11 Funny Ways to Sneak Food into the Movies! Useful Hacks and Crazy Tricks by RATATA!

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You can’t imagine how to go to the cinema without snacks, but they don’t let them go there with food? Watch this video and learn 11 interesting and useful ways to do it!
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The Crafty Family
The Crafty Family преди час
I just saw a video exactly like this on a different channel 😮🙊 ~We are The Crafty Family ~ 💕💛💚💙💜
Michelle Reed
Michelle Reed преди 2 часа
She’s so pretty
anuradha sharma
anuradha sharma преди 3 часа
4:03 the Coca Cola fountain but siriously do you have a fountain in your mouth 😂😂😂😂😂
اسوسه اسوسه
اسوسه اسوسه преди 3 часа
اسوسه اسوسه
اسوسه اسوسه преди 3 часа
نبا ايل ايل ايا تلت ليل ملت ايف عيا هلت هلو ايا كانت لا تلت ليل ملت ايف عيا هلت هلو ايا كانت لا تلت ليل ملت ايف عيا هلت هلو ايا كانت لا تلت ليل ملت ايف عيا هلت هلو ايا كانت لا تلت ليل ملت ايف عيا هلت هلو ايا كان حدثت الأخطاء التالية عند إرسال هذه الصفحة ٣
Michal Synek
Michal Synek преди 5 часа
Kdo je tu od stay12
Simo Kech
Simo Kech преди 8 часа
Simo Kech
Simo Kech преди 8 часа
Apie’s Galaxy
Apie’s Galaxy преди 8 часа
She’s so pretty
علي حامد
علي حامد преди 8 часа
Madhu Kandukuri
Madhu Kandukuri преди 8 часа
Super ra
Nursyazana преди 9 часа
Leanne Bhajun
Leanne Bhajun преди 12 часа
Alvida Ahmed
Alvida Ahmed преди 12 часа
Terigard insan pls rost this
جواد البصراوي
جواد البصراوي преди 12 часа
Chicken преди 13 часа
This whole comment section is r/youngpeopleyoutube be warned Also this video quit better then five minute crafts videos
Eliane Figueira
Eliane Figueira преди 13 часа
Jessica Delgado
Jessica Delgado преди 19 часа
Jessica Delgado
Jessica Delgado преди 19 часа
Yayaso Castrovega
Yayaso Castrovega преди 20 часа
Tergbeb cccmgddk
Joann Falcon
Joann Falcon преди 20 часа
OMG so cool 😍💞🤗
Julia Philippe
Julia Philippe преди 22 часа
OMG cool always I go to the movie they don’t let me have food I hate that
حسين كامل
حسين كامل преди 22 часа
Patricia Campbell
Patricia Campbell преди ден
I'm eta in popcorn lol
danieltubechannel Paez
danieltubechannel Paez преди ден
Raju Giri
Raju Giri преди ден
Jeff Lefebvre
Jeff Lefebvre преди ден
Yes we q red yo B de of da daBut
Fernando Dolores
Fernando Dolores преди ден
NoO co you know that you are the only one who is not sure if they you gotta is it or something else or not I just gotta was the day that I gotta was ya night I gotta was
anu chandra
anu chandra преди ден
Rajiprem Rajiprem
Rajiprem Rajiprem преди ден
Jonel Carino
Jonel Carino преди ден
We're is you're house
abdul wahab shah
abdul wahab shah преди ден
Tan 0p00
its_ _shayzo
its_ _shayzo преди ден
desperatehousewife преди ден
So mean 😠
Hira Ialam
Hira Ialam преди ден
Mukhtar Cik tat
Mukhtar Cik tat преди ден
Y mb
Ina Pelser
Ina Pelser преди ден
Jai bedi
Jai bedi преди ден
putri _24
putri _24 преди ден
bryan madridondo
bryan madridondo преди ден
Yaris Swartz
Yaris Swartz преди ден
1 i don’t like When people Embarrassed herself
Fiona Sanders
Fiona Sanders преди ден
Good morning Miss Jessie
Nisha Stclair
Nisha Stclair преди ден
Jul I do not looking good because she shocup her neck
Jun Xin Yap
Jun Xin Yap преди ден
katan chiya
katan chiya преди ден
Pamela Gutshall
Pamela Gutshall преди ден
Christian John
Christian John преди ден
Rosemary Robinson
Rosemary Robinson преди ден
The popcorn trick was dumb you cant bring a lighter in a movies😐
Avani Thandi
Avani Thandi преди ден
Rosemary Robinson yeah your right
Jay Killem
Jay Killem преди 2 дни
xjroz xjroz
xjroz xjroz преди 2 дни
Nusrat Jahan Ononna
Nusrat Jahan Ononna преди 2 дни
Intiqam Eliyev
Intiqam Eliyev преди 2 дни
zain Abid
zain Abid преди 2 дни
Ap NY ap NY b or aik eid dress Jo me do kal tu NY mjy tum yaad tu b nai Abu or eid py in Lahore me do gala thy raat
Louvina Jones
Louvina Jones преди 2 дни
TIKTOK Ness преди 2 дни
thats so cool RATATA
sujatha.m.k Melekulangara
sujatha.m.k Melekulangara преди 2 дни
Damala Jones
Damala Jones преди 2 дни
The foods look delicious 😋
Ravishankar vishwakarma
Ravishankar vishwakarma преди 2 дни
Is very very nice
Ravishankar vishwakarma
Ravishankar vishwakarma преди 2 дни
Alaa Walied
Alaa Walied преди 2 дни
ratna dewi
ratna dewi преди 2 дни
Mira Ormanowa
Mira Ormanowa преди 2 дни
我是 坚果 给男孩的女儿 百事可乐 我认为这是不对的 这是淫秽的
Suadtahir Abdillahi
Suadtahir Abdillahi преди 2 дни
OMG!!! U KNO JULIE her hair iss just like my baby sisters doll
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