Chris Brown, Young Thug - Go Crazy (Official Video)

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Chris Brown & Young Thug - "Slime & B" out now!:
Watch "Go Crazy" official video:
Produced By:
Dark Matter FX & Paradise City Entertainment
Executive Producer: Chris Brown
Executive Producer: Matt Goldstein
Executive Producer: Jake Miosge
Executive Producer: Mat Fuller
Director: Mat Fuller
Animation Studio: Dark Matter FX
Follow Chris Brown:
Follow Young Thug:
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ChrisBrownVEVO преди 2 месеца
#GoCrazy ❤️🙏🥰
Isiahghfhh I like your YouTube channelChenault
Isiahghfhh I like your YouTube channelChenault преди 17 дни
Prisca Arcon
Prisca Arcon преди 23 дни
Judy Gaines
Judy Gaines преди месец
Tasnim Smaoun
Tasnim Smaoun преди 2 месеца
King R&P
XxbrojiggyxX Ttv
XxbrojiggyxX Ttv преди 2 месеца
Its gonna be a pt a 2
MrDg2400 преди 4 часа
Why do y’all keep on pumping up young thug?! 🤷🏻‍♂️😂🤦🏻‍♂️
TogIsHere преди 4 часа
One of my current favorite songs
tfieldhouse93 преди 5 часа
Who are the dancers?
Nicolette Davis
Nicolette Davis преди 5 часа
Chris Brown is an absolutely G.O.A.T!!
boy tanod
boy tanod преди 6 часа
bring it back bring bring bing bing back go crazy lang pala ang title neto
Ashley G
Ashley G преди 6 часа
I love my husband; On Blxxdz.
Tyraine Jordan
Tyraine Jordan преди 6 часа
i think the song but the volume is low
Bok Martin
Bok Martin преди 7 часа
1:46 damn james harden got them moves
June Johnson
June Johnson преди 7 часа විය හොර රහසේ ඇය තවමත් ඔවුන් ප්රතිකාර
Edilson Vieira
Edilson Vieira преди 7 часа
NIGGAS DICK преди 7 часа
KING PRO PLAYER преди 7 часа
algun latino escuchando este tema?
Safeena Choud
Safeena Choud преди 8 часа
All I see is light skin girls where my black queens at tho breezy🤦🏿‍♂️🇰🇪
Ismael Alves
Ismael Alves преди 8 часа
Cadê os BRS🇧🇷🇧🇷? Marcando presença kkkkkk
tempy mode
tempy mode преди 8 часа
get he could flow over
Mello ff
Mello ff преди 8 часа
Fé no Pai Que A 600 sai
Fé no Pai Que A 600 sai преди 8 часа
Aumenta o som que lá vem mais um som de qualidade ✌️😎
Chris преди 9 часа
Chris brown and young thugg go crazy
Mary V
Mary V преди 10 часа
This song is amazing
William Conroy
William Conroy преди 10 часа
It's Cheyenne
William Conroy
William Conroy преди 10 часа
I'ma pray for y'all tonight if that's okay tho
William Conroy
William Conroy преди 10 часа
My head feels dense n heavy kinda
William Conroy
William Conroy преди 10 часа
Cause all I wanna do is sleep forever in a had sickly kinda way
William Conroy
William Conroy преди 10 часа
Y'all a lil depressed tho lmk how I can help
Melinda Odegard
Melinda Odegard преди 11 часа
Omg Chris Brown "I got what you need"
shanice sparks
shanice sparks преди 12 часа
This song puts me in a good mood instantly 🤗🔥👏
Lataivion Hopson
Lataivion Hopson преди 12 часа
Me and my crew when we see a thicc girl 1:32
google user
google user преди 12 часа
One of your best Mr. Brown, addictive damn song 🎼🎧🎶🎵🔊♥️
M&J YG преди 12 часа
I love this!!!chris hope you didnt get in trouble for those fireworks lol...keep up the good work man your awsome.xoxox marianne
b0zay преди 13 часа
Before they followed those 2 badgirls at the end to some other reality, how epic would it be if DJ khaled came out of nowhere and stopped them to follow those hoes by showing a snippet on his phone playing "THESE HOES AINT LOYAL" and then u see chris and thug go back to the party lmfaoooooooo
ToTo Chanel
ToTo Chanel преди 13 часа
Brandon Hunt
Brandon Hunt преди 14 часа
Passing 1994 - 2020 Maria Hellen Ewing
monique Joyner
monique Joyner преди 14 часа
I love Chris Brown he so talented and can dance his ass off and this song is straight heat🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥
Renad Abdullah
Renad Abdullah преди 14 часа
الكاميرا واضحه ي مصور زبال
Doteck5.5 преди 14 часа
This is Old song
Alperen Demiral
Alperen Demiral преди 14 часа
This really gives 2010 vibes
Vanessa Chambers
Vanessa Chambers преди 15 часа
Young Thug know how to kill a song!!!! Black don't crack this song is lit
Aditya Bisht
Aditya Bisht преди 15 часа
Who is that model at 1:02
Sugey Loya
Sugey Loya преди 16 часа
ohhhhh I love itttt
Lazy avocado
Lazy avocado преди 16 часа
Ngl Chris brown is going to get every give no matter what he do all the girls
James Spencer
James Spencer преди 16 часа
When an artist from your generation delivering everytime.
Muhammad Imran Ur Rasheed
Muhammad Imran Ur Rasheed преди 16 часа
Woo its fire keep burning
Aneita Gray
Aneita Gray преди 16 часа
This song is underrated....go crazy
Platinum IIX
Platinum IIX преди 17 часа
Is that Ash Kaash at 1:01???
Young Foliola
Young Foliola преди 19 часа
I saw a Michael Jackson painting on the wall if anybody cares
Raden Kastari
Raden Kastari преди 19 часа
Lovi'n skill
XXDr.Anonynous XX
XXDr.Anonynous XX преди 20 часа
Tik tok ruins every good song ;(
Tatiana Robinson IAmTheYoungTransDancer
Tatiana Robinson IAmTheYoungTransDancer преди 20 часа
In my opinion Young thug snapped. Like no lie
jessica sthilaire
jessica sthilaire преди 20 часа
I love this sound
Delly Khamisah
Delly Khamisah преди 20 часа
Chris brown I so proud u really killed it
LINTON KUSH S.P. blackicealmighty
LINTON KUSH S.P. blackicealmighty преди 21 час
I think 1 000 000 out these views are mines🤣flipping dope tune💯🇯🇲
Jiraya Thug
Jiraya Thug преди 21 час
Salve tropa, peço licença pra chegar com mo satisfação de informar que o som novo tá disponível, dá aquela conferida🔥🔥🔥 Só agradeço a todos fé em Deus🙏🏼 Link abaixo - Jiraya Thug - So Prostituto 🔥🔥🔥
from London brixton UK
from London brixton UK преди 22 часа
The comeback kid is on smooth asf!
Storm Cia
Storm Cia преди 22 часа
Autumn Gonzalez
Autumn Gonzalez преди 22 часа
I’m actually disappointed because Chris Brown can dance and I didn’t see him at his best in this video I saw more dumb hoes than him dancing in the video and that’s some thing that he’s really good at Chris come on brother 🤔🎭❤️💯
Amelle Adegoke
Amelle Adegoke преди 23 часа
I told this song to my teacher and he played it while we worked in school and then he got in trouble headteacher about the swearing cos Catholic school 🏫 🤣🤣 I watched this at home like 5 times and after that 1 hour loop 🤣
Rahul Kumar
Rahul Kumar преди 23 часа
Very nice
Rudolph Goliath
Rudolph Goliath преди 23 часа
Who came here after watching Chelsea defender?
Mauro преди ден
Nobody is wearing masks 🤯
Mauro преди 13 часа
Amelle Adegoke government controls all.
Amelle Adegoke
Amelle Adegoke преди 23 часа
Innit I see songs in 2020 after March or in March in corona with no mask 😷🤯
Godzilla King of the monsters
Godzilla King of the monsters преди ден
We want to see Chris brown dance no naked girls okay
ibrahim kamara
ibrahim kamara преди ден
@1:01 ash kaash?
Gust4 Jesus
Gust4 Jesus преди ден
Muito bom
jayjay ibañez
jayjay ibañez преди ден
Issufo Saide
Issufo Saide преди ден
Irone Paul Mangonon
Irone Paul Mangonon преди ден
That J1 Luka Doncic on his feet is 🔥🔥🔥
Isaac Zuniga
Isaac Zuniga преди ден
Yoo i saw ashh kaashh on GAWD
Free Rap Family
Free Rap Family преди ден 🙏🙏
Abdoolkadir преди ден
Man u the best 💪 I love this song so much 😍😍😍😍
Geovane Santana
Geovane Santana преди ден
Alguém em 2020 em plena quarentena sextouuuuu
WILLI YT преди ден
Carai o Naldo mnr
Young Lawrence
Young Lawrence преди ден
Fire 🎵 🔥 📛 👨‍🚒 🚒 🧯 🎆 🔥 📛 🔥🔥👌🏿
zuleikha ahmed
zuleikha ahmed преди ден
Breezy Infinity
Breezy Infinity преди ден
Most of the songs that hit top 10 and top 5 on Billboard has already a 100m views. "Go Crazy" peaked #9 and not even close to 100m views. Chris Brown is so underrated, smh.
Breezy Infinity
Breezy Infinity преди ден
Most of the songs that hit top 10 and top 5 on Billboard has already a 100m views. "Go Crazy" is not even close to 100m views. Chris Brown is so underrated.
_JustConcentrate _
_JustConcentrate _ преди ден
Are people going to ignore the fact Chris is a whole different species
Daniel da Silva Brito
Daniel da Silva Brito преди ден
Regina Ward
Regina Ward преди ден
I love this so it make want to do so crazy challenge 💕💕💕💕💕💕💕
esdras menezes pereira
esdras menezes pereira преди ден
Chewie Bacca
Chewie Bacca преди ден
A moment of silence for these girls dads
Kiley Nelson
Kiley Nelson преди ден
This song and video are FANTASTIC!!!😍🤩😃🥰💝💗
Kelvin gyan
Kelvin gyan преди ден
yose cece
yose cece преди ден
t pain
MD 12
MD 12 преди ден
Essa ficou Chave 😍
Table Book
Table Book преди ден
I don't no hands yup putting it down baby 😘❤️❤️💋
user6479 преди ден
i vote jennifer .
Mani Nedoow
Mani Nedoow преди ден
This song is just
kikoluzumaki преди ден
Kelven Mendes
Kelven Mendes преди ден
Alguém do Brasil? porra
Isabel Prado
Isabel Prado преди ден
He really made the most basic music video in history.
Anna Green
Anna Green преди ден
hi love your song everyday i sing to it love you
Nick Cataluna
Nick Cataluna преди ден
I kinda here tippin on 44 on this beat?
Akil Grandison
Akil Grandison преди ден
Got to play it over everytime
Jay Dail
Jay Dail преди ден
We gonna act like gunna wasnt there
rajat shetty
rajat shetty преди ден
LILJ4yDaRapper преди ден
Who yall got blue or red
Marikali Magallanes
Marikali Magallanes преди ден
Volume settings✔ Downloaded 2 other volume settings Checked on spotify & the web Nope Volume doesn't work But it does for the alarm clock I don't know what's up with my phone rn.... Speakers are good but something is fkd up
Michael Singleton
Michael Singleton преди ден
Is that ash kash at 1:00 ?
Marikali Magallanes
Marikali Magallanes преди ден
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