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Zahira преди 11 часа
Does it cause your glasses to fog
craig mclendon
craig mclendon преди 11 часа
I had the same feelings at the end too😂
ht C
ht C преди 11 часа
very cool design
FE_EVO_X преди 11 часа
Uh yeah. I’m sticking with an external drive
Jay Sethiya
Jay Sethiya преди 11 часа
Price : mask 200$ : Thread for mask 800$ 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Lee Meader
Lee Meader преди 11 часа
How long until apple start selling them and start making money off of covid
Jay Sethiya
Jay Sethiya преди 11 часа
Fun fact: china has spread virus,and this mask is manufactured in china 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Path S*
Path S* преди 11 часа
I just realized today this guy is bald
Zannatun Ferdous
Zannatun Ferdous преди 11 часа
Zannatun Ferdous
Zannatun Ferdous преди 11 часа
DUDE up преди 11 часа
I'm really sick of this samsung ads.. Even memories the music Agree? 👇
Hyper Enrizion
Hyper Enrizion преди 11 часа
With the external drive you may as well just purchase an extra xbox series S... I think that an external drive costing half the price of a game console with the same amount of storage is kind of rediculous
saznmutt786 преди 11 часа
How did he make 15 minutes of content out of a facemask? Props Lew lol. I clicked out of morbid curiosity and I'm burnt out after 5.
Eze Kenneth
Eze Kenneth преди 11 часа
With the good work of *Dantechies* on Instagram he fixed my MacBook pro perfectly
Daniel jones369
Daniel jones369 преди 11 часа
It cost $3000 to get it
Bheema Hari Haran
Bheema Hari Haran преди 11 часа
I'm waiting for the product Red!!
Parker Plays roblox
Parker Plays roblox преди 11 часа
I can’t fined it on the websites
l Humanity l
l Humanity l преди 11 часа
*That peel will go down in history*
AkJr. 47
AkJr. 47 преди 12 часа
What about gaming ?
TON L преди 12 часа
둘다 사면 되지 ㅎ
Handsome Jack
Handsome Jack преди 12 часа
2020 still rocking with my note 8 ♥️
busayo omolade
busayo omolade преди 12 часа
My MacBook pro was successful unlocked by *DANTECHIES* on Instagram, his absolutely the best
DUMPER2314 Gaming
DUMPER2314 Gaming преди 12 часа
and the price is well... I can't buy it
Paco Edpalina
Paco Edpalina преди 12 часа
Apple engineers just run out of ideas for the iPhone...they need some other things to do!?
Harold Mitchell
Harold Mitchell преди 12 часа
These comments are everything. But how do I pair with phone. Bluetooth isn’t working.
wumingkkk преди 12 часа
Woo. Wow. Waaa.
busayo omolade
busayo omolade преди 12 часа
My MacBook pro was successful unlocked by *DANTECHIES* on Instagram, his absolutely the best
busayo omolade
busayo omolade преди 12 часа
My MacBook pro was successful unlocked by *DANTECHIES* on Instagram, his absolutely the best
Sourav Mishra
Sourav Mishra преди 12 часа
250... meh 😏 They are for $570 in the Country where the CEO belongs to..
Real Coaches Corner
Real Coaches Corner преди 12 часа
Mehhhh never leave a comment but why even do this video if dont even have the ps5 to compare against xbox newest console
thomas burns
thomas burns преди 12 часа
You can bet your ass I'm getting the series s, I have no use for 4k graphics, my disc drive in my Xbox one has been faulty for years so used to not having one and playing digital only games, it's slower than the series x but faster than the Xbox 1 and enables me to play next gen games like stalker 2 and saves me £200 happy days
ани Mnacakanyan
ани Mnacakanyan преди 12 часа
Omg 😮😮😮😮😮😮😮😮😮😯😯😯😯😯
niranjan playz
niranjan playz преди 12 часа
Me: begs my dad for a psp Unbox therapy : 10 ps4 100 mobile phone is too cheep Me after seeing his vedio : sad :'(
Nick Ikeliani
Nick Ikeliani преди 12 часа
This video has no business being over 5mins
AXEL преди 12 часа
Really dope 😎
DryAssChicken преди 12 часа
To bad he didn't mention the 4.3k price tag
Andre HL
Andre HL преди 12 часа
Algum Brasileiro assistindo? Eu amo Xbox
AmuletScarletノ🌟💜 преди 12 часа
Why doing that if PS5 is not there XDD
Mihir Taksale
Mihir Taksale преди 12 часа
Assembled in China. How ironic
AJ Dominguez
AJ Dominguez преди 12 часа
Wtf? Will looks like a skeleton
Elsan Andres
Elsan Andres преди 12 часа
In a world where batteries are killing our environment. I have a strong distaste to the idea of changing batteries.
Sangliana Sailo
Sangliana Sailo преди 12 часа
The design tells me i am one of a kind, Unique
Jonathan Moreno
Jonathan Moreno преди 12 часа
These TV companies are riding the NEXT GEN CONSOLE hype.... 120HZ CONSOLE GAMING IS ONLY FOR INDIE GAMES.... It's impossible AAA console games 4k res/ 120hz will exist yet. I'll bet my kidney!
Shrant Sharma
Shrant Sharma преди 12 часа
Me : OMG This Is Insane ❤️🤤 Meanwhile My Bank Balance : You can't even buy a TV remote 🤥
XChronicHash преди 12 часа
Did Willy Du lose weight?
cobberbrimo преди 12 часа
It does affect the video and camera quality with a slight rainbow effect but it's not horrendous and I guess it's a trade off between that or a notch/hole punch.
Jonathan Moreno
Jonathan Moreno преди 12 часа
Xbox series x and a 120hz 4k tv but played an indie game lol
Seven Deadly Sins
Seven Deadly Sins преди 12 часа
When he said I could go tighter I said ("thats what she said") out loud
Monkey D. Dragon
Monkey D. Dragon преди 12 часа
I love watching people buying phone's that i can't get.
joshua leggans
joshua leggans преди 12 часа
I have Samsung Note 20 but it's not the ultra but it's still a great phone.
Akshith Venkata
Akshith Venkata преди 12 часа
Legit flexing 😂😂
Akshith Venkata
Akshith Venkata преди 12 часа
Legit flexing 😂😂
TrionNemesis 7
TrionNemesis 7 преди 12 часа
that's basically KF80 mask design
Ajju преди 12 часа
When you see assembled in *china* 😂😂
Mikhail Gonsalves
Mikhail Gonsalves преди 12 часа
With this phone ill go with t mobile
Marc Cioffi
Marc Cioffi преди 12 часа
i just bought the CX yesterday and it’s the best TV picture i’ve ever seen
yazan преди 12 часа
*cries in huawei y9a*
Akash Aki
Akash Aki преди 12 часа
Big screen became a same it is big
전근완 преди 12 часа
I am also a Korean who is like why LG made such a phone... No, if it's running because of the gimbal mode, it's a shooting phone, so it has a lot of storage capacity, is full of cameras, and the price is a little cheaper. ...... There is Samsung's foldable phone, who will buy that.... LG가 왜이런 폰을 만들었는지 같은 한국인인 나도 의문...... 아니 짐벌모드때문에 돌리는거면 촬영용 폰이라고 해서 저장용량도 많이하고 카메라에 몰빵하고 가격은 좀 저렴하게 해서 출시했으면 그나마 좀 팔릴텐데...... 삼성의 폴더블폰이 있는데 누가 저걸 살까....참......
NEWYORK BOSS преди 12 часа
The dog is like im goin wit xbox 🤣🤣
Derek Smith
Derek Smith преди 12 часа
That looks pants
Şafak Tanyıldız
Şafak Tanyıldız преди 12 часа
Question is, when Sony and Microsoft going to give up on Blu-ray drivers ? This old tech clearly taking some valuable space. I mean there are better storage units other than blu-ray discs.. I might be wrong, any comments ?
Titty Bread
Titty Bread преди 12 часа
Waiting for Apple Mask 7 Plus
Samir Diab
Samir Diab преди 12 часа
wow, very cool !
NEWYORK BOSS преди 12 часа
I'm gettin both so doesn't really matter 😅😅even tho xbox looks werid af i have friends on ps4 n xbox so its only right to get both
ZΛППΣƧIΛ преди 12 часа
When you realize all of his videos are ads
Vis Sondarva
Vis Sondarva преди 12 часа
Where can I buy this type of shit !
Lilbear Loco
Lilbear Loco преди 12 часа
Ok so how can I get to try a ps5 and a Xbox series x cause I love what you do and appreciate what what you show the world thanks 👍🏾
Henry Bram
Henry Bram преди 12 часа
Frank Guzman
Frank Guzman преди 12 часа
This phone got more ram than the ps4 pro
Maanad Chopra
Maanad Chopra преди 12 часа
This is probably the only apple product Lew is most impressed by.
NFS Steve
NFS Steve преди 12 часа
The Mask Fashion Show. Just want to search super models wearing it.
zijuiy wttuy
zijuiy wttuy преди 12 часа
2020: mask review what has happened to this year
Ramit Podder
Ramit Podder преди 12 часа
Lew I have a question, can you tell me the trick of how to live your life . Don't say it over here because its secret
Kanwaldeep Singh Aujla
Kanwaldeep Singh Aujla преди 12 часа
The way lew tries to justify the ugly looking keyboard 😂😂😂 EPIC
Paw преди 12 часа
ibex grafix
ibex grafix преди 12 часа
I just downloaded the necromancer wallpaper (raised by wolves) on this phone
Ste Reo
Ste Reo преди 12 часа
idk bro it really depends on how many camera lens there are on it
zijuiy wttuy
zijuiy wttuy преди 12 часа
I will wait till apple removes sanitizer 😂
Reny Patrick
Reny Patrick преди 12 часа
dude you blocked the emergency exit! that's not safe,
Anumesh karki
Anumesh karki преди 12 часа
How's the camera?? Is camera worth the 💰
Alfrancis Flores
Alfrancis Flores преди 12 часа
you should've tried TLOU2 for the PS set up and I believe it will look a lot better than the 120hz xbox game lol