Dude Come Here... Giving Rosa A Makeover!

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James Charles

James Charles

HI SISTERS! In today's video, I give a makeover to Tik Tok LEGEND Rosa, also known as AdamRayOkay! We fixed Rosa's contour and messed up lashes while talking all about Adam's rise to fame, quitting his job, what Rosa means to him, and so much more. Enjoy and don't forget to thumbs up and subscribe!
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EDITOR: Ryan Allen
GRAPHICS: Michael Rusakov

Paolo 2002
Paolo 2002 преди 10 часа
Y'all a bunch of jottos
Jennifer Weeks
Jennifer Weeks преди 10 часа
Kinda awkward at the end
Jacqueline Cantu
Jacqueline Cantu преди 10 часа
am f
am f преди 11 часа
" My nose is like GONE!" "Can you even breath?" AIR** favorite scene tho😂
bilias hour
bilias hour преди 11 часа
When James shares his social media, it sounds like a commercial with hidden fees. Lol
Creative Wxrldd
Creative Wxrldd преди 11 часа
Rosa - Uh HuH hAaA James Charles - 😟
Jacoby Behm
Jacoby Behm преди 11 часа
dude come here! you got a dollar?... so i can get a sluuuushie
Dahlia Gaspar
Dahlia Gaspar преди 11 часа
Come to TEXAS!!
bilias hour
bilias hour преди 11 часа
Texan gang where u at
michelene havard
michelene havard преди 12 часа
I was just watching the alphabet challenge and it would be so cool if you applied your makeup from cheapest to most expensive!
Siti Nurliyana
Siti Nurliyana преди 12 часа
Can we talk about how flawless rossa skin is??!! I mean c’mon.. I live for that glass flawless skin 😍😍😍
Emily Ramsey
Emily Ramsey преди 12 часа
When she tried to bite that pencils it took me OUTTTTTT😭😭😭💀dude come hereeeee
Javon Bushner
Javon Bushner преди 12 часа
Can you do my make up
Don’t let them take our maymays
Don’t let them take our maymays преди 12 часа
I love Adam’s laugh omg ahaha it’s amazing.
Dave DaDino
Dave DaDino преди 12 часа
Hi sister
Yadira Lara
Yadira Lara преди 12 часа
Look people, I understand that James did not make the most positive actions in his life, BUT EVERYONE MAKES MISTAKES. Not everyone is fucking perfect people. Making mistakes is part of life and a part of growing up. That’s how we LEARN. Rosa knows what she’s doing and if she is happy with what she is doing and with who, let it be. No one needs negativity spreading about someone through comments or posts. If you have nothing nice to say, then don’t say it at all.
It’s Miranda
It’s Miranda преди 12 часа
Eric Vargas
Eric Vargas преди 12 часа
It’s Miranda rossaa
Grace Berger
Grace Berger преди 12 часа
Rosa needs to get a wig so she can pop off....
Eric Vargas
Eric Vargas преди 12 часа
Grace Berger think she could do it? 🤣
panda ice cream
panda ice cream преди 13 часа
Hi, I am new in the make up world, but I pretty bad.. can you help me?👉👈💕
adoptme_ lover
adoptme_ lover преди 13 часа
😬 heyyy love ya
Puppy Lover
Puppy Lover преди 13 часа
Social Distancing!!! But one time won’t hurt
Lavitaebella82005 преди 13 часа
Why does he talk so fast
Katherine Perez
Katherine Perez преди 13 часа
Hahaha she looks like a cat hahah’
Irina Luca Kádár
Irina Luca Kádár преди 13 часа
Texan gang where u at
Eric Vargas
Eric Vargas преди 12 часа
Irina Luca Kádár Hispanic gang
Catherine Silva
Catherine Silva преди 13 часа
It would be cool if you made billie Eilish make up
Catherine Silva
Catherine Silva преди 13 часа
It would be cool if you made billie Eilish make up
Elisebaaraq Mathæussen
Elisebaaraq Mathæussen преди 13 часа
Rosa you look so prettyyyy
Angela Casas
Angela Casas преди 14 часа
my tia went to school with Adam🤭
jkfille преди 14 часа
I Love this
Rain Glitch
Rain Glitch преди 14 часа
James you did well in the military obstacles. Even your different then the other mens, you still try your best and you can make it to the end. So i am kinda blown away.
Danielle Gagas
Danielle Gagas преди 14 часа
This look is so pretty, I wish you would’ve listed the shades so I could recreate it tho 🦋
Reagan Reed
Reagan Reed преди 14 часа
Did he just say “he” wait a min
Mahogany Moon
Mahogany Moon преди 14 часа
Omg I would never have guessed he was 20 he literally looks like a baby🥺
Emilie Parent
Emilie Parent преди 14 часа
Harley Carpenter
Harley Carpenter преди 14 часа
:-> 4:-> 55%
Klei Musollari
Klei Musollari преди 14 часа
Why are you GEH
Christopher Nettles
Christopher Nettles преди 15 часа
Hmmm yes let’s forget James being racially insensitive, like we’ve done a countless amount of times... 🙄
Maria Silguero
Maria Silguero преди 15 часа
Love rosa and tik tok
tiya ficentt
tiya ficentt преди 15 часа
Ngl but Rosa still look pretty even without makeup😫
Lily&Kamari Vlog
Lily&Kamari Vlog преди 15 часа
Why was James beauty blender look moldy 😂
Darwin Wtt
Darwin Wtt преди 16 часа
Betch Rosa is so fishy :0
Suevone Barrow
Suevone Barrow преди 16 часа
How did y’all not know he was a boy-
River King
River King преди 16 часа
I spent 4 months on base in San Antone, awesome city as a Texas native to spend Medic Training
Hudaa Tarin
Hudaa Tarin преди 17 часа
That.......that's a boy 😶😶😶😶
Destiny Leyva
Destiny Leyva преди 17 часа
xXGachaSisterXx преди 17 часа
If Rosa gave James Charles a makeover i would be here for hours lol
Lorraine Peterson
Lorraine Peterson преди 17 часа
Tsduuuude come ere 😂😂
Rosa Dhillon
Rosa Dhillon преди 17 часа
<a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="148">2:28</a> ahemmm
Pastel_Mintii преди 18 часа
I still dont know what contour is QvQ can anybody tell me? when I ask people they think I'm joking and I dont wanna search it up cause then my friends (who use my phone all the time) would see it on my search history lol.
Bisker 86
Bisker 86 преди 18 часа
Like he said a character right now
June summer
June summer преди 18 часа
Wait I'm- I just assumed...I feel so bad..I didnt know Rosa was an alter ego/character. I just assumed Rosa was Adam ;-;
Car M
Car M преди 18 часа
You’re telling me that’s a 20 yr old male
Monique Carter
Monique Carter преди 19 часа
S.a all the wayyyy😘💛🖤
gillianmchale преди 19 часа
adam is wholesome
Marlene Maldonado
Marlene Maldonado преди 19 часа
Eres afeminado
Sepi Pepa
Sepi Pepa преди 19 часа
Rosaaaaa 😍😍😍😍
Sarah Orr
Sarah Orr преди 19 часа
My birthday is in 8 days and I’m getting the James pallet sooo exited! Eeeek! 😆😆😆😆😆😆😆
Omar Cortez
Omar Cortez преди 19 часа
Is it me or did Adam feel a little off.
Vamp City Rockers
Vamp City Rockers преди 19 часа
Not even a full minute in and I’m already cracking up omg I love you both 😭😭
Ashley Garcia
Ashley Garcia преди 19 часа
No one : Me trying to eat my chapstick because it smells good : <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="638">10:38</a>
Summer Haggenmaker
Summer Haggenmaker преди 19 часа
I love this
Araceli Ceja
Araceli Ceja преди 20 часа
Sister I don’t know why people dislike you 🥺 you’re so genuine and super sweet!!!! ❤️
Tainalys Flores
Tainalys Flores преди 20 часа
Am I the only one who thought “Rosa” was a girl? Shook
Anthoney lopez
Anthoney lopez преди 20 часа
Bro idk if I should like the video I love rose we stand her but sister james is still trash
ZALE Jackson
ZALE Jackson преди 20 часа
Wait James Charles is a dude?
FeLiX tHe AlIeN
FeLiX tHe AlIeN преди 20 часа
iT iS cUrReNtLy <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="197">3:17</a> a.m. iM nOt GoInG cRaZy At AlL
Debbie преди 21 час
I’ve never watched a James video bc I thought he was bad like people say. He is honestly so sweet and kind. I’m sorry I judged you James 😋
Jessica Shea
Jessica Shea преди 21 час
James do my makeup!!
blue hieu
blue hieu преди 21 час
James is highkey great at interviewing, he’d make a great host someday
J Guerrero
J Guerrero преди 21 час
Rosa should’ve given James a makeover
Hannah _ banana
Hannah _ banana преди 21 час
Me : exist BGshow and goes on TikTok to follow him. Me a 2 days later : goes back on BGshow to finish the video after watching tiktok and playing Roblox for 2 days
Warriorcat fan_XD
Warriorcat fan_XD преди 21 час
Hey James one thing I absolutely LOVE is that sometimes you teach us that everyone is so beautiful in there own way, what I mean is that anyone can were makeup and look pretty❤💕 your awesome sister james❤💕
TDM :D преди 21 час
stacy collier
stacy collier преди 21 час
JC: vegetATION Rosa: mett, I eat mett Me:chicken wings!!!!!!!!!
stacy collier
stacy collier преди 21 час
SHE A GIRL????????
Ymch 55
Ymch 55 преди 21 час
Genuine collaboration ❤️
XxxGacha JazzyxxX
XxxGacha JazzyxxX преди 22 часа
Imagine if James noticed my comment and liked it I'll give you a cookie if you like this comment james🥺 👉👈🍪
Kristal. YouTube Rivera
Kristal. YouTube Rivera преди 22 часа
Beautiful beautiful smile
Kristal. YouTube Rivera
Kristal. YouTube Rivera преди 22 часа
Watching video makeup
August _
August _ преди 22 часа
This is the content we need
Miranda Torres
Miranda Torres преди 22 часа
Paquita la del barrio eres tú ? Pd. Amo a los dos 😘😘😘
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