Dua Lipa - Levitating Featuring DaBaby (Official Music Video)

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Dua Lipa

Dua Lipa

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Get tickets for Dua Lipa's Studio 2054 👉🏼 dualipa.co/Studio2054-GeneralSale 👈🏼 a kaleidoscopic rocket fuelled journey through time, space, mirror-balls, roller discos, bucket hats, belting beats, throbbing bass-lines and an absolute slam dunk of the best times in global club culture throughout the decades.
The official music video for Dua Lipa - Levitating featuring @DaBaby
Taken from her second studio album 'Future Nostalgia' released in 2020, which featured the hit singles 'Don't Start Now', 'Physical', 'Break My Heart', 'Hallucinate' & 'Levitating'
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About Dua Lipa:
Born and raised in London to Kosovar-Albanian parents Dua Lipa signed to Warner Records in 2015, releasing her self titled debut in 2017 which featured the hit singles, 'Be The One', 'IDGAF', 'Hotter Than Hell' & her first UK #1 hit 'New Rules'.
Critical success soon followed as Dua Lipa picked up Brit Awards for 'Best Female Solo Artist' and 'Best British Breakthrough Act' as well as Grammy Awards for 'Best New Artist' and 'Best Dance Recording' for the track 'Electricity' in collaboration with Silk City.
Her second internationally acclaimed studio album 'Future Nostalgia' was released in 2020 and included the hit singles 'Don't Start Now, 'Break My Heart', 'Hallucinate' and 'Levitating', with the remix album 'Club Future Nostalgia' following shortly after featuring guest appearances from 'Blackpink', 'Missy Elliott', 'Madonna' and 'Gwen Stefani'.
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Samuray Cin
Samuray Cin преди 54 минути
Din uğruna kafamı kesecekleri ve öldürecekleri çok büyük bir azap bekliyor melekler bile karşı çıkarsa yanacaklardır ruhlarını cehennemimize taşıyacaz cennet yok
Tharusha Mahawatta
Tharusha Mahawatta преди 59 минути
Wow amazing song.lots of love from Sri Lanka❤️
Shahin Gh. M
Shahin Gh. M преди час
its look like 80 disco song
Tavita преди час
Dam I'm 59 years old and I'm livatating...Busted one!
Aleksa Aleksic
Aleksa Aleksic преди час
I've got a strange feeling that this song is gonna be in the upcoming season of the Euphoria 🎶
Kipay TV
Kipay TV преди час
*Why is nobody talking about the 4:3 aspect ratio of the video. It pays homage to 80's and 90's music video style.*
Hare krishna
Hare krishna преди час
0.26 doremon's anywhere door( Indians would relate)
Ajay Nagre
Ajay Nagre преди час
Slow Disclosure !!!
Ankita Singh
Ankita Singh преди 2 часа
People keep complaining that Dua can't dance, but I find it ADORABLE
Ankita Singh
Ankita Singh преди 2 часа
Levitating is the best song of this album. Period
sidita baku
sidita baku преди 2 часа
Proud of u my beautiful ALBANIAN GIRL 🇦🇱🇦🇱 🙏🥰👑🌺
드래오 преди 2 часа
DaBaby singing OoOoooOooO on the background is something chilly
Liliana Neves
Liliana Neves преди 2 часа
Only artist this year that makes me feel like this year it's not happening 🤓 thank you girl
AS S. P.
AS S. P. преди 2 часа
1million likes!Wow,well done!
itsAnubhav преди 2 часа
The song is soooo goooood. I have been listening this everyday!!! Love this song Dua!!
rose petal
rose petal преди 2 часа
I think she’s occupying the space left by Rihanna
Evandro Bendje
Evandro Bendje преди 2 часа
i think bruno mars should be on this
Ibrahim Suhai
Ibrahim Suhai преди 2 часа
imposter 2:43
Gustavo Valdivia
Gustavo Valdivia преди 3 часа
The most beautiful and talented woman
mathias gustavsen
mathias gustavsen преди 3 часа
Da baby's greatest feature
SUBwod44 HAMid
SUBwod44 HAMid преди 3 часа
U remember me Bee-Geez . Disco
Dance with Dhriti
Dance with Dhriti преди 4 часа
I think I needed a song like this for sure!! Its pretty fire!
Good Day
Good Day преди 4 часа
Deep sexy deep beauty
Salvador Fernandezjimenez
Salvador Fernandezjimenez преди 4 часа
Salvador Fernandezjimenez
Salvador Fernandezjimenez преди 4 часа
Tom Bobby
Tom Bobby преди 5 часа
Designer Virginia vice Documentary implants Famous Virginia surgical tight less hairy
Nursena Dinç
Nursena Dinç преди 5 часа
Her body and dress looking awesome. Dua that's perfect girl 👏🏻👏🏻
vijay k
vijay k преди 5 часа
American songs are just fire 🔥🔥😍
Vesper Pratt
Vesper Pratt преди 5 часа
Really only the sheer stellar nature of Palimpsest from Protest the Hero is the only reason Dua doesn't get my Album of the Year overall, Easily the best Pop Album of the year, though.
Pratik Ujinwal
Pratik Ujinwal преди 5 часа
Who is here after dua's performance on AMA2020?
Maddie C.
Maddie C. преди 5 часа
She is killing the 80's vibe🔥💣
Anushka Nath
Anushka Nath преди 6 часа
I like this song song
Anant Yadav
Anant Yadav преди 6 часа
Villaniuw преди 6 часа
Nice zara Larsson style
Quinn Casee
Quinn Casee преди 6 часа
i like the solo version better
Abdullah B
Abdullah B преди 6 часа
this is already a classic
Yağmur Nisa Öksüm
Yağmur Nisa Öksüm преди 6 часа
şu adam şarkıyı mahvetmiş...
Yağmur Nisa Öksüm
Yağmur Nisa Öksüm преди 6 часа
Tink преди 7 часа
I'm so happy to see a resurgence in Dance music. Bring disco back 2020!!
Jake The Bird
Jake The Bird преди 7 часа
I only came here for DaBaby
malika gumarova
malika gumarova преди 7 часа
Dua Lipa is so beautiful😻😻😻
Juan Araujo Jr.
Juan Araujo Jr. преди 7 часа
Just, magnificent, energetic, magnetic, beautifully. You Dua the Greatest. Thank you for save our music lives. 😘💖
Help me reach 5k sub
Help me reach 5k sub преди 7 часа
Why they didn't levitate?
Sahil Nanda
Sahil Nanda преди 7 часа
Dababy is 🔥🔥🔥 in this song
regular person
regular person преди 7 часа
It's currently at #20 on Billboard Give my girl Dua another top 10 hit
ahmad kasasbaa
ahmad kasasbaa преди 7 часа
eileen stark
eileen stark преди 7 часа
It's still 100% without the rap part.
Fun Fun
Fun Fun преди 8 часа
48 millions views
Leo UV
Leo UV преди 8 часа
I cannot stop dancing to this song
Hüseyn Əsədzadə
Hüseyn Əsədzadə преди 9 часа
Hbd to me Today ❤❤❤
Fauzia Hashmi
Fauzia Hashmi преди 9 часа
2:00 that step❤️❤️
ADI GAMING преди 9 часа
Why to go to clubs when we can have the same feeling in a lift😂
Stevie Builds
Stevie Builds преди 9 часа
Covid saved the clubs from my dance moves to this song.
Pablo Torres Alvarado
Pablo Torres Alvarado преди 9 часа
Dua lipa muy genial como siempre Ella Bonita voz y buen video y extreno genial de la canción me parece muy buena la canción y letra y la música y dua muy bonita ella siempre y buenas publicaciónes y fotos suyas y su música esta de lujo y brillante como siempre Ella Bonita voz. Saludos desde chile un fans de sus canciones siempre eso saludos chile 24 de noviembre 2020 🤗🤗😊🤩🤩🌏😍🌏🤩😇
Ace Devil
Ace Devil преди 9 часа
I felt high thru out the whole music video
TOTO - KSA 77 преди 9 часа
Good good💃🕺💃🕺
TOTO - KSA 77 преди 9 часа
Lizeth Herrera
Lizeth Herrera преди 10 часа
This anyone notice the TikTok sign
Sreetama Biswas
Sreetama Biswas преди 10 часа
Even after being a Brit her accent is quite American.
Clare Yan
Clare Yan преди 10 часа
Just *chefs kiss*
Tom Bobby
Tom Bobby преди 10 часа
Cool expensive gross make up
skv thapasya
skv thapasya преди 10 часа
TOKYO преди 10 часа
Tom Bobby
Tom Bobby преди 10 часа
Girl ugly af make up
WinslowdeWindt преди 10 часа
so awesome i love the music
Ron Eli Salazar
Ron Eli Salazar преди 10 часа
Love the vibe of the song!
Shahariar Emon SFE
Shahariar Emon SFE преди 10 часа
I love you 😘 Dua
Ghislaine de Cuba
Ghislaine de Cuba преди 10 часа
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Nikita Singh
Nikita Singh преди 10 часа
The video: celebrating TikTokers People in the comment section: LiKe iF yoU DidN't cOMe fRom TIktoK
Carolyn Montague
Carolyn Montague преди 11 часа
Dua lipa saved my year. Thank you queen. 💖✨🪐
Salma Akbaraly
Salma Akbaraly преди 11 часа
Who noticed the tiktok logo at 0:32 ? ANDDDD the best thing about Dua’s shows are that she has practically the same voice irl and she doesn’t edit it. She just has a natural and precious talent.
vigneshcrichton преди 11 часа
There is something about Dua Lipa that is so magnetic.
Reginaldo Shinkai
Reginaldo Shinkai преди 11 часа
Wonderful ❤️😉🎶 Dua Lipa
Reha Karmakar Gurung
Reha Karmakar Gurung преди 11 часа
I'm in love with Dua Lipa's dress 😍
VAŠEK GAMES CZ преди 11 часа
Gonna tell my kids this was Bonnie Swanson
Raul Santos
Raul Santos преди 11 часа
crush 💖
Eliza Chai
Eliza Chai преди 11 часа
bruno mars vibe
Octavio Espinosa
Octavio Espinosa преди 11 часа
Lindaaaaa, te espero aca en llavallol miamor
Antonio Encarnacion
Antonio Encarnacion преди 11 часа
zlee преди 11 часа
dua lipa and da baby need a baby
N Oliver
N Oliver преди 11 часа
... ok Dua you got me. I'm a fan now. She keeps dropping dope songs!
Stanlyn преди 11 часа
Loved it!
Tremayne Douglas
Tremayne Douglas преди 12 часа
This song makes 2020 better!
love sick girls
love sick girls преди 12 часа
FluffyBunny2979 преди 12 часа
This is 🔥🔥🔥🔥
Marlowe Michaelson
Marlowe Michaelson преди 12 часа
This video has so much momentum. I adore it
chrzrd преди 12 часа
Just sayin, this song would do JUST fine without TikTok 🤷‍♀️
Miguel Peixeiro
Miguel Peixeiro преди 2 часа
SO many songs fit in your comment... Tik tok is a fckin disgrace
Mundo da Lala
Mundo da Lala преди 12 часа
Dua LIPA beautifulll❤❤❤❤
Andriej69 преди 12 часа
Oh god I LOVE tall women
Navindu Senanayaka
Navindu Senanayaka преди 12 часа
Brian Price
Brian Price преди 12 часа
❤️ you Dua Lipa fantastic singer beautiful woman an absolute legend wishing you all the love happiness and success in life and your career love you so much take care Dua Lipa and stay safe X👍🥃🍺🏴󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿💖❤️😘🤗🌟
Big Gnome
Big Gnome преди 12 часа
This song is so good she’s really the new pop princess
MAARCINHO преди 12 часа
maravilhosaaa 😍❤
Saranghae_ Kpop
Saranghae_ Kpop преди 12 часа
Anyone else hear Exos Coming Over in this? 😂
Lisa Nguyen
Lisa Nguyen преди 13 часа
come on dance with me!
michael Curry
michael Curry преди 13 часа
Great Dua
Mario Jardel
Mario Jardel преди 13 часа
Sexy Dua bringing back the beats from the 90's! 😍
Maelson Rodrigues
Maelson Rodrigues преди 13 часа
Adorei essa música🇧🇷❤
Vitória Rocha
Vitória Rocha преди 13 часа
tudoo né
ChrispyTheBot преди 13 часа
Dua Lipa: *YEAH* Ariana: yuh Ava Max: mmm Lady Gaga: woo!
will brand
will brand преди 14 часа
AMAs perfeita ❤
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