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abdul mujeeb
abdul mujeeb преди ден
Well explained
S&S AMERICA преди ден
The entire U.N. should be like this
Hulk Ekmek
Hulk Ekmek преди ден
I'm using for just having fun and listen some music
X_24GA gh56
X_24GA gh56 преди ден
Uhhmm idk.. Well... DEFENITALY
steelrain 814
steelrain 814 преди ден
I have a counter argument. So you think that North Korea will give up its nukes? What happens when america, uk, and russia give up their nukes but North Korea still has theirs? If one country lies about getting rid of nukes they can decimate other countries with ease. (Yes the risk of standard invasion is possible. If russia decides to go rogue what will happen? I am a little biased but I doubt america will attack other nations with nukes when unprovoked but if they do they can demolish a whole country.
Abraham Rodriguez
Abraham Rodriguez преди ден
I love how the characters are cute little birds (^∇^)
Prometheus Alpha
Prometheus Alpha преди ден
Digestion is faster for plants than meats. Where are these facts coming from? I personally after switching mostly plants ( i do eat cheese) found that is much easier on my stomach and blood pressure has dropped astronomically in contrast to when i was eating meat. Among other things that meats are bad for you.
MTC преди ден
I think we better get going at this. Plenty of people had already died.
Darth E,xile
Darth E,xile преди ден
black holes are like my ex wife they never stop taking
Torey Cooley
Torey Cooley преди ден
Because u said that life would probably thrive a million years later, I kinda want this to happen strangely
dominick sinclair
dominick sinclair преди ден
I'm interested in the "why age" episode, can a person really become immortal????
Tom Voke
Tom Voke преди ден
There is NO glory in being a tRumptard. End the GOP gene today.
will WILL
will WILL преди ден
Medical surgical masks are key
Nguyễn Huy
Nguyễn Huy преди ден
4:45 wellcome to the Fallout world :)))))
Eric преди ден
Am I the only one not okay with this? Besides the creepy Gucci babies, diseases are good for population control. We’ll cure diseases then die from starvation instead. Fun times ahead.
jerome paradis
jerome paradis преди ден
Forgot to add it don't give diarrhea so stop buying all that toilet paper bunch of (censored)
Average Titan16
Average Titan16 преди ден
Average Titan16
Average Titan16 преди ден
Well shit!
Youhei Sakamoto
Youhei Sakamoto преди ден
2:26 But they don't even eat salmon roe
X M преди ден
Stay Healthy!
The Living Faggot
The Living Faggot преди ден
Sup and welcome to another episode of: Why is this in my recommended?
XxProEditingMagexX преди ден
We come for the info but we stay cause of the animations
Daniel Tjioe
Daniel Tjioe преди ден
2:56 yo is that an anime girl
Hmei7 преди ден
Hermano Campos
Hermano Campos преди ден
7:14 Doom reference was great 😂😂
The SovietPenguin
The SovietPenguin преди ден
This hit me harder than I thought
abc xyz
abc xyz преди ден
Who funded you to make the video?? Alcohol industry
Muriel Cunningham
Muriel Cunningham преди ден
I'm a germaphobe living through this. Y a y.....
TSwany преди ден
just watch the bacteriophages video and you'll never worry about this again
Avishek shah
Avishek shah преди ден
Awesome presentation of subject matter :) its all the way impressive ..
Nitin Gupta
Nitin Gupta преди ден
Question: How is convalescent plasma used as a drug for COVID-19? Can it be used as a vaccine as well?
nebulaCHRIS преди ден
Argentine ants: colonize 6 contenents The English Empire: *my true successor*
Noble Crusader
Noble Crusader преди ден
Sofía Amulef
Sofía Amulef преди ден
I remember that when I was child I saw a documental about strange matter or just this thing, It really scared me for a long time and now I see this remembering all again, wow
Sofía Amulef
Sofía Amulef преди ден
(srry if my english is bad u__u)
Cookie преди ден
5:08 Is shrek our god?
F In the chat
F In the chat преди ден
Mariah Faye Regalado
Mariah Faye Regalado преди ден
What happen if they really do that...I live in Philippines
Matthew h gamer 09
Matthew h gamer 09 преди ден
1:35 PoKEmoN FiSH In dA MIdDIle
H K-Y преди ден
Lol I been sharing this like crazy
fren6363 преди ден
Deadliest being on earth but most benign to us,
Dave Amaglio
Dave Amaglio преди ден
If something kills millions compared to not one related death ever!!! I know which one I will do.Only problem there is I found it 40 years ago and no one believed me. 40 years later and now they start. If it wasn't for all the lies we were told about cigerettes and alcohol and how they were good for you, all those related deaths could've been avoided. They lied then and they lie now. Those deaths are on you and you will be made to justify your actions after thiis life, so Goodluck. You know not what you do . But I do and you will. Pot is all part of our healing process when combined with other technics ,it superchargers that process . So we all need to wake up and sniff the pot cos the roses only smell pretty. 40 years I have studied the effects and not found one negative ,only positive. So If it brings On anything in humans ,it doesn't mean it caused it. Has to expose it to cure it. You are 40 years behind and know nothing about this or much else if you can't see what I could as a child 40 years ago. Shit most of you don't even know there is 9 blood type, not 8. Or even what type you are. That is where it all starts . So head back there and start again. Only this time see and feel. Don't think. Then you have a chance of making it home. All the pretty lights, smells and egos distracted you all from the truth. That was their plan. If you don't see their next one coming, CASHLESS WORLD ORDER , then you will be stuck here forever along with those who have controlled us for hundreds of years with those lies. And forever is a long time. We are spirits having a human experience. Not the other way around. The sooner you understand that, the quicker you will all get home. And believe me , this is not home. But if you think it is ,it can be forever and ever and ever ,over and over and over. Again. Took 5 lifetimes for me to get it. How many can you fit in forever?
Ensifurry преди ден
Malaria: "I'm the scariest disease known to mankind" Coronavirus: "Hold my ventilators"
Hello Sir That was a marvelous job and a helping one too , I am from andhrapradesh a state in India and we the people @Andhrapradesh really needs an informative precautionary video like this if it is O.K. for you i really need to translate it into the regional language please respond
Gabriel Montufar
Gabriel Montufar преди ден
I'm gonna go smoke a bowl
Cooper Roberts
Cooper Roberts преди ден
When the PTSD kicks in
DORISAMA도리사마 преди ден
You guys just learn korean. They have all of informations in their blog and youtube channel.
local_scumbag преди ден
machine elves
Javier Szapari
Javier Szapari преди ден
I always thought that all black holes are spinning!!!
King Weirdo
King Weirdo преди ден
How does one prevent damage to the mirror by outer sources and what happens if that hypothethical defence fails
Ryan Nguyen
Ryan Nguyen преди ден
I imagine a bird pressing a button that creates your vids
Nullogy 54
Nullogy 54 преди ден
Incest Could be Legal!
Arrow Master Yenson choy12
Arrow Master Yenson choy12 преди ден
Haynus преди ден
John Paradise
John Paradise преди ден
Alfi Celular
Alfi Celular преди ден
Hypertumor:i use the canser to destroy the canser
Vincent Irkalla
Vincent Irkalla преди ден
There was once this quack Afrocentric homeopath who produced a documentary called _Milk: the Deadly Poison_ who really convinced gullible people that milk was dangerous to ethnic people especially, among other fallacious claims throughout his career. Even though he died some time ago, there are still ignoramuses who worship him like a dietary Imhotep.
Jason Alc
Jason Alc преди ден
Can we have a video about abiogenesis? I want to know more about it
John Paradise
John Paradise преди ден
Идём возьмём Этот хлеб
Идём возьмём Этот хлеб преди ден
I’m watching this high af, and it’s tripping me the fuck out
Syd Adnan
Syd Adnan преди ден
We need more videos like this overpopulation is a major problem Africa is already struggling with too many goddam problems water shortages famine poverty and now corona virus African countries need to introduce family planning programs and enforce a two child policy
Malaysia Games
Malaysia Games преди ден
7:51 The Average Malaysian Eats About 61.26 Pounds Of Meat 49.35 Of It Is Poultry, 5.42 Of It Is Beaf/Veal, 5.31 Is Pork, And 1.18 Is Sheep!
Flowzerker преди ден
>This pops up after the china thing Uh ohhhh
shane Thompson
shane Thompson преди ден
What about useing the higs boson partical to split a blackhole like a nuke but you have multi blackhole bombs connected by quantum entanglement satellite system and blow them all at the same time?
Balwinder Singh vicky
Balwinder Singh vicky преди ден
In India I think slow one
realvanman1 преди ден
Overpopulation Sucks, and while it more or less degrades the quality of life of almost everyone on the planet, it can easily be controlled by humane methods once humans grasp the true gravity of the problem. In other words disease doesn’t need to be the primary limit on breeding. Malaria, on the other hand, is a horribly insidious disease. So I say. DO IT.
Malaysia Games
Malaysia Games преди ден
7:29 The Ministry Of Health In I As Malaysia Says You Can't Eat Over 540 Kilos Of Meat If You Have Those Diseases
joel ammesmaki
joel ammesmaki преди ден
Why would you want to radiant so much sea water for such a long time?... We live on this planet right?...
VulloPlayz преди ден
Then how do you have such a good upload schedule lol
Vincent Irkalla
Vincent Irkalla преди ден
_[screaming _*_“Coronavirus!”_*_ in Cardi B-ese]_
Geography Gabe
Geography Gabe преди ден
The world is upside down share this with everybody you know!
Vlokens преди ден
Good video overall, but still lacks some more dsicernment in some points. First of all, cannabis is a plant. A person can make a drug out of THC or CBD, but the plant is not a drug. I'm not saying that it can't hurt you, everything in excessive dose can harm you, but cannabis doesn't cause death by overdose, so how can it be a drug? Second point, the whole idea of being addicted to cannabis is faulty. If a person uses a substance a lot, it might be because it's addictive, or it's because it's very good for you. If I stop smoking cannabis the only withdrawal effects I get is some insomnia and some bad mood, but I can stay long periods without smoking, specially if I have important things to do. For instance, now in covid-19 quarentines, I smoke only twice a week. So, the whole idea of being addicted to cannabis is stupid and it was born with its prohibition. A person can be addicted to cannabis as much as it can be addicted to coffee, or junk food, but never like the real drugs like alcohol, nicotine...
Gottfried Pereira
Gottfried Pereira преди ден
fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom..
DaFeetis Yeetis
DaFeetis Yeetis преди ден
U know it’s important if he doesn’t play the intro audio
VulloPlayz преди ден
How does this have to do with an emotional crab born in summer?
VulloPlayz преди ден
4:52 the cancer game
An Tran Quoc
An Tran Quoc преди ден
4:16 ....
garagem81 br
garagem81 br преди ден
War has changed. It's no longer about nations, ideologies, or ethnicity. It's an endless series of Ant battles, fought by Army ants and leaf cutter ants . War--and it's consumption of life--has become a well-oiled limb. War has changed. ID-tagged ants carry ID-tagged weapons. Nanomachines inside their bodies enhance and regulate their abilities. Genetic control, information control, emotion control, battlefield control…everything is monitored and kept under control. War…has changed. The age of deterrence has become the age of control, all in the name of averting catastrophe from weapons of mass destruction, and he who controls the battlefield, controls history. War…has changed. When the battlefield is under total control, war becomes routine.
Yeetus Feetus
Yeetus Feetus преди ден
Who realised that the start was Bobs Burgers characters
The One Minds
The One Minds преди ден
Unhealthy for the soul, heavy for the body, but edible..
MrATL90 преди ден
for Aiur!
VulloPlayz преди ден
8:59 and thats how i met your mother
Britishlover Im your favourite,Britain
Britishlover Im your favourite,Britain преди ден
4:54 its alien world!
Humans: yay that stupid parasite is eradicate Coronavirus: oh hello there
Hyper Diper
Hyper Diper преди ден
1:41 saddest picture i have ever seen
UHFStation1 преди ден
I wonder if there is an afterlife and if we seek beauty in a world in which we no longer rely on evolution to exist.
Zzy99flyr преди ден
All this because some A-hole had to eat a bat.
Nenzatti Bellece
Nenzatti Bellece преди ден
Here is why I don't feel loneliness any more: I am a fundamental note and, being so, I am surrounded by an infinite number of harmonics. Medics call them "multiple personalities", but I am the dominant note, I am the boss, any time. Anyways, I talk to them, they talk to me and I learn much from them. They take care of some problems and handle the solution to me. We are a team, so I am many!
Anime Alternative
Anime Alternative преди ден
The most terrifying human weapon, are BRAIN.
H8 преди ден
despairia преди ден
Poat Boat
Poat Boat преди ден
I love this type of video so please do more of these a year but you will probably not see this comment but if you do at least let me know please.
Mars Starcruiser
Mars Starcruiser преди ден
I drink a gallon a day, still alive and well. No medical conditions or allergies. Watch all the people I grew up with gain arthritis, knee, back, cardiovascular problems. They don’t drink milk 🥛. Yes, milks totally poison ☠️ 😒🤣...
Tiến Nguyễn Đức
Tiến Nguyễn Đức преди ден
có corona rồi
Guito Works
Guito Works преди ден
2020 a new crisis aproaching
Cristian Chavez Guzman
Cristian Chavez Guzman преди ден
April, NOOO!
J040PL7 преди ден
in other words, why kill someone when you can make them work for you?
Trí Quang Trần
Trí Quang Trần преди ден
So..I am you and you are me and me are you and you are me.