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J. Cole - The Climb Back (Official Audio)
J. Cole - Lion King On Ice (Official Audio)
J. Cole - Snow On Tha Bluff (Official Audio)
преди 7 месеца
J. Cole - MIDDLE CHILD (Official Audio)
J. Cole x Lil Pump Interview at The Sheltuh
J. Cole - Kevin's Heart
преди 2 години
J. Cole - KOD - Album Trailer
преди 2 години
J. Cole Arrives at KOD Listening Event in NYC
What Dreams May Come Tour - Trailer
преди 7 години
J. Cole - "Crooked Smile" Philly July Jam
Dollar & A Dream Tour | Detroit & Toronto
Dollar & A Dream Tour | Houston
преди 7 години
Dollar & A Dream Tour | Chicago
преди 7 години
Dollar & A Dream Tour | DC & Philly
преди 7 години
Dollar & A Dream Tour | NYC
преди 7 години
Drake and Cole Buy Born Sinner
преди 7 години
Dollar & A Dream Tour | Boston
преди 7 години | J. Cole
преди 7 години
J. Cole "Born Sinner" In-Store Signing
преди 7 години
Dollar & A Dream Tour | Atlanta & Baltimore
3:08 | Cedric "Ced" Brown
преди 7 години
Dollar & A Dream Tour | Miami
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преди 7 години | Kevin "KO" Ogletree
преди 7 години | Ibrahim "IB" Hamad
преди 7 години | Kendrick Lamar
преди 7 години | Kay Cole
преди 7 години
J. Cole joins Kendrick Lamar in NC
преди 7 години
J. Cole & Miguel @ Barclays - Power Trip
J. Cole - Miss America
преди 7 години
J. Cole | Miss America Trailer
преди 8 години
J. Cole - Born Sinner
преди 8 години
J Cole Says "Thank You"
преди 9 години
Cole World: The Sideline Story #1 Album
преди 9 години
J. Cole - Blow Up (Cover Image Version)
преди 10 години
J. Cole Takes Over Lollapalooza
преди 10 години
J. Cole Secret Show @ 40/40
преди 10 години
J. Cole - "Who Dat" Video Trailer
преди 10 години
J. Cole - "Who Dat" (Cover Image Version)
JAY-Z x J. Cole: The BP3 Tour | Greensboro, NC
Keerstin Weikel
Keerstin Weikel преди 13 минути
if you cancel j cole there will be no more happiness in this life we live .
Kris Scot
Kris Scot преди час
Ooooowwe 💥
Eatnoj Swodaem
Eatnoj Swodaem преди час
Check out my high COLE STAN reaction video to King On Ice
Trapup13 Townsend
Trapup13 Townsend преди 3 часа
This been in my head all day and I didn’t never heard of this song
Specks преди 4 часа
Watching this like please give my nigga some water
Alexander Major
Alexander Major преди 4 часа
Its always been dog eat dog yall 😴😞 ... Aug 9th R.I.H father .
Ty’King преди 5 часа
Noel DeJesus
Noel DeJesus преди 7 часа
We here
Deflock Reptile Gang Sturgis
Deflock Reptile Gang Sturgis преди 7 часа
rajali burrell
rajali burrell преди 10 часа
I'm born with a weird 'gift'....i can basically feel someone's emotions through almost anything and listening to this song brought tears to my eyes because i can hear the pain in his voice and can feel it resonate with me.....J.cole if you see this no matter what ppl say or do your doing enough...your music and words have helped and inspired people and u may not know stay strong
Clarence Cavins
Clarence Cavins преди 10 часа
he gotta do a song wit skip marley that gotta happen
RedWarrior600 AVGCP
RedWarrior600 AVGCP преди 11 часа
Opinions don't matter, this is a messed up year
James Machavelli
James Machavelli преди 12 часа
Sucks beat is trash
DeezNutts преди 12 часа
Yes I'm the middle child unfortunately
Paco The Taco
Paco The Taco преди 13 часа
He did it
Amin Kelada
Amin Kelada преди 13 часа
j cole is not just a noisy rapper there is actually a calming thinking effect from listening to him spit wirds
James Vella
James Vella преди 14 часа
Lil Pump and “smart” should not be used in the same sentence
Robert Torres
Robert Torres преди 19 часа
I listen to this everyday and get goosebumps every mf day j Cole is the goat and should be protected at all costs 🤘🐐
Seth Dowling
Seth Dowling преди 22 часа
If you been listening since cant get enough you know cole gonna last way longer than these fuckboys
Andre Taylor
Andre Taylor преди 22 часа
Life's a mess....just listen to Cole
Alexander Major
Alexander Major преди ден
Dedication most simpletons see in they life
Tyler Owemby
Tyler Owemby преди ден
The chills are real
Scrubbiest Of The Scrubs
Scrubbiest Of The Scrubs преди ден
Did anyone realize he said genius app misquoting him.Damn i thought they were trusted.At 3:27
Dobe AE
Dobe AE преди ден
I’m waiting for Dwayne’s Rock
Edilson Filipe Manuel
Edilson Filipe Manuel преди ден
J.cole evoluí muito
The Pinkprint
The Pinkprint преди ден
the fact that i forgot all about this song-
rae преди ден
y'all arent talking about how this is kevin from she knows ????
Deshawn Monroe
Deshawn Monroe преди ден
It's sad when I play cole ppl say my music is ass..I'm baffled.. but that's how you spot a fake
Corey James
Corey James преди ден
#DoubleO.O.G #Wideawake,NC#$eattle#exoticcanibus
Edilson Filipe Manuel
Edilson Filipe Manuel преди ден
Just remember
Busta Ali
Busta Ali преди ден
Lololz I love this song it inspire me to make this y’all view it and comment on what y’all think about what’s going on
HVx Azael
HVx Azael преди ден
He inspires me to be better than everb
blkk j
blkk j преди ден
i wonder who the r&b singer he thought about signing
Gomolemo Nkuna
Gomolemo Nkuna преди ден
Whats done in the dark...will always find its way to shine
Suprememari преди ден
J Cole is an artist you can never ever call garbage or disrespect in another way. Some people don't like him because he makes you think when he raps but its good because he basically teaches you about real things.
Hope Cornelius
Hope Cornelius преди ден
You sure you almost 40 ik u see this comment
simamkele Ziqu
simamkele Ziqu преди ден
Man we need to see this again!!
ChuChu GBino
ChuChu GBino преди ден
i feel like cole been fw logic when i heard KOD and now this song hmmmmm...
Nate Pacetti
Nate Pacetti преди 2 дни
cole is trying as hard as he can to not insult lil pump on how dumb he is you can see it.
KINGHANADS преди 2 дни
HOW WAS I THE ONLY ONE WHO CAUGHT "we gotta be smart if we tryina see August" as if that's not related to Jada seeing August. J. Cole has songs about cheating such as Runaway and Kevin's heart
B Sn
B Sn преди 2 дни
The ending 😥✊
Chris преди 2 дни
It's a cole world
Go Nkosi
Go Nkosi преди 2 дни
Im glad im the one who introduced J Cole to my friends after hearing this hot joint on radio 📻 5 FM hip hop show hosted by DJ C Live back in 2010
Mustafa Abubaker
Mustafa Abubaker преди 2 дни
this song needs a grammy
Nomire Zentane
Nomire Zentane преди 2 дни
Wow, God bless you Cole!!
Adrian Lewis
Adrian Lewis преди 2 дни
4000 clowns hating on a classic
Nomire Zentane
Nomire Zentane преди 2 дни
Brooo!! This shit is in 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🙏🏼
Chris Santos
Chris Santos преди 2 дни
"these n** be looking at me like I got it, deep down inside though I still feel as broke as that n** who just graduated from college". Powerful words of humility Cole, don't ever let fame, clout and money take over who you was before everything happened. Been listening to you for a long time. Thank you for this masterpiece.
Nicholas Calderon Leyva
Nicholas Calderon Leyva преди 2 дни
real Goaty vibes from cole rn.
Aditya Thakkar
Aditya Thakkar преди 2 дни
They be the best 2 ever: it's clear how much respect these both have for each other and y'all putting these two against each other
Mariano Pantaleon
Mariano Pantaleon преди 2 дни
Bro who can tell me where Kevin hart got that jacket from.!!!!💪🏼🤞
gabby goldman
gabby goldman преди 2 дни
Jcole is woke asf there is a queen of heaven an she's bought to make her stance the lioness of the tribe of Judah he don't even know what all he's saying. Bruh God amazing me right now thru jcole and bruno mars this morning
Fun time 254s
Fun time 254s преди 2 дни
Still watching 😎
bdude1000 преди 2 дни
pov: ur from fayettville nc
Lee Magee
Lee Magee преди 2 дни
You gotta respect this guy. He's so well spoken and honest
Moses Payne
Moses Payne преди 2 дни
J cole dis z great inspiration am inspired love ur music actually I dropped a beat on mai channel check it out
kfus преди 2 дни
KJ преди 2 дни
Please recommend me more songs like this
That Genius Jason
That Genius Jason преди ден
i don't know if it's like this but you should check out the climb back by j cole
guzmanj824 преди 2 дни
only reason i slowed down playing these songs is i don't wanna oversaturate them before the album drops. cole killed both records!
guzmanj824 преди 2 дни
only reason i slowed down playing these songs is i don't wanna oversaturate them before the album drops. cole killed both records!
guzmanj824 преди 2 дни
breaks my heart cole gave us no visuals for these 2 songs!
Goku-san преди 2 дни
That intro had me some type of way
Janerium Palacios
Janerium Palacios преди 2 дни
Did Cole just unlock a new flow ?? 🤔🔥🔥
Yulian The Shine
Yulian The Shine преди 2 дни
Eyouuu!! Saludos de Colombia. 🤙✊
Leónidas I
Leónidas I преди 3 дни
its_juss_matt преди 3 дни
All cole is tryna do is create music with purpose and people tryna cancel him 2020 should've never happened
Piddles McGee
Piddles McGee преди 3 дни
Should make a song together called Best Buy Freestyle and film the video in a Best Buy
Nawfside dp
Nawfside dp преди 3 дни
Shit still tuff asl
Ricardo Masvidal
Ricardo Masvidal преди 3 дни
I was wondering how J Cole was selling so much
Kobester King
Kobester King преди 3 дни
The best rapper
SPACEBOY86 преди 3 дни
Cant get enuf of this shit
The Essa Show
The Essa Show преди 3 дни
this song is pure art ... thank you Cole
Shootfirst Kobii
Shootfirst Kobii преди 3 дни
Master P Highlights🤣🤣
Recklesss Dex
Recklesss Dex преди 3 дни
Comrade Chungus
Comrade Chungus преди 3 дни
Why do I feel like every time I listen to this song I discover something new or the song lyrics changes
Xmc.adamX преди 3 дни
guys can some body generate for me a rap name pleaseeee
Xmc.adamX преди 2 дни
@Dre Taveras angry like x loyal talent
Dre Taveras
Dre Taveras преди 3 дни
list 3 random things about u
John Hellewell
John Hellewell преди 3 дни
Them fuckin lyrics tho.. 😮
Vatsal Tiku
Vatsal Tiku преди 3 дни
Is pump scared or is it me ? He went swifting back and back on sofa from j cole
Leo Bautista
Leo Bautista преди 3 дни
J cole, i hope this world never takes you from us, always there for me when i was a teenager transition, taught me how to deal with love, myself and self love, never had motivation as a teen but ever since you. You taught me the best things of all, determination and to be real.. (to be yourself) much love J cole, mad love for you G
Dismas Joseph
Dismas Joseph преди 3 дни
2020 still hot