DaniLeigh - Levi High ft. DaBaby (Official Video)

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Stream and Download “Levi High" ft. DaBaby here: danileigh.lnk.to/LeviHigh

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Levi high jeans
Sitting right keep that ass up
Instagram flex basic hoes
Getting gassed up
Niggas in my face boy bye nigga back up
I’m a city girl it’s only right that I act up
It’s the way I act up
Drink my water and my fruit so everything be snatched up
Getting rich for dummies u should read it get yo cash up
Ask me if I give a fuck I wouldn’t give my last fuck
Let’s call this a boo check
I jus pulled up with my new flex
She love to call me baby
Got Her other nigga like why u do that
I know how to make niggas mad
We hop out and swag
Bitch I got the bag
She got on the jeans that sit high on the waist
Like to throw up that four when I’m grabbing her ass
Yeah u know how i do
I done found a new bae
My new boo take like 2 to 3 showers a day
I’m still coo if I lose all my followers today
Before i knew about music I found me a play
I told her to sneak my lil gun in the club flirt with the security act like u bae
U got them
Levi high jeans
Sitting right keep that ass up
Instagram flex basic hoes
Getting gassed up
Niggas in my face boy bye nigga back up
I’m a city girl it’s only right that I act up
It’s the way I act up
Drink my water and my fruit so everything be snatched up
Getting rich for dummies u should read it get yo cash up
Ask me if I give a fuck I wouldn’t give my last fuck
Don’t act like u don’t know who i am
I’m who I am
And u a fan
I’m up u not
That’s where we stand
New Ap watch
My wrist on glam
Rainbow diamonds
toucan Sam
Don’t want ur nigga
Come get ur man
Don’t want yo nigga come come get ur man

Music video by DaniLeigh performing Levi High. © 2020 Def Jam Recordings, a division of UMG Recordings, Inc.

brittany greco
brittany greco преди 2 минути
It is
Ash Vlogs
Ash Vlogs преди 19 часа
It's the beat for meeee❤
Divanny преди 21 час
Bhavesh Sharma
Bhavesh Sharma преди 23 часа
Nice sex fack song .panic boobs
TB_Chemsa Boulahtari
TB_Chemsa Boulahtari преди ден
Arobyana White
Arobyana White преди ден
Asthetic Mya
Asthetic Mya преди ден
If they touched lips I would be the one going to jail for murder
Diona Watkins
Diona Watkins преди ден
Sorry. Issa no for me dawg
Shenicqua Sloss
Shenicqua Sloss преди 2 дни
Dani is so tanlted and pretty
Ashley Banks
Ashley Banks преди 2 дни
Am I the only person who ships Dani and dababy?
Ashley Garcia
Ashley Garcia преди 2 дни
Like this is to bumping
Nova Terra
Nova Terra преди 2 дни
"Yeah I seen the whole thing, he jumped in the hummer with all these beautiful ladies and they were like all dressed in denim." Yes they were very beautiful Q_Q who are they?!
Punisherrr 007
Punisherrr 007 преди 2 дни
This song hits harder with headphones and you're high 🍁🚬
Yesn't преди 3 дни
3:21 eternal Atake feat: Dababy
Blue Teopads nice
Blue Teopads nice преди 3 дни
Take a daytrip so good at beats
TheRealCarlos \
TheRealCarlos \ преди 4 дни
Dababy pulled the Kamasutra on that truck
msas906 преди 4 дни
2:10 omg danileigh
Jamea Willis
Jamea Willis преди 4 дни
And that's my little baby got a new girlfriend that's why little baby got a new girlfriend
Martine Alliance
Martine Alliance преди 5 дни
sanyalee brown
sanyalee brown преди 5 дни
Hot go and be popular
YttkAce 100
YttkAce 100 преди 6 дни
When she say you shouldnt make a queen wait dababy says lets go then she whispers put it in my asshole😂
Ant Clerfont
Ant Clerfont преди 6 дни
But this song go hard
Ant Clerfont
Ant Clerfont преди 6 дни
I wouldn't bet that Dababy might bag her. XD
LovelyLady Carter
LovelyLady Carter преди 6 дни
I like it🤷🏽‍♀️😌💯
Pamela Fortson
Pamela Fortson преди 6 дни
I love it
strength in numbers
strength in numbers преди 7 дни
Image 09
Image 09 преди 7 дни
I heard they are together!! If not, they would make a cute couple 👌😁
Akim Glasgow
Akim Glasgow преди 7 дни
This song is the best I ever listen to
Reigha Rollins
Reigha Rollins преди 7 дни
Ayyye 🔥🔥🔥🔥
Harriet Smith
Harriet Smith преди 8 дни
shrtlink.ca/xxxsh0w621lovedoll ඇමක්වළඔවුන්ගේ හකු එකිනෙකාගේ උගුරට හැකි උපරිමයෙන් ඉලක්ක කර ගත්හ විය
Treasure Jackson
Treasure Jackson преди 8 дни
She has a beautiful voice
Alia Alia
Alia Alia преди 8 дни
This song so groovy in so many ways you gotta switch the flow but still stay on beat type vibe ❤️🔥🔥
Alia Alia
Alia Alia преди 8 дни
He throw them bags like they was men , BIG BIG MEN 😭😂😂😂 I love muh dawg 😌
Khylee Cole
Khylee Cole преди 8 дни
Íī 7kkììío
D'arah Molina
D'arah Molina преди 8 дни
Imagine when you hear this Beat
Mai Her
Mai Her преди 9 дни
I like your song😍
Witness 8
Witness 8 преди 9 дни
Danileigh stop flirting
nathaniel baldridge
nathaniel baldridge преди 9 дни
They was hands up, and stepping outta tha whip in literally 2 seconds. You trying to get me for armed robbery its last stand nation.
Cherisha Chenelle
Cherisha Chenelle преди 9 дни
I knew it was only a matter of time before someone wore their pants inside out and I'm so here for it!!!
Kisha Hervey
Kisha Hervey преди 9 дни
Love dababy
Torri Stalk
Torri Stalk преди 9 дни
This is who he with now🤦‍♀️
Frederic Reid
Frederic Reid преди 10 дни
Keith NORWOOD преди 10 дни
Ya all haters who ever dis like this song this hits hard
diamond jackson
diamond jackson преди 10 дни
Mood for the rest of my life ❤️ Cali girl here 💅🏾
McKyah Crooms
McKyah Crooms преди 11 дни
I this
Carmelita Smothers
Carmelita Smothers преди 11 дни
They dont make a good couple at all
Carmelita Smothers
Carmelita Smothers преди 11 дни
His baby Mother looks better then her any way🙅🏾and he going have tricks all round him cause his money is long🤑🤑but he allways have love for his Baby Mother the Queen who have is kids and was there when no one was there 👊🏾
William Phim
William Phim преди 11 дни
Let’s goooooo
Smile_uwokeup _2day
Smile_uwokeup _2day преди 11 дни
Ya know when I drove this Humvee in overseas combat, it never drove by itself, like this one here in this vlog. But yo love this cut right here nice Caleb here
Over & Under
Over & Under преди 11 дни
I'm only here for DaBaby
la belle stecie ds
la belle stecie ds преди 11 дни
If you listen to the music during your forties than subscribe to my channel no racism
Melchi Mb
Melchi Mb преди 11 дни
Wht a beautiful voice, can’t stop listening to... this song will never die
AlmightyMe преди 11 дни
Yea they did dat tho dat shit have set jumpin
Anna Maye
Anna Maye преди 12 дни
The only way
Mister Evans
Mister Evans преди 12 дни
DaniLeigh is getting sexy
Maurice Ward
Maurice Ward преди 12 дни
When you have to dance on your jeep before you complete the lick 😂😂
Elijah Robertson
Elijah Robertson преди 12 дни
Dababy at the end was funny asf😂😂
Synamitee преди 13 дни
When u get a Levi sponsor
Ilia Sydiuk
Ilia Sydiuk преди 13 дни
dababy part 😍😍😍😍
Author Marlon L. Dotson Ink Orgasms
Author Marlon L. Dotson Ink Orgasms преди 13 дни
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