Snow Tha Product - How I Do It (Official Music Video)

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Snow Tha Product - How I Do It (Official Music Video)
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Prod. by Matee
i got a buncha money in the bank
But I got me some bills so I fucked up the re-up
I am Mexican bitch so when I ball at the galleria they call me Maria
I give a fuck what u call me just dont call me broke listen Susan just back up ya kia
I got a big whip whit a lift and I just bought 4 acres see ya when I see ya
mucha gente no le gusta que tengo talento y que no nesesito de nadie
entro al pinche meeting pa que digan que quieren mis fans pues paguen…
Dicen que quieren que yo les enseñe como hacerlo mismo pero aquí les doy el detalle
Yo no me vendo y por eso me odian pero
sinceramente yo les mento la madre
(A lot of people don’t like that I have talent and
that I don’t need anything from anyone
I enter the fucking meeting and they tell me they want my fans , well pay for them
They say they want me to show them
how I do it, but here is the detail
I don’t sell myself and that’s why they hate me,
But honestly I just tell them to fuck themselves)
And that’s how I do it And that’s how I do it
And that’s how I do it
Cuz that’s how its done
And that’s how I do it
That’s how I do it
That’s how I do it
That’s how I do it
I meet a lotta people that be telling me that im so lucky cuz I got it made
I won’t consider myself anybody til Mexicans aint gotta work as the maid..
I give a fuck what the internet say
I aint gone make it a part of my day
U text the fan number I made..
Or dont.. really Im more than ok
Im gucci keep it gggggg
In my way then beep beep beep
nod ya head like si si si si si si
i know that u really seen me be the reason
bitches talk on the net
Im steppin all on they neck
Why the fuck u upset
Im not in to you men
Not my fault he online
Commenting that im fine
Said he heard that im bi
Trying to find out if that’s right..
ya tengo tiempo diciendo lo mismo
india maria ni de aqui ni de alla
Vinieron mis padres directo de Mexico
aramaron su lio y se fueran pa tras
Dijeron que chingue su madre con trump
tomando modelo no pega corona
mi padre quería tener un hijo bravo por eso salí de mi madre cabrona
(I’ve been saying the same thing for some time
India María, not from here nor from there,
My parents came straight from Mexico
they made their mess and then went back
They said fuck trump
Drinking Modelo you won’t catch corona
My father wanted a tough son, that’s why
I came out a bad motherfucker)
Now I got business n I need some cash
I gotta a kid n he growin up fast
He tell me mommy these rappers is trash
But if I let him rap he'll be shown his ass (hes gonna show off)
Cuz half of these rappers be having an image crises
Every time they go thru it
everybody talkin real in they songs but pussy boy can’t do it
I like to pop off at shows
i drink tequila im real as they come
But I just found out even people I put on
is jealous of mine.. so I bought me a gun
And it go boom boom boom pow..
it kill at will.. n this ones Fergie..
if I put you on n you try to Yolanda me I swear to god that I will do u dirty
Cuz I am legend but y’all aint got see it till after im gone
But thats just how it go..
but ima be honest I don’t care to be one if that’s what it take cuz my kid gotta grow
But ima talk my shit
And ima rep like I always did
Still gon flex wit the Mexican drip
Still sing chente when I get lit
This new to y’all baby boy I been
and Repped that flag even way back when..
back when labels said baby this aint it
Now they trying to make another me wait aww shit
Hold up goddamn can I get my cut
Everything that I been makin they been taken what sup
they want our culture but dont show love
They want our money but don’t want us
#MusicVideo #NewMusic #HowIDoIt

Just dropped the behind the scenes vlog for this music video! → We're so embarrassing 🤣
Quinte преди ден
She Dope AF! Her Flow Lit Lit 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥
Karla G
Karla G преди 2 дни
I love ur music
Aman Tiwari
Aman Tiwari преди 4 дни
I love you snow.. ur lyrics are fire❤
Nyzetta Dallas
Nyzetta Dallas преди 6 дни
I been sleep!!!!!!! Go off !!!
Veronica Valdez
Veronica Valdez преди 6 дни
Terry Stanley
Terry Stanley преди 19 минути
Matthew Sherman
Matthew Sherman преди час
Bruh u gotta love it she out here doin her own shit in her own way I respect artists that take they work seriously and that they are making a name for themselves, Snow keep on bringing heat and keep on grindin the whole WILL know your name🔥🔥🔥
amir mohammadi
amir mohammadi преди 3 часа
Carlos Garcia del rio
Carlos Garcia del rio преди 6 часа
mytinyvictories преди 6 часа
I love it when you rap in Spanish!
Al Ha
Al Ha преди 7 часа
she rap better than most of guys ^^
Aquarius JazzTM
Aquarius JazzTM преди 9 часа
❣️🙌💯🌬️Gawrn Snow🌬️ 💯❣️😍
Netter Kuser
Netter Kuser преди 13 часа
chixksmokealot преди 14 часа
Don Jon
Don Jon преди 16 часа
Keep workin girl!!! Flaming these beats!!
DEIKA BRUNY преди 16 часа
Ijust found her i love
Joel Salinas
Joel Salinas преди 17 часа
Junior Srich
Junior Srich преди 18 часа
Tight shit ...
BorSha преди 18 часа
Love You Super Video
Brevin Whoric
Brevin Whoric преди 19 часа
I swear she is the female hopsin
Bubba Love
Bubba Love преди 19 часа
Vegan Dolls
Vegan Dolls преди 19 часа
Her poor hair is so damaged I can tell it feels gummy when it's wet.
WAM преди 19 часа
Reminds me of Eminem but female
Heartstone Heartston
Heartstone Heartston преди 20 часа
so amazing !!!!!!!!!!!!!
Elliot Werner
Elliot Werner преди 21 час
Discovering Snow Tha Product was the only good thing that came from Coronavirus. (I know I'm late to the party, better late than never!)
Horiana Fernandez
Horiana Fernandez преди 21 час
“Susan back up your Kia” 😂😂😂 the shade lmfao
Marissa Cabrera
Marissa Cabrera преди 22 часа
Love this song! Its been a hard day, but this song getting me back on track. Keeping going and succeed! Don't stop for no one. "They want our culture but don't want us." 🔥
King Art
King Art преди 23 часа
Try to Yolanda me? RIP Selena....
Matt Man
Matt Man преди ден
Yo... lit... that shit is hot. I'm a fan lol
Alexandra Veronica
Alexandra Veronica преди ден
Naruto преди ден
angeles27 преди ден
Jeeeesus straight 🔥🔥🔥🔥
Qam Ben Issachar
Qam Ben Issachar преди ден
whiskey jack
whiskey jack преди ден
Well, I'm fucking late to this shit. Snows one of the best rappers I've ever heard and I've been listening for 25 years. Holy fucking shit
SVI MC преди ден
Chris Culler
Chris Culler преди ден
how refreshing to hear a rapper who can actually rap.....
Tasia Janel
Tasia Janel преди ден
Yo she’s the coldest 🥶🙏🏽💯
Maria Martinez
Maria Martinez преди ден
I just realized the lyrics are in the video description 🤦‍♀️
Macy Macy
Macy Macy преди ден
Awww snow you finally out from under her thumb 🎉🎊 blow it up Mija 🔥BGshow everyday babe , that’s where it’s at during quarantine ☝🏽 xoxo ♥️
John Crowder
John Crowder преди ден
dirttowater преди ден
That last verse almost brought tears to my eyes... how is she so good? I've been a fan for years but I'm still amazed.
Dejker преди ден
fuckin lit
Roxanne Morales
Roxanne Morales преди ден
Tank преди 2 дни
DALLLLEEEE facts 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🚨🚨🚨💯💯💯💯
Joshua Harvey
Joshua Harvey преди 2 дни
Mamama seta
Jon Doe Smith
Jon Doe Smith преди 2 дни
Bihhh you doit gurl. Respect.
Kane Wiggins
Kane Wiggins преди 2 дни
When she first came on I thought it was Eminem’s Verse from (lucky you)
Jose Acosta
Jose Acosta преди 2 дни
Play with DaiSy!!!
Play with DaiSy!!! преди 2 дни
Here since MySpace💖🌸
City Girl
City Girl преди 2 дни
Uff ! Real rapper , not no use to be stripper and met a music producer to get her in the game ... lmao do you but I’m just saying . Snow you it ma!! 🤍🤍🤍🤍🤍
Titanium Born
Titanium Born преди 2 дни
Pretty girl
*Mutilated Angel* **
*Mutilated Angel* ** преди 2 дни
I wanna see her collab with young m.a
1m2 EBM
1m2 EBM преди 2 дни
SmileForMySony преди 2 дни
The realest I love you snow!!! Since wayyy back Mexicans unite jaja
dolamike584 преди 2 дни
So glad I stumbled upon her sound... This is some ridiculous flow!!
iza57ip преди 2 дни
James Bowman
James Bowman преди 2 дни
Still putting people on to you, BGshow WAKEUP!!
Fernandez преди 2 дни
Andrea Arellano
Andrea Arellano преди 2 дни
Broooooo sometimes I forget she got a kid and then when I remember I'm shook all over again
MANDA MRTNZ преди 2 дни
oof 🔥
Edgar Cruz
Edgar Cruz преди 3 дни
girl you the best. straight up!
Peculiar BronxBorn
Peculiar BronxBorn преди 3 дни
So much talent 👌🏾💪🏽🔥
Verdadero преди 3 дни
wotsits idk
wotsits idk преди 3 дни
can u make a song with nicki ? cuz yall be so bomb together
MrNikosnik преди 3 дни
All races work as maids >✓
Mich Jaramillo
Mich Jaramillo преди 3 дни
Legend 😍🔥♥️
Alex Holtzie
Alex Holtzie преди 3 дни
I tried to google translate what she did 😭
Ochoa2616 преди 2 дни
Alex Holtzie Of course no problem
Alex Holtzie
Alex Holtzie преди 2 дни
@Ochoa2616 oh really? Thanks for that. I didnt notice.
Ochoa2616 преди 2 дни
It’s in the description already translated too
Rode Age
Rode Age преди 3 дни
Wow she going crazy
TheMadcrazy730 преди 3 дни
SNOW..Do a song with Hopsin..Please
The Young Review
The Young Review преди 4 дни
Dam I saw when I went to go see wu tang she goes fire (way better than rapper’s now in days)
Anna Lee
Anna Lee преди 4 дни
Me sitting hear bobbing my head like i know what the fuck she says when shes speaks Spanish: FIRE 🔥
UnderCk Lord
UnderCk Lord преди 4 дни
Thomas Osborne
Thomas Osborne преди 4 дни
Off Hills
Off Hills преди 4 дни
Do a somg with 69 it would be fire
Music Mastermind
Music Mastermind преди 4 дни
She's a BEAST! Love her!🥰
602moemoe преди 4 дни
Princesesa Esalefaleoletupu Semo
Princesesa Esalefaleoletupu Semo преди 4 дни
This 🔥 you go girl!
T_MONEY преди 4 дни
Tomando modelo no pega corona!! 😆 🍺
Pretty Marie
Pretty Marie преди 4 дни
Love it 💗🤘🎶💋
Enfermo de Rap
Enfermo de Rap преди 4 дни
hace 30 minutos que conosi tu música y lo que puedo decir es que esta muy pinche chingona 👌 más rolas en español por favor 👍
David DeTinne
David DeTinne преди 5 дни
Snow check out this lady, Lauren Babic. What happens when you mix slayer with Lauryn Hill? Please do a song with her!
pavone del mattino mino
pavone del mattino mino преди 5 дни
Love it
강지향 преди 5 дни
John Williams
John Williams преди 5 дни
I think I have a crush on this woman seen the Vlad interview a while back seen her on "Queen Of The South" now I'm here lol
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