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TRIP FLIP! It's time for water bottle 3!
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Dude Perfect
Dude Perfect преди 8 дни
Pumped y'all like the vid!! Which shot was your favorite? Y'all are the best.
Virginia Smith
Virginia Smith преди 7 дни
How you land it on a boling ball
Leo Burger
Leo Burger преди 7 дни
Dude Perfect WHAT happend of saying WHO’S PANDA ?🐼
Christopher Remy
Christopher Remy преди 7 дни
The number didn't work for me
Jamie Hay
Jamie Hay преди 7 дни
Helmelido Rodriguez
Helmelido Rodriguez преди ден
Soccer stereotypes
Sói xám
Sói xám преди ден
i love you 3000
Хлебуфек Из печки
Хлебуфек Из печки преди ден
Хакеры скажут что это фотошоп)))))
Seiha Iizuka
Seiha Iizuka преди ден
especcialy the super "high skinny rail flip".
Doraemon NBT
Doraemon NBT преди ден
คนไทยใครดูบ้าง ตอบหน่อย
Seiha Iizuka
Seiha Iizuka преди ден
How do you do these tricks I was very amazed you guys are amazing.
Dinosaurs of 2016
Dinosaurs of 2016 преди ден
Can we get more bible verses in the videos?
Sloth Senpai
Sloth Senpai преди ден
You should make a channel called DudeBloopers
Ricky Zhu
Ricky Zhu преди ден
[ 0:08 ] And it just confuses me so much how they time the SECOND the bottle hits the table with the "WE ARE THE BEST" in the music! How do they do that man
Jaron Davis
Jaron Davis преди ден
I love how the ping pong doesn't have a shadow also it looked very fake the way it bounced it should have bounced out of the shot glass
Superzombie Battle
Superzombie Battle преди ден
0:07 is the first bottle flip
Ameer Hamzah
Ameer Hamzah преди ден
When u run out of ideas
Pamela Carter
Pamela Carter преди ден
I just texted you
Dereck Avila
Dereck Avila преди ден
y do ppl still bottle flip
KaosBlastcat преди ден
2024 anyone?
Thắm Mai
Thắm Mai преди ден
ai là người việt nam ở đây không điểm danh nào
says wow
says wow преди ден
1000 subs with out a vid
1000 subs with out a vid преди ден
This is how many subs I wish I had
Marae Bailey
Marae Bailey преди ден
l l llllllllllllllll l l
Raja Thakkar
Raja Thakkar преди ден
The last bottle flip
Sloan Edwards
Sloan Edwards преди ден
I love you guys
Reena Kumar
Reena Kumar преди ден
Bottle is a paid actor
James Budinich
James Budinich преди ден
Next railing shot will be 400 feet high on one rope we haven’t done it 300 feet high but 400 feet I sound better
James Budinich
James Budinich преди ден
Can we surpass 100 subscribers on my BGshow channel. If we do I buy a dude perfect basketball if we surpassed 100 subscribers in 7days
Peyton Reed
Peyton Reed преди ден
Who here in 2025
CiSaJa Fishing
CiSaJa Fishing преди ден
Dude perfect 👍
evt 8256
evt 8256 преди ден
What happened to old man larry?
They edit it all to look like they made it
nose hair bob
nose hair bob преди ден
박건도 преди ден
hey guys! please make korean subtitles too.. I was watching the video but I can't understand what you are saying.. lol the video will be more interesting to Korean if the korean subtitles adds.
Papaya Pie
Papaya Pie преди ден
Please do another bucket list
Nikhil Miller
Nikhil Miller преди ден
no offense to you guys, but u kinda lost ur hype
SC Ranch
SC Ranch преди ден
Where is today’s upload??
bssni touir
bssni touir преди ден
But I'm still sub and your my favorite youtuber .
SP0NGE BILL преди ден
After all those years they finally... finally missed 2:08
Brandon Barragan
Brandon Barragan преди ден
You guys never do volleyball or water polo trick shots
J Z преди ден
2020: Dude Perfect uploads a water bottle flip video
Caleb Thompson 2029
Caleb Thompson 2029 преди ден
do you think you could do a show in the Utah area? if you do please let us know
Čiča Voi
Čiča Voi преди ден
How many times they tryed to do this
Gordonio преди ден
Hit 50 million subs!!!!!
vietnamese tree cat
vietnamese tree cat преди ден
i enjoy the revisited ideas because they can't think of anything else
Daniel Namtip
Daniel Namtip преди ден
cole gise do
Daniel Namtip
Daniel Namtip преди ден
this is my faverit
Daniel Namtip
Daniel Namtip преди ден
مًأّرکْوٌسِـ xiм мαяcσs 505
مًأّرکْوٌسِـ xiм мαяcσs 505 преди ден
Professional sense of •the word Well done ♡=
XoAidxn преди ден
The panda is tyler
Nerf boy Benally
Nerf boy Benally преди ден
Can you guys do crossbow trick shot 🇺🇸🇵🇷
Microwave shit
Microwave shit преди ден
Can you do your first video remake on 50mil subs?
Chris Han
Chris Han преди ден
The bottle is a paid actor
lightning bolt
lightning bolt преди ден
But I'm still sub and your my favorite youtuber .
lightning bolt
lightning bolt преди ден
I would but my mom said I cant
Mahmoud AL-Taie
Mahmoud AL-Taie преди ден
50 million subscribe
Chase Gregston
Chase Gregston преди ден
Ty’s Brother
Chase Gregston
Chase Gregston преди ден
Jeff Tony is panda
Beauz Loser
Beauz Loser преди ден
1:05 das sick
Beauz Loser
Beauz Loser преди ден
0:53 satisfied
Natanael oficial Natanael NNS
Natanael oficial Natanael NNS преди ден
Toward 50 Million subscribers
Lj C
Lj C преди ден
I prefer house flipping
Ruben Lucero
Ruben Lucero преди ден
Will BGshow make a water bottel flip 4?
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