Sevyn Streeter - It Won't Stop ft. Chris Brown [Official Video]

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Sevyn Streeter

преди 7 години

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Watch the official video for Sevyn Streeter's "It Won't Stop" video featuring Chris Brown.
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Directed by: Chris Brown

Xbolt Playz
Xbolt Playz преди 2 часа
NEVER getting old
Christopher Boyce
Christopher Boyce преди 17 часа
Big tune!!!!😎✊✊👊👊👌👍👏👏💣💣💥💥
Ja've Faith
Ja've Faith преди 23 часа
Everybody talkin bout tik tok, like ya they weird but y’all weird for havin that lame ass shit💀 was never live to even be dead
Naila Brauns
Naila Brauns преди ден
"J's on with your shades on. Just to bring me something to eat" 😭😭😭
Lisa Ann Joseph
Lisa Ann Joseph преди ден
This is the vibes right here feeling ya
JB the Golden Boy
JB the Golden Boy преди ден
Tony Howard
Tony Howard преди ден
Tryna recall what show they played this on.....was it an ending song on a "Power" episode🤔?? Or was it "Insecure"?
Queen Gamer
Queen Gamer преди ден
People watching this in 2020: 👑
Nivea Morin
Nivea Morin преди ден
Seryn voice so pretty baddie
jelginia kharlyngdoh
jelginia kharlyngdoh преди 2 дни
I love this song soooooo much
David Wayne
David Wayne преди 2 дни
Of course it wont stop. They been tryna kill me break us up since the start. I imagine Billy and others tell her everything with that lil pp an Kno game. Just like sad bitch I'm going die shit people say an do for pussy. Still she wouldn't fuck u bill always tryna come around when I'm gone. U keep your aids and your baby touchen ass away from my girls
rickquan cameron
rickquan cameron преди 2 дни
both their voices are so perfectly harmonized, they should definitely make more music together. luv them both together.
rickquan cameron
rickquan cameron преди 2 дни
this song brings back old memories, so so luv this song.
Aaliyah Broadie
Aaliyah Broadie преди 2 дни
me in the shower:OH OH OH my
Nènès z
Nènès z преди 3 дни
Willy 🎩🕶🍫
NaturallyCurly Bry
NaturallyCurly Bry преди 3 дни
This song just does something to my soul 🎼
Tower of heccc PRO
Tower of heccc PRO преди 3 дни
Jessica Charles
Jessica Charles преди 3 дни
Pure serenity😍 nov 2020?
Mvgqn преди 3 дни
roche booysen
roche booysen преди 3 дни
joanna eis rose
joanna eis rose преди 4 дни
this was used in a video where jungkook is dancing to his song MY TIME on ON:E CONCERT... I search it , i like the sexy vibes.... and by the way that video that im talking about , jungkook was announced as "sexiest international man". lovin the song.... An Army here 💜💜💜
The Voicy’s_
The Voicy’s_ преди 3 дни
Sophia Shade
Sophia Shade преди 4 дни
whos watching it 11-20-2020
Shanae преди 4 дни
Very much gives me Aaliyah vibes 4sho🎼🎵🎶💜
iihxneyxb33 преди 4 дни
anyone else looking at her high bun and think- yeahhhh getttt into ittt vibes lol
Nicole Tarupiwa
Nicole Tarupiwa преди 4 дни
just updated my playlist
Rylee Sharp
Rylee Sharp преди 4 дни
I sent this song to my bf without a text
Marie Flore Bouzy
Marie Flore Bouzy преди 4 дни
erica dridges
erica dridges преди 4 дни
Earth is flat and stationary
my love alê Oliveira
my love alê Oliveira преди 4 дни
my God. I love this song too much it makes me travel and makes me think about life and you know who I lost good I speak Portuguese but I love these songs Dimas😞❣️😴😴
Lagituaiva Flinders
Lagituaiva Flinders преди 5 дни
Love ya boo.
Ana Cristina Silva Tiina
Ana Cristina Silva Tiina преди 5 дни
markus haoseb
markus haoseb преди 5 дни
who came here after her plastic surgery?
iits quacy
iits quacy преди 5 дни
Bro years later and this song still hits‼😩
December преди 5 дни
Dislike for Chris
Kimora Young
Kimora Young преди 5 дни
Deborah Hamabele
Deborah Hamabele преди 5 дни
Vanessa Oliveira
Vanessa Oliveira преди 5 дни
Vanessa Oliveira
Vanessa Oliveira преди 5 дни
adi преди 6 дни
I'm the only one who wants them to do a new collaboration
pharmacie de la source pharmacie de la source
pharmacie de la source pharmacie de la source преди 6 дни
Click twice on bleu write, he present(different origine) (just read).....clique sur ce lien 2 fois il presente different origine (lisant) my facebook is yesuh laulau click bleu write for coming inside mon facebook est yesuh laulau clique sur ce écrit bleu pour entrer à l'interieur mon facebook - Speak at other people around You Yesuh laulau Parle à autre personne autour de toi yesuh laulau . - - (say my name bb rexha ft J balvin ft David Guetta) + va marié un methis (clip girl have fun) =holidays dizze rascal sa fait ce clip clique dessus. click on 1min 15 - (Julian Peretta, Joackim Noah basketteur) Castle freya Ridings =devine Timber kesha ft pitbull✨???
I AM M преди 6 дни
Sa'Rih Torrence 72611
Sa'Rih Torrence 72611 преди 7 дни
Wait who song is this??👁👄👁👩🏾‍💻
Katherine Banuelos
Katherine Banuelos преди 7 дни
Still one of my favorites in 2020! Sexy smooth vibes!
Davy Chea
Davy Chea преди 8 дни
Pp a
Nap преди 8 дни
Sevyn streeter looks like the skunk in over the hedge
Nailah Green
Nailah Green преди 8 дни
What a beautiful song 🥰
Shaquan Roswess
Shaquan Roswess преди 8 дни
Chris brown voice bad not lieing
Dominique Murray
Dominique Murray преди 8 дни
Nov 15 2020 and this still my iish
Niyalah Harvey
Niyalah Harvey преди 8 дни
I've been listening this song so long I realized that they using it on tik tok am like that's my song
Orlando Roper Jr.
Orlando Roper Jr. преди 9 дни
Thank You
Joy Victoria
Joy Victoria преди 9 дни
I swear this was my jam when it came out in in 2013.
Fatima C. Middleton
Fatima C. Middleton преди 9 дни
Maysm Hamed
Maysm Hamed преди 9 дни
Thiss part tho 00:30 ✨
shackelia walton
shackelia walton преди 9 дни
I love this song
Jeanine Ryder
Jeanine Ryder преди 10 дни
Yt is 45
Shombie Dixon
Shombie Dixon преди 10 дни
im glad i refound this
Suyon преди 10 дни
Still da fav song❤️
Akeisha Martin
Akeisha Martin преди 10 дни
This song makes me feel love, even when I'm single. One day. Good Lyrics mean everything
{buggie} B
{buggie} B преди 10 дни
I remember dancing to this with my cousins every weekend *ah the times* 😭
menorsito josh
menorsito josh преди 11 дни
sevyn streeter is representing haines city florida🔥🔥
Akosua Donkor
Akosua Donkor преди 11 дни
Fun Fact: This song did not appear on your Recommendations. You searched for it.
Rory Daley
Rory Daley преди 11 дни
This song's got it locked
Jalisa Moore
Jalisa Moore преди 11 дни
Who dances to this in there room like if you do I always look like a crazy psycho straight out of jail Lol ...
Jyla Ponder
Jyla Ponder преди 7 дни
Aurélie Victoire Gbangbo
Aurélie Victoire Gbangbo преди 11 дни
I thought that was Lily Godman 😂
Rimsha Fathim
Rimsha Fathim преди 12 дни
This song really became famous after 7 longg yearss🤪
feña Castillo
feña Castillo преди 12 дни
Yo solo vine aqui por willy wonka 🍫👄🍫
CosmicClips преди 12 дни
Anybody else randomly think about this?
Sha'Kaila Carson
Sha'Kaila Carson преди 12 дни
My name is sevyn I am a little girl
kingsley Sweat
kingsley Sweat преди 12 дни
whos watching in 2020??
Jeremiah Alexander
Jeremiah Alexander преди 12 дни
If youre listening to this seven years later your a legend...
Cordell Allen
Cordell Allen преди 12 дни
She so underated she is really good it's about time she gets respect she deserves with the goat by her side she she's a winner in my eyes
SIYA FREESTYLE преди 12 дни
I love this song
Karen Letesia Blom
Karen Letesia Blom преди 13 дни
Let's see who's hear in November 2020
Kayso Tv
Kayso Tv преди 10 часа
Dutchess Garcia
Dutchess Garcia преди 2 дни
Hamoside преди 3 дни
Aisha Foondun
Aisha Foondun преди 4 дни
Łášt of Ûś
Łášt of Ûś преди 7 дни
Faye Gibson
Faye Gibson преди 13 дни
Who still bump this lols they did that
23 Foo
23 Foo преди 13 дни
Every morning to middle school this would play
Isaiah Hines
Isaiah Hines преди 13 дни
Isaiah. -Sevyn. -Streeter. - Chris Brown
zodiac fam
zodiac fam преди 13 дни
twicepinkvelvet преди 14 дни
shannon scott
shannon scott преди 14 дни
yah bitch u over chris is so over u this is channel coco
armad sanders
armad sanders преди 14 дни
2020 🤘🏿
Cocobxtter преди 14 дни
Not people acutally learning this from tiktok 💀💀
Emilie Raoult
Emilie Raoult преди 14 дни
Aniyah Deas
Aniyah Deas преди 15 дни
This song hits. Get u in your feelings in seconds
Iara Luiza Martins do Nascimento
Iara Luiza Martins do Nascimento преди 15 дни
Essa música e linda eu amei ela ❤
Mook_89 преди 15 дни
Bro her chin in the thumbnail 😭
alihou michel doumbia
alihou michel doumbia преди 15 дни
j'aime tellement cette chanson Sevyn que j'écoute chaque jour ;c'est ma sonnerie du phone;je suis ton fan et souhaite te voir un jour pour le reste de vie je,(IVOIRY COST)
Nwabisa Malimba
Nwabisa Malimba преди 16 дни
cant last a day without listening to this song
Lyric Ervin
Lyric Ervin преди 16 дни
why as i kid i thought she said every day every night😂
drondill преди 16 дни
Want To Succeed? ~ Find Your Purpose ~ Stick to It ~ Don't give up ‼️ ~ Tunnel Vision (focus on the prize) ~ BELIEVE AND ACHIEVE ~ Patience is key
Amatuallah Simmons
Amatuallah Simmons преди 16 дни
November 2020 ??
Te'oma Chambers
Te'oma Chambers преди 16 дни
Stay in school dont pick the streets befor you education my daughter TEOMA
Te'oma Chambers
Te'oma Chambers преди 16 дни
If she could do it my daughter you can girl ..dont never let someone tell you " that you cant
Ricky Crooze
Ricky Crooze преди 16 дни
Who's listening with me right now November 2020
FRED CHICKEN преди 17 дни
Kedar Wright
Kedar Wright преди 17 дни
2020 November 8:09 ... In jamaica 😩
Likas Papaya
Likas Papaya преди 17 дни
It sounds so familiar 🎧🎤🎼🎹
Likas Papaya
Likas Papaya преди 16 дни
@Terry Migwi right??!! 😜😊
Terry Migwi
Terry Migwi преди 17 дни
Likas Papaya You heard it in your dream, or your last life, who knows. XD
Nwabisa Malimba
Nwabisa Malimba преди 18 дни
This song mara ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
Lele Clark
Lele Clark преди 18 дни
I remember the night when I heard this song in 2012.😊
Terry Migwi
Terry Migwi преди 17 дни
Lele Clark miss those good old days
Terry Migwi
Terry Migwi преди 17 дни
Lele Clark Sweet memories.
matau mmolawa
matau mmolawa преди 18 дни
I love this song I can not stop singing is
Tylor Mejia
Tylor Mejia преди 18 дни
Put Breezy on any track and he does no wrong! 💯
Matisse Thybulle Stan
Matisse Thybulle Stan преди 18 дни
I remember when some stations wouldn’t play Chris part because of the issues he had going on around this time
Aj Thomas
Aj Thomas преди 12 дни
Weird.I say because those stations are mostly likely playing him now
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