Zhavia - 17 (Official Video)

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Zhavia Ward

преди година

New EP “17” available now. Listen here - smarturl.it/Zhavia17

Follow Zhavia:
Instagram: zhaviaward
Twitter: zhaviaward
Facebook: ZhaviaWard
Official Website: www.officialzhaviaward.com/
Director: Andrew Sandler
Producer: Andrea Saavedra
Executive Producers: Frank Borin, Marco De Molina
Director of Photography: Alexander Nikishin
Editor: Andrew Sandler
Colorist: Kinan Chabani
Animation: Tomorrow's Nobody
Opening Title: Andreas Ramirez
Hair & Makeup: Spencer
Wardrobe Stylist: Brittny Moore
Tattoo Artist: Vanessa Aurelia

Columbia Records:
Video Commissioner: Jill Kaplan
Video Assistant: Alexa Zeliger
Marketing: Erika Alfredson
Marketing Assistant: Eleni Kourafas

Thomas Barsoe / OC Hit Factory
Chris Smith / 21 Entertainment

Special Thanks to the City of Norwalk, CA


GhostNade преди час
Co to je za píču ?
Levan Khutsishvili
Levan Khutsishvili преди 3 часа
These days everyone who will shoot the video and open mouth is called a singer...
ASIANFans Lyriko
ASIANFans Lyriko преди 4 часа
I just watched Zhavia's performance in The Four.. Anf Damn Ittt... Her voice is very Catchy
The Disturbing Panda
The Disturbing Panda преди 4 часа
I like how this song goes as long as her song 100 ways, both of her best songs in my opinion
William D. Suarez
William D. Suarez преди 5 часа
UmZeeZ преди 7 часа
I just noticed she like Addison Rae's Identical twin (btw not including the tatoos and dream locks, but THE FACE bruh)
Alyssa Garcia
Alyssa Garcia преди 11 часа
I love your voice! oh my god i can't wait till u blow up and get the recognition you deserve as your fan base grows.i listen to this song way 2 much. much love
John Doe
John Doe преди 11 часа
Bhad Bhabie in 2030:
malik ai-zayn
malik ai-zayn преди 11 часа
i just discovered zhavia when he sang the whole new world together with zayn malik and i cant help listening to her song....
Aceann Pepito
Aceann Pepito преди 12 часа
Look Its Took
Look Its Took преди 18 часа
Why am i just now seeing/Hearing this?!?!
Master2sick2thousand26 преди 20 часа
Come on Norwalk.
LEILEN ARMY преди 21 час
Just Isabella
Just Isabella преди 21 час
Zhvia your voice is so beautiful please say something to me I love you ❤️💕
daniela yañez
daniela yañez преди 22 часа
Tomáš Hons
Tomáš Hons преди 22 часа
What an amazing voice 😍
Music boy Forlife
Music boy Forlife преди 23 часа
Im a inspiring music producer 😎😎check out my beat i mean heres the link bgshow.info/watch/mcoPkfHPvm0/video.html
Vitali Francioli
Vitali Francioli преди ден
Christina Aguilera (yung) + Amy Winehouse
cassie преди ден
Why's everyone all of sudden commenting and listening to the song?
lucy Jarman
lucy Jarman преди 14 часа
Im litterly doing that now
Adolfo Maquina jr
Adolfo Maquina jr преди ден
Unicorn Blood
Unicorn Blood преди ден
Dude you have no idea how much this helped me . I keep being my own executioner/judge. Gotta do what you gotta do to make it out . ❤️🌷 tears of happiness ♓️ thank you for this .
Celtic Man
Celtic Man преди ден
Hello from Morocco 🇲🇦 you have a beautiful voice you remember me when I was 13 old year (2002 )when rnb and pop music was good
Mahdi Ehsani
Mahdi Ehsani преди ден
Zhavia. I don’t know if you are reading this, you are A true pop star, But inside you is so soft, I promise you if you can make that stronger, you will be the STAR every one wants to listen you all the time.. I wish you the best of LUCK.
Mkailyn Cartier
Mkailyn Cartier преди ден
Why is she underrated.. like comon, listen to her ?
Anni Antonova
Anni Antonova преди ден
Привет, from #RUSSIA🇷🇺 Hello from Russia! this is amazing 😍
Amberly Maidon
Amberly Maidon преди ден
Oh wow, she have lots of tattoos, I mean like, doesn't that hurt?
Bidyasagar Sanasam
Bidyasagar Sanasam преди ден
Nice voice zhavia 👍
Alissa Ramøs
Alissa Ramøs преди ден
She’s so good I love her
Bryan Anthony Mora Chanamé
Bryan Anthony Mora Chanamé преди ден
Hermosa, pretty, piaoliang, bella.
Lukas Koch
Lukas Koch преди ден
All those who follow me on instagram will be followed back. @daniel_23_07_
Lukas Koch
Lukas Koch преди ден
All those who follow me on instagram will be followed back. @daniel_23_07_
Lukas Koch
Lukas Koch преди ден
All those who follow me on instagram will be followed back. @daniel_23_07_
Lukas Koch
Lukas Koch преди ден
All those who follow me on instagram will be followed back. @daniel_23_07_
Lukas Koch
Lukas Koch преди ден
All those who follow me on instagram will be followed back. @daniel_23_07_
Jody Ann Clue
Jody Ann Clue преди ден
I love you Zhavia ❣️❣️ you deserve everything you have ❣️🎉🎊😊
Lazar Andreea Georgiana
Lazar Andreea Georgiana преди ден
Yanita Mi love
Yanita Mi love преди ден
Your got an amazing Voice.. Biggest fan of yours... After watching The Four it really amaze me
Jiten Mehra
Jiten Mehra преди 2 дни
Shes like white mouse. High on weed
aylin Crz
aylin Crz преди 2 дни
Y’a t’il des français ici ?😂
Elvia Olvera
Elvia Olvera преди 2 дни
It's so cool that she's from Norwalk. I'm from Downey, CA! 😎 Gotta watch out in that area haha.
Tatung Tara
Tatung Tara преди 2 дни
Nice vocal
BAD LALA преди 2 дни
Really Great Song
Moon Sun
Moon Sun преди 2 дни
Dora Zubiaga
Dora Zubiaga преди 2 дни
Love the beat this song! I think it's very addictive.
Majd Fayez
Majd Fayez преди 2 дни
Make it my alarm ringtone so I can happy😂
G f
G f преди 2 дни
💥SAIUU GALERA CONFERI AI SOM PESADO!!! 🎧 Fernando OS-SHORT TECTEL bgshow.info/watch/j6ROu42ZK78/video.html
Savannah Alsing
Savannah Alsing преди 2 дни
Ok but I NEED those pants
Stev Blue S
Stev Blue S преди 2 дни
wow strong girl :)
help me
help me преди 2 дни
I luv this song zhavia
Haya Barakat
Haya Barakat преди 2 дни
I discovered zhavia today!
Alejandra Gonzalez
Alejandra Gonzalez преди 2 дни
🦋♥️♥️♥️ I love you !!!!! I love your music ❤️❤️❤️🦋
m o o n x stars
m o o n x stars преди 2 дни
Tryna steal black culture and make it your own
junior lebron
junior lebron преди 3 дни
i love
K. K.
K. K. преди 3 дни
Why new pop stars need to look like unemployed?
tommi heinonen
tommi heinonen преди 3 дни
0:41 :/
Vibhu Pathak
Vibhu Pathak преди 3 дни
keep going zhaiva so proud of you . nice song girl
MrMaxnc преди 3 дни
whats wrong with the world??? ME : look at her she s a monster , why would you do that to yourself????
Maher Ali
Maher Ali преди 3 дни
jj 3
jj 3 преди 3 дни
I really hope u make it zhavia
cheyenne_ khn
cheyenne_ khn преди 3 дни
wow just wow
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