Live with Cardi B
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Cardi B - Press [Official Music Video]
Cardi B - Press (Official Audio)
преди година
Cardi B - Money [Official Music Video]
Cardi B - Money (Official Audio)
преди година
Cardi B - Be Careful [Official Video]
преди 2 години
Cardi B - Be Careful [SNL Performance]
преди 2 години
Cardi B - Get Up 10 [Official Audio]
преди 2 години
Cardi B - Money Bag [Official Audio]
преди 2 години
Cardi B - I Do feat. SZA [Official Audio]
Cardi B - Ring feat. Kehlani [Official Audio]
Cardi B - Bickenhead [Official Audio]
преди 2 години
Cardi B - Thru Your Phone [Official Audio]
Cardi B & YG - She Bad [Official Audio]
преди 2 години
Cardi B - Drip feat. Migos [Official Audio]
Cardi B - Be Careful [Official Audio]
преди 2 години
Cardi B - Bodak Yellow [OFFICIAL MUSIC VIDEO]
Cardi B - Rollin [Official Audio]
преди 3 години
Cardi B - Pull Up [OFFICIAL AUDIO]
преди 3 години
Cardi B - Hectic [OFFICIAL AUDIO]
преди 3 години
Cardi B - Bronx Season [OFFICIAL AUDIO]
преди 3 години
Edith Cortés
Edith Cortés преди 6 часа
No bajes hablan Taka Taka 👁️👄👁️
Lazy Scorsese
Lazy Scorsese преди 6 часа
I can't quite get my head around the idea that you would be a mouthpiece for this kind of trash lifestyle, but then whine like an eight-year-old when you get some glass in your foot living the reality. 'Wahhhhh...hurt and traumatised....wahhhhh' Really, what do you expect?
MasterofBeast преди 6 часа
9/27/2020, I first watched this video. People crying about this so fucking weak. Ahhahahaa
Jennie on Top
Jennie on Top преди 6 часа
Miquel S
Miquel S преди 6 часа
Kk преди 6 часа
Y’all better not say shit about “Baby, It’s Cold Outside” anymore if you like this song.
Drac Reacts
Drac Reacts преди 6 часа
Anyone else got one this song in 2020 jus because the divorce
Wolfpack преди 6 часа
Bruh I see this shit like this in porn how is this even ok for BGshow
Workout Music Mix
Workout Music Mix преди 6 часа
Baduz Van Buren
Baduz Van Buren преди 6 часа
I have always said the Cardi B was trash and this confirms it!! I feel so sorry for our new generation growing up with this garbage music!!!!! 👎🏼👎🏼
Cᴏᴏᴋʏ ́s ᴍɪʟᴋ
Cᴏᴏᴋʏ ́s ᴍɪʟᴋ преди 6 часа
Who’s here after watching Wap?
Micah Crandall Gaming
Micah Crandall Gaming преди 6 часа
My friend cant stop listening to this
Michael Galo
Michael Galo преди 6 часа
Sock Man
Sock Man преди 6 часа
Funny how the 3 superstars in this music video are all having relationship problems. Coincidence? I think not.
Cincy Salina
Cincy Salina преди 6 часа
KinqUni aquino
KinqUni aquino преди 6 часа
Oh Dude!
Oh Dude! преди 6 часа
This song makes me wanna dislike it
david cohen
david cohen преди 6 часа
Stupid music
Priyanka Thali
Priyanka Thali преди 6 часа
Sorry but I'm disgusted that songs like this are topping Billboard 100 these days
순돌 преди 6 часа
Family Young
Family Young преди 6 часа
Cardi B I love your songs
yeetxxz преди 6 часа
i think the beat was dope
M LC преди 6 часа
is J Balvin , the twin of Maluma?
Steve Martin
Steve Martin преди 6 часа
Wtf did I just watch?
Eugene Tan
Eugene Tan преди 6 часа
stream anaconda wtf are u doing here
Legion YT
Legion YT преди 6 часа
This vid is so slutty
Jay dee
Jay dee преди 6 часа
You should mention 18+
Nourhaneaux Toumanion
Nourhaneaux Toumanion преди 6 часа
What in the world are they saying?
ii._t3ddybear преди 6 часа
Cardi is lit💫
Jay dee
Jay dee преди 6 часа
No doubt extra large 😂
Emahnde Green
Emahnde Green преди 6 часа
Did Miley circus direct this!!!!
Paul Stepanis
Paul Stepanis преди 6 часа
I always wondered what song should be played at my wedding.....could never decide.....UNTIL NOW! !!
واثقه برب الكون
واثقه برب الكون преди 6 часа
ماعجبني الاغنيه لا فيه تعري كثيير
Alpha преди 6 часа
It’s hard typing with one hand.... Cause I have The Bible in the other one can I get an amen 🙏
Eduardo Ps
Eduardo Ps преди 6 часа
Alguém do sBrasil?
willard ogamba
willard ogamba преди 6 часа
Megan thee stallion so hot
Victor Triumph
Victor Triumph преди 6 часа
A stallion is a male horse.
Gionani11 OnTwitch
Gionani11 OnTwitch преди 6 часа
Dis is bad
bRenegadez преди 6 часа
This just aint hitting no more after Tory Lanez album.. Tory really set the bar higher imo
Nicole преди 6 часа
I like this song and Cardi but no with the strings
Emily Jean
Emily Jean преди 6 часа
You even got me trippin. You got me lookin in the mirror different. Thinkin I'm flawed because you inconsistent. I felt that in my chest rn
Dana Harman
Dana Harman преди 6 часа
Sayd Pandzo
Sayd Pandzo преди 6 часа
the beat fire tho 🔥🔥
Cyan Saiyan
Cyan Saiyan преди 6 часа
Did anyone else see the Bohemian Rhapsody version for this???
herobrine jr
herobrine jr преди 6 часа
3:19 is she talking about this vine ->
chiminie преди 6 часа
Who else thought bts was in it since it said "BTS"
Elli chacon
Elli chacon преди 6 часа
On another note.. MXR plays is in danger of losing their channel because of strikes. There most recent strike was because a kid was holding a lit firework (those stupid stick ones you hold). This is definitely worse than a kid holding a firework in a controlled environment and was probably with adults. Like do you see what I mean here.. I'm not subbed to MxR but I watch similar content and its enjoyable and fun videos. It's nothing perfect but it's two real people doing things they and others enjoy. Its wholesome as fuck and I love it.. But these bitches can dance half fucking naked and sing about having sex and sucking dick but they dont striked. Smh.. this is bull shit..
athenea8990 преди 6 часа
I don't see the point on change the lyrics but they keep showing the costumes like the one Cardi B uses in the "Leopard" room, the bronze figure of ass and tits. I mean I'm not trying to be shady here, but use some logic, the censorship is completely useless.
MaSiCuR911 преди 6 часа
Ngl I was hard for most of this.
Isabelle Kimengech
Isabelle Kimengech преди 6 часа
They could put Lizzo in this but instead they placed it with the white girl black girl lives of my girl I wanna be the next loser out of been so better with music
TTS Bodyshot
TTS Bodyshot преди 6 часа
"Empowers Women" So.... thats what this is?
LuckyBlue преди 6 часа
This kinda sounds like Millie Bobby Brown’s rap abt stranger things maybe the rap was inspired by this song lmao
Bria Zandia 4life
Bria Zandia 4life преди 6 часа
I really like the way yall do all thoese move and stuff and my nese is cursing can u plzz help 😄👎
ASKEW_HUMIDITY_20years_RADHATOR преди 6 часа
Ohhhhh they did the shining lol
salsa bila
salsa bila преди 7 часа
Sonia Garcia
Sonia Garcia преди 7 часа
Al parecer este comentario es el único en español
Anun Susana
Anun Susana преди 7 часа
Kesini cuma gara2 tiktok help😭
Dan Cat Snake
Dan Cat Snake преди 7 часа
This is the version I have to hear when my mom is here 😔✌️
6ix9ine Songs channel
6ix9ine Songs channel преди 7 часа
Ok nice song
ariane acuna
ariane acuna преди 7 часа
Who's here after shazam confirmed the bardipink collaboration? Blink here
Jacob Cava
Jacob Cava преди 7 часа
Evelyn Trickster
Evelyn Trickster преди 7 часа
Oh my god she literally never had a bad song😆
rani agt
rani agt преди 7 часа
mane nih orang indonesia
Richard Klikspaan
Richard Klikspaan преди 7 часа
Im gonna need some extra oil tonight
?Ålëx ?
?Ålëx ? преди 7 часа
why you gotta bring the poor cats in here AND GET THEM WET
reptilian x gaminng
reptilian x gaminng преди 7 часа
Just realized dem tigers fucking, lmao
Michael преди 7 часа
i dislike for kylie
Brown Turd
Brown Turd преди 7 часа
Tigers were fucking
what преди 7 часа
female rappers: we dont always rap about our vag! also female rappers:
BTS Army Vibes
BTS Army Vibes преди 7 часа
Why do I SORTA like wap
NoobNoob 3280
NoobNoob 3280 преди 7 часа
If this is considered good music than music is doomed. What happened to MJ?
Kevin Ramirez
Kevin Ramirez преди 7 часа
sup преди 7 часа
Cameraman be like: *can i die already*
A. J.
A. J. преди 7 часа
calling this female empowerment is just an excuse to sell sex and make easy money. calling ourselves whores/bitches or dressing up as prostitutes is not taking back the power. May be sit like a boss and get men to perform for you and make them work for you while you throw money at them is more effing empowering. This is even rich women performing for men to jerk off at them for free.
Karina Mercedes
Karina Mercedes преди 7 часа
Essa música e tooop veiii 😍✌ waaappp 😌
Maliyah Smithe
Maliyah Smithe преди 7 часа
The volume is so loud rn that my headphones are vibrating out of my goddamn ears
Brandon Richardson
Brandon Richardson преди 7 часа
Only here cause I was listening to no flocking and read the comments
Dalaga 10-Fold
Dalaga 10-Fold преди 7 часа
Wanna know what’s also wet and gushy? Macaroni and a mop