Trevor Daniel, Selena Gomez - Past Life (Official Video)

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Listen to "Past Life" by Trevor Daniel and Selena Gomez:
Directed by Vania Heymann and Gal Muggia
Produced by Iconoclast
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Instagram: selenagomez
Twitter: selenagomez
Facebook: Selena
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Instagram: iamtrevordaniel
Twitter: Iamtrevordaniel
Facebook: iamtrevordaniel/
Music video by Trevor Daniel, Selena Gomez performing Past Life. © 2020 Alamo/Interscope Records

Selena Gomez is good
Bommie Roys
Bommie Roys преди час
The best song of 2020
XTART IXII преди 3 часа
Happy married life
Megan Hayden
Megan Hayden преди 3 часа
12k people accidentally disliked this uniquely designed music 📹
Anderson Herrera Espinoza
Anderson Herrera Espinoza преди 4 часа
This song is a masterpiece ❤
Gavin Levanduski
Gavin Levanduski преди 7 часа
Someone has taken 15 seconds of your song from I love you like a love song. 15 seconds to be exact. Link: You have full right to take down this persons video
hnnbeeey преди 7 часа
oh my, really good !!
Dara Sepiaamanda
Dara Sepiaamanda преди 8 часа
Kak Selena Gomez saya mau jalan jalan sama kamu
BPedro vitor BCaldas
BPedro vitor BCaldas преди 10 часа
kenny преди 12 часа
I haven’t heard from Selena since 2018
•La̸z̸y̸ Po̸ta̸to̸•
•La̸z̸y̸ Po̸ta̸to̸• преди 14 часа
Hello I’m Valeria I’m eleven years old I’m your biggest fan!!!!
Ahmed Imran
Ahmed Imran преди 15 часа
mathijas de ligt has learned how to sing and is now cheating on his gf with selena
Eduarda Nunes
Eduarda Nunes преди 15 часа
Ameiiii ❤️🔥❤️🔥
Tanya Abraham
Tanya Abraham преди 15 часа
I just love her so much I wish she was my friend 💓 she's the best my day without her songs is incomplete Love you Selena ❤️😘😍
Shimona Mittal
Shimona Mittal преди 15 часа
I am in the awe of this song
Translater Bella
Translater Bella преди 15 часа
Incredible 🤩😍👍
Berna Mert
Berna Mert преди 16 часа
So amazing
Faizzuddin Abd Razak
Faizzuddin Abd Razak преди 17 часа
I didnt realize ours surface body have nice view
Contentdiscsonline Contentdiscsonline
Contentdiscsonline Contentdiscsonline преди 17 часа
Them I's snitches with u over simone tried to hit me and lights hhit them using my whitemagic at unlv I did that then they said person died and it was replaced with body double that gag worked their to SN tch on me over withcraft
Ester Garcia
Ester Garcia преди 17 часа
One day i'm lisenting falling of Daniel and thinking what a such great song, with some really good vibes, and in the ohter moment lisen to this great collaboration with this amazig woman.
Prasad Chinchawale
Prasad Chinchawale преди 17 часа
Biber miss him😭😭
Soul Leo
Soul Leo преди 18 часа
I hope you'll love my cover of this song ❤️❤️
IPL 2020
IPL 2020 преди 19 часа
DR TUNDE преди 20 часа
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SEMIL AFTHAB преди 20 часа
Best song
Lalhmudik hmar
Lalhmudik hmar преди 21 час
Fucker Selena love you
Virat Hajela
Virat Hajela преди 21 час
That's why i said selena means the world to me
weyale afonso
weyale afonso преди 22 часа
Trevor low key sounds like Post Malone
Selly VG
Selly VG преди 22 часа
Нара Артенян
Нара Артенян преди 22 часа
Этот клип Селены Гомес должен набрать 1 000 000 000 просмотров!!!
Pocket Potatoes
Pocket Potatoes преди 23 часа
My god I wish Selena would do a cover of one of shania Twain’s love songs. I’ve loved shania’s music for years and I think Selena could take one of her songs and fucking nail it. Gotta give Selena props, she makes some damn good music too.
Zarcort Oficial
Zarcort Oficial преди 23 часа
Selena es increíble
Eshal Waseem
Eshal Waseem преди ден
I love this song
Rilin Ngulom
Rilin Ngulom преди ден
Omg!! I was sleeping on this track fir 2 fcking months?!! I cant even.... This is a master pice.... Oh my god!!!!!!
Rd Indian Yas Yas ji ji official
Rd Indian Yas Yas ji ji official преди ден
Rd Indian Yas Yas ji ji official
Rd Indian Yas Yas ji ji official преди ден
I have subscribe to your chainnal
volga videos
volga videos преди ден
Behind the seen this video
Emerald-Diamond Armor
Emerald-Diamond Armor преди ден
I am assuming most of this was animated so very very impressive job it worked out so well
Noreen Eyheralde
Noreen Eyheralde преди ден
Este es uno de los videos musicales más creativos e innovadores que he visto, especialmente en contexto de pandemia.
sakthi sharmila
sakthi sharmila преди ден
Sweet voice 💞💗❤️😘🥰
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