGERIUN oh well we’ll figure it out
Katie Locke
Katie Locke преди 17 часа
omg.. love the orgy collection❣❣.. warm neutrals are my everyday go to.. also absolutely love love loved cremated pallet with dark smokey hues.. my wardrobe is a whole mess of black, dark blues and purple, and warm neutrals with golden brown accents.. to quote one of my favorite movies -- " I to am strange and unusual " Beetlejuice.. you look fantabulous in Orgy.. your skin is so luminous, your eyes have that pop, and them highlights in your hair completely compliment your glow.. I see alot of haters throwing shade in comments 😠.. I think your amazing, and have such a beautiful gentle soul.. hold your head high and keep on keeping on being the ⭐ you were born to be.. get it girl❣❣❣❣....
amy -
amy - преди 17 часа
Did this collection flop? Is that why he hasn't uploaded in a month? Normally he comes out with a 'thanks we sold out in the first hour!' video...
a pan joke
a pan joke преди 18 часа
your makeup is crappy when people received it, it was a piece of shit just go quit your fucking job you can’t save it the only people who enjoy watching you is 50-60 year old boomers. shame on you
naaman leigh
naaman leigh преди 18 часа
John 3:16 For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.
naaman leigh
naaman leigh преди 18 часа
John 3:16 For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.
naaman leigh
naaman leigh преди 18 часа
John 3:16 For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.
naaman leigh
naaman leigh преди 18 часа
John 3:16 For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.
naaman leigh
naaman leigh преди 18 часа
John 3:16 For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.
naaman leigh
naaman leigh преди 18 часа
John 3:16 For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.
Akhrieu yase
Akhrieu yase преди 19 часа
Jeffrey everything happens for a reason n thank God for that caused you deserve someone better
Elizabeth Bradfield
Elizabeth Bradfield преди 19 часа
U can see the License plate
Sunshinegirl преди 19 часа
This is just inappropriate for makeup, sometimes people can take things too far, and have no class
Emy R.H
Emy R.H преди 19 часа
What highlight is he wearing 🤩
Plant Mom
Plant Mom преди 19 часа
So thankful I have this background noise while I read all these comments 🍿
Tonya Wilson
Tonya Wilson преди 19 часа
Im really happy for you girl.. I myself am a broke native American woman. And single since my loving girl friend passed away Sept 3, 2006.. You deserve all the happiness and glam you can we ever ever get.. I know you have been bashed and shit on by as many as I have. You are an amazing woman.. I love you. And I keep you in my prayers..always
Vicious Gladiator Disperse
Vicious Gladiator Disperse преди 20 часа
This guy's been cancelled?
Paisley Buckman
Paisley Buckman преди 20 часа
Part 3 of tattoo dairy please
Sophia Schnur
Sophia Schnur преди 20 часа
This is so funny like why do comedians even exist anymore we got beauty gurus 😂😂😂
Gizmo mo mo
Gizmo mo mo преди 20 часа
@9:42 Skeleton 💀🌹🕸💀
Cesia Barrera
Cesia Barrera преди 20 часа
Shane is that class clown we always needed 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
Myles Regan
Myles Regan преди 20 часа
Dallas, Texas!? I LIVE IN PROSPER
wolfemcbane преди 20 часа
maybe Cadillac fabry is a good reason to say that place better than enough the time for talk is over IM OPENING THE WILD RIFT WUBWUBWUB then again wtf was that? got kudos blood on ur hands and running through the vilonna streets and we still can’t have a puff? JUX 23:32 I think. Cleopatra heard this little secret. Our little secret p.s. Yeh yeh the history books well let’s maybe make a new uhhh story about cleopatra and the polyphonic spree that we built together . Bc I don’t rememeber nonstop in your face action packed with my traps and delts all I got besides my balls n these words you know how I am going to make this funny? lol wut r we some kinda don’t u turn on mewtwo!!!! NOOOOOOO squad like wtf happened to Caesar n cleopatra’s frickin wildrift botlane? They must’ve just gone or somethin thank goodness I’m still here to read all about the real stuff. You know tony and Andy are like brothers to me we talked about it as I grew up and we r men “no females” -dictator for life and my BFF sorry Clyde it’s tad uhhhh Hamilton the HECK R U GUYS DOING HE SSID LETS WATCH 8 again GLORY GLORY GLORY A FREEE REFILL ON RECHANBACHER yeh that’s cool errr no parabola 23:38 yawn I mean just like Robinson auditorium x 1000 eh old boy? Bc it had never edited Christopher out of the picture but that is a story for another time I probably gonna go to bed settling for a few days from now surely you’ll have a podcast or something like that to just say wutever duder it’s like asmr I ain’t lonely I just bored
wolfemcbane преди 17 часа
Hahahaaha ofc I CAST RUGER REFUsal In defense mode spoiler alert no mana the ‘twas RUGER rush that killed him
wolfemcbane преди 18 часа
22:37 thought it said 27:37 about to end or somethin well yeah I forgot about saying something lovingly you know you checked out the wild rift botlane yet it’s well it’s just. Heck of a lot more rubies where I can’t even but sending positive energy love ya -jiggs Casey p.s. Mobas 167 or wtf was that? ur 138 what? WHICH 138 ?!?! fore yeah ur dam friend fore yeheyheyeh yeh yeh that’s why I can’t get up bc u fellers forget the clippers the frickin nba clippers just gone you guys now gonna tell me loves isn’t true it’s just teachin the pizza men to teach their kids to get off the fonz then die for thanksgiving dinner on the floor that where Christopher going to eat if he doesn’t eat anything then we have to accept so what. I just had a Torinos and boy are my words something . well I don’t have any positive feelings about the situation DONT u guys have cats?! it’s just wooo n woo woo n woo
wolfemcbane преди 18 часа
all I’m duhin
Celtato преди 21 час
Oh Thank GOD you didn't do it T-T
Sweet Tea ASMR
Sweet Tea ASMR преди 21 час
Jeffree is so awesome 👏🏻 😎
Leigh Murphy
Leigh Murphy преди 21 час
Love that dress