Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra vs iPhone 11 Pro Max!

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Full comparison of Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra vs iPhone 11 Pro Max, including camera, battery, specs, features, and price! Giveaway link:
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Waseem Fida
Waseem Fida преди 31 минута
This s20 ultra is beast
Waseem Fida
Waseem Fida преди 31 минута
Love from pakistan
jenni3_ loves
jenni3_ loves преди 3 часа
People are just buying iPhones for the trend.
Jay Montgomery
Jay Montgomery преди ден
I’m thinking of switching to Samsung because apple is just ridiculous with their products
Amol Wankhede
Amol Wankhede преди ден
I really love to see @Mrwhosetheboss videos. They contain lots of insights devices. Thank you Arun:)
MindPower0 преди 2 дни
No headphone jack isn’t a huge issue... until you have an older vehicle that doesn’t have Bluetooth capabilities and you can’t find a cheap radio to replace it because the port for the radio is too big and you don’t want it to look like garbage with a small radio and it doesn’t have a headphone port to plug in a Bluetooth device and it only plays tapes so the only way you can play music from your phone to the vehicle is to get a cassette tape to headphone jack and then get an adapter in order to plug it in your phone... then it’s a real pain in the ass.
Mikhail Bey
Mikhail Bey преди 3 дни
Fact whether you like it or not: S20 Ultra has a better display. iPhone 11 Pro Max has a much better camera, battery and a little better performance.
Daniel Nam
Daniel Nam преди 3 дни
The iPhone has much better performance, but I argue that Samsung will offer more versatility in the cameras
J. M. Pérez
J. M. Pérez преди 4 дни
Apple fanboy!
Aries _
Aries _ преди 4 дни
Why are your eye colour so weird in the thumbnail
Aries _
Aries _ преди 2 часа
*is your
Michael TV
Michael TV преди 4 дни
Samsung for the win 💪
Victoriah kingg ACHA
Victoriah kingg ACHA преди 5 дни
This comments 😂😂😂
Sam Lan
Sam Lan преди 5 дни
A natureza é maravilhosa
WASSIM milo преди 5 дни
R.I.P. iPhone
Rafalp Gresiak
Rafalp Gresiak преди 5 дни
iPhone is much better
Mr Chicken
Mr Chicken преди 5 дни
Definitely not
Rafalp Gresiak
Rafalp Gresiak преди 5 дни
How are you gonna fit 7” phone in your packet
Abraham ironman
Abraham ironman преди 5 дни
I lost my phone, wish I can get 😫
SHADOW GAMER преди 5 дни
so, according to this review, more weight mean better???!?!?!?!?! isn't it better to reduce weight of your smartphone, or i live in a different world?
CDubb ThePro
CDubb ThePro преди 5 дни
Show this video to a Apple user who thinks Apple is better than Galaxy This should shut them up
Pro Hadi
Pro Hadi преди 7 дни
U arevso great
KING CHUKS преди 7 дни
Hey brother I would love to get one of those phones but ain't got no money So you got broke viewer
Shangkary THANAPAL
Shangkary THANAPAL преди 7 дни
🙄 should i get samsung or apple ? 🤔
Mr Chicken
Mr Chicken преди 5 дни
melio man
melio man преди 8 дни
You can't compare this 2 guys. It is like comparing human intelligence with that of a cow. Wait for the Iphone12 before doix that. Even still I'm still sure note20U will still be better than iphone12 just that you tech youtubers will refuse to admit it, as if you were paid for it.
Trell Gold
Trell Gold преди 8 дни
Me asking my granny with alzheimers for $20 for the 5th time today
znstroy преди 9 дни
Jacobson Josiah
Jacobson Josiah преди 9 дни
Hahae so good
vani morab
vani morab преди 9 дни
Who noticed he use Vodafone
lazarus bethany
lazarus bethany преди 9 дни
i need to update my old phone.
Lennard Fuchs
Lennard Fuchs преди 10 дни
Is everyone in the comments forgetting that the iPhone 11 Pro Max is a 2019 phone? I mean everyone just says „Yeah Apple got destroyed“ or „Samsung won in every aspect“ but not a single person is mentioning that the iPhone has one big disadvantage, that it is from 2019. I think it would be better to compare the S10+ with it because it’s also from 2019 but still the video itself is amazing but the comments don’t mention the most important part. As soon as the iPhone 12 is out it would make more sense to compare the S20 Ultra with it instead of the 11.
John Arvin Sarno
John Arvin Sarno преди 10 дни
i never win on your raffles. im still using my 5s help me
Ionut-Catalin Petcu
Ionut-Catalin Petcu преди 10 дни
ye.. but if u buy samsung with exynos.. pure "garbage"
Aura преди 10 дни
Being an apple fan boi ..I must say Samsung nailed it
Jeramithehuman преди 10 дни
I went to the store tried it then it froze. Samsung sorry doo doo
MiniTurtle3498 преди 10 дни
That mail though
Ethan Dennison
Ethan Dennison преди 10 дни
Amazing phone from Samsung but the software will never be like Apple in my opinion, and that’s what you’ll be using most of the time, that’s why I prefer Apple
Sudipto Das
Sudipto Das преди 11 дни
This is something which most of the people can't afford to buy. I love watching you and feel very enthusiastic. I love watching Unboxings even if I cannot afford to buy this🙏
Gustavo Gargaté
Gustavo Gargaté преди 11 дни
I liked your conlusion 15:11.
ncb преди 11 дни
I wonder which one he actually uses??!😂🤔
amber franklin
amber franklin преди 11 дни
I like both Samsung phones and iPhones for different reasons
Me Too
Me Too преди 11 дни
My phone never wobbled
Me Too
Me Too преди 11 дни
I don't care what you idiot say iphones don't look classy they look cheap
Me Too
Me Too преди 11 дни
I thought the as 20 ultra had stainless steel the note twenties being advertised with stainless steel
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