Stray Kids "Easy" Dance Practice Video

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Stray Kids

Stray Kids

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Stray Kids(스트레이 키즈) "Easy" Dance Practice Video
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a l e x
a l e x преди 9 минути
aaah minho lindo
용뽁 преди 27 минути
WHY IS NO ONE TALKING ABOUT OUR SUNSHINE FELIX YONGBOK????? His perfectly cute shirt AND his dance wow im watching this video for a hundred times its so UGH!!!!!!😂😂😂 ANYWAY IS HE OK AT 0:42 ??? 😭 I think the practicing room is too small ; ( His dance moves are like works of art..... so beautiful💕💕💕💕🐥🐥🐥🐥
Kayla Maritza
Kayla Maritza преди 39 минути
The bass tho..... i love it
Naruto Uchiha12
Naruto Uchiha12 преди 2 часа
What happened to the 9th member??
Kayla Maritza
Kayla Maritza преди 40 минути
He left due to personal reason
park Jimin
park Jimin преди 2 часа
슼히즈0914 преди 2 часа
이 곡은 완전 이리노 곡이다
Minho's Wifey
Minho's Wifey преди 3 часа
Minho sometimes Look like Jackson here in this vid.
Laoufi Ikram
Laoufi Ikram преди 6 часа
1:26 _ 1:40 this part is soo satisfying to watch, literally binnie and felix are kings! No need to mention that God Minho killed this too I guess !
ayuhnaufah Maesar
ayuhnaufah Maesar преди 6 часа
Gila!!!! Minho keren abis itu!!!
raven queen
raven queen преди 8 часа
why are my eyes following han?
Anne De Guzman
Anne De Guzman преди 8 часа
this more satisfying to watch in 4k
경학 преди 10 часа
정인아 정말 귀엽다
7 RMZ преди 11 часа
Increíble 👌🔥✔
Kira Beveridge
Kira Beveridge преди 13 часа
Kira Beveridge
Kira Beveridge преди 13 часа
0:38 unfortunate pause 😂
Taza Omar TWICE
Taza Omar TWICE преди 13 часа
Omg Minho really shine here HELP ME
Rasmi Mukhia
Rasmi Mukhia преди 14 часа
They all are so good at what they do. Love SKZ from India.😉😁
Renitha Srindran
Renitha Srindran преди 23 часа
I almost always only watch Felix, but it's rlly sad cuz he's almost always hidden at the back unless it's his line, which only comes like once or twice.
Yadira Guerrero
Yadira Guerrero преди ден
They all killed this dance but lee know was hitting different in this 😳😍
Author Nim
Author Nim преди ден
2:31 lee know and Felix wearing the same trousers
Marina преди ден
Just two words: Minho wow 😍 Teach me how to have that much swag
Priyal Saruparia
Priyal Saruparia преди ден
Hyunjin and Minho have decided no matter what we won't let stays breathe
mark lee biased
mark lee biased преди ден
cherishedracha преди ден
can we talk about binnie? they way he dances is clean and almost stiff but he somehow makes it work? look at him radiating bad boy vibes !!
DerReaperZockt преди ден
When felix hit his foot with no reaction at all 0:42
Kennedi-grace Lopez
Kennedi-grace Lopez преди ден
like why in the world am i in love with this song there choreo and the song and choreo for my pace
Kennedi-grace Lopez
Kennedi-grace Lopez преди ден
I've never really liked these kinds of band and stuff but this song and my pace I'm hooked
Carmen Martínez
Carmen Martínez преди ден
이 노래를 사랑해 매일 듣는다들을 때마다 새로운 발걸음을 배워
Carys T.
Carys T. преди ден
SOOOOO yall ain't gonna talk about jeongins cake?!😳🥴
Elle Batalla
Elle Batalla преди ден
Fudge I'm here again HAHAHA
Luna Cejas
Luna Cejas преди ден
Fui la única que se dio cuenta que felix se golpeo el pie en la parte de I.N?
アフミヤahm - chi
アフミヤahm - chi преди ден
They really do make it look easy ... no pun intended 😂😂
mOsquitO pspS
mOsquitO pspS преди ден
0:42 F (Look felix)
Анна Богатова
Анна Богатова преди 2 дни
Привет,я ру стэй)))✌️
Bella Ndirangu
Bella Ndirangu преди 2 дни
Me:mum catcha later gotta study. Mum:kk umm Bella u have been given research assignment in physics go check in the internet. Straykids: come n watch me now Angel me: homework remember Me: ok *sighs* "easy physics form 2 " BGshow: 'easy' straykids n easy physics topic 4. Nerd Bella: yeah that one first option. Mmmh u gotta tap that right Bella. Me: but *taps first option " My phone n straykids : not giving u chance. Nerd Bella : oh my God I never signed up for this Me: just once. Mum: have u seen the research work. Han : so easy. Me : yeah mum so easy. *checking the tym* My brain : u realise how many times u av watched this uuh!! Nerd Bella : guys I tried my best I need justice. Anyway luv yah straykids stay all the way from Kenya luv yah so much we make straykids stay always n forever support u guys #lol
Stay Forever
Stay Forever преди 2 дни
how many people biased Seungmin after this ? coz I did
Sarah Maja
Sarah Maja преди 2 дни
LEE MINHO I _can‘t_ get over this. Yeah, *Thanks for not letting me study!*
Maria J
Maria J преди 2 дни
For me Minho nailed this choreo, i can't stop watching him
baby stay
baby stay преди 2 дни
I’m so happy everyone’s talking about Minho cause he didn’t get that much screen time/lines in God’s menu so he definitely deserves all the praise he’s getting 💗
Shania Endaya
Shania Endaya преди 2 дни
He's my bias tho🥺💗
han jisung
han jisung преди 2 дни
Stray Kids world Domination
straykids•ateez•exo•bts • 5 лет назад
straykids•ateez•exo•bts • 5 лет назад преди 2 дни
нЕпОнЕл🗿, а почему все такие серьёзные? Где мои маленькие детишечки?!?!?!?🌚❤
i hate snakeu
i hate snakeu преди 2 дни
minho dont make me fall in love with you not for the 872492 time T^T
Elyia Nur Iman bt. Sabri
Elyia Nur Iman bt. Sabri преди 2 дни
Hyunjin's hairstyle remind me of Daechwita
Rudia Lee
Rudia Lee преди 2 дни
증말 멋지다 현진아 이모는 더 살아갈 이유를 찾았어😂😂
Seonghwa's Duality
Seonghwa's Duality преди 2 дни
gonna tell my children that all of these men were my friends and that Chan was my high school love
Zen Macià Santiañez
Zen Macià Santiañez преди 2 дни
1:59 Felix, what happened??
Angelika Recean
Angelika Recean преди 2 дни
Neo Grefiel
Neo Grefiel преди 2 дни
0:10 dont mind me. I'm just marking where I finished practicing.
JiminandTaesDumpling преди 2 дни
I don't get how they can kill me twice.
Karen Gabrielly
Karen Gabrielly преди 2 дни
Hyunjinnnnn omg
Nochu Mochi
Nochu Mochi преди 2 дни
I can't take my eyes out of chan's arms 🤤
Halyng Min
Halyng Min преди 2 дни
페라이 преди 2 дни
They really make the choreo look so eeeasy
Kristina Gazivoda
Kristina Gazivoda преди 2 дни
0:52 Rip Felix's neck
Liliarmy.jimin преди 2 дни
I can't take my eyes of hyunjin :0
Neha Pathi
Neha Pathi преди 2 дни
at this point I.N. has evolved from attacking us to actually killing us and I'm kinda loving it ngl
Itsroudaina Mahjoubi
Itsroudaina Mahjoubi преди 2 дни
They killing it 🔥🔥
sara perdomo
sara perdomo преди 2 дни
Dios quiera y minho nunca se quite esa camisa :)
sara perdomo
sara perdomo преди 2 дни
intento hacer el baile y termino con miles de lesiones :')
shawn the sheep
shawn the sheep преди 2 дни
I will be pressing charges for how smooth this whole video is
ちゃんはる преди 2 дни
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