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The time has come for Mat to get his hands on the all-new Mercedes-AMG A45S! It might only have a 2-litre 4 cylinder turbocharged engine, but it still produces 421hp and 500Nm! It's lining up against the BMW M2 Competition, which despite having a 3.0-litre 6 cylinder, produces less horsepower with 410hp! What's more, we've brought in carwow favourites the new Audi RS3 and VW Golf R! It's the drag race you've all been waiting for, but does the new A45S have what it takes?! Keep watching to find out!
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Grant Palmer
Grant Palmer преди 56 минути
The conclusion buy the Golf
Josh Banks
Josh Banks преди час
Would have been good to see how Stage 1 remapped Golf R would have got on.
Krish Malhotra
Krish Malhotra преди 4 часа
The VWs can’t slide lol
James F
James F преди 4 часа
Why are you driving the RS3 in COMFORT not dynamic ? Also the gearbox was in Drive not SPORT 🤦🏻‍♂️ . It doesn’t need a sports exhaust to pop and bang it just needs to be in DYNAMIC which also increases throttle response
SavageHobbit преди 6 часа
Matt "theDragQueen", bring Yani and one more, you be a quad squad for them shittalks before the "Go!". Joe did a fine job like Yani at bashing you, you need both to mock you and a fourth... You gotta up the level of bashing one another... For people to know there is actual competition between you guys... Makes it so much better and enjoyable to watch as a man. Guys, keep up the bashing towards Matt, we truly enjoy watching bonding between men. No homo
NoPlIz 126
NoPlIz 126 преди 7 часа
Aymen Moh
Aymen Moh преди 11 часа
I am still love the m2 😍
Till Eulenspiegel
Till Eulenspiegel преди 13 часа
"that was so close" ? … your mother is close!
FIA Free F1
FIA Free F1 преди 14 часа
Here on denmark you can only get a fiat punto for that
Absolute Warrior
Absolute Warrior преди 16 часа
MAN LIKE JOE 😲😲😲😲 wow Joe Achilles has come along way and he is such a humble guy.
Pateice Escutnaire
Pateice Escutnaire преди 17 часа
AUDI❤️ Test the RS3 Abt and see the brutal accélération and max speed
The Greasy Strangler
The Greasy Strangler преди 20 часа
The BM didn’t stand a chance in the wet the video was a complete waste of time! Metro 6r4 made 35 years ago naturally aspirated would smoke them all!!
delsatec co
delsatec co преди 21 час
delsatec co
delsatec co преди 21 час
Tahir Shafique
Tahir Shafique преди 22 часа
So the winner is..... BMW 🏆
Александр Добровидов
Александр Добровидов преди 22 часа
BMW топ
Alussek преди ден
Bmw is the best💙
andy78 преди ден
Mercedes BMW 💪 💪 💪 💪 💪 💪
Poonam Chand
Poonam Chand преди ден
Mat that was a m4 but they don't got m4's 🙄
Chris преди ден
14:45 reminder me of Morty lol
Christopher Gresco
Christopher Gresco преди ден
Next gen M2 Comp will be AWD...
James Huynh
James Huynh преди ден
Before watching, my guess is Mercedes 1st, Audi 2nd, BMW 3rd, and VW last
James Huynh
James Huynh преди ден
Yup but the M2 wins in a rolling race every time
M. Al-Huda
M. Al-Huda преди ден
14:45 sounds like a wolf
Aniel Åkerhjelm
Aniel Åkerhjelm преди ден
The Mercedes sound like shit
pcsullog преди ден
VW Golf "A" - so funny every time :D
G. W.
G. W. преди ден
The M2 would eat these cars on a track course.
G. W.
G. W. преди ден
Black T-shirt guy is annoying. Also, I’d have the M2 Comp all day long.
Mahmod Aldakak
Mahmod Aldakak преди 2 дни
Anki Reddy
Anki Reddy преди 2 дни
The Rs3's driver didn't get a better start because in the previous videos it did the standing quarter mile in 12.2 seconds where as in this video it did in 12.4 seconds
Radu Heins
Radu Heins преди 2 дни
BMW is the king !!
Dejan Georgievski
Dejan Georgievski преди 2 дни
The BMW driver is the worst driver i have ever seen... he doesn't know how to drive the bmw... 😁
CT преди 2 дни
Thoroughly enjoyed this race. Well done!
Tub Kevin Xiong
Tub Kevin Xiong преди 2 дни
Go play CSR2 and find the results. Grandma: Yahoo ahaha...
Kaling Taying
Kaling Taying преди 2 дни
Matt... you look like Gay🤭🤭
Daynie__0206 преди 2 дни
Nah, racing in wet conditions, 3 FWD cars and the M2 is RWD. Not fair at all😐 Just seen the rolling start and holy shittt😂
Chris huang
Chris huang преди 2 дни
M2???? wtf
1962lp2h преди 2 дни
The mercedes weighs more than all the others
SaiGon APBT23
SaiGon APBT23 преди 2 дни
all sexy car but that M2 is wicked! but i'm going AMG just for that interior / dash 🔥
Doğukan Ayhan
Doğukan Ayhan преди 2 дни
Are taxes included? Because we have 92,737 pounds with taxes @carwow
Mitja Marič
Mitja Marič преди 2 дни
PRINC3_K преди 2 дни
It’s so boring, because every time the car wins in which is Mat. 🥱🥱🥱🥱
Sarah DS
Sarah DS преди 2 дни
Jane Beresford
Jane Beresford преди 2 дни
You talk far to much the car footage is getting shorter and shorter
Knee Grow
Knee Grow преди 2 дни
Joe Achilles - definitely the weakest link in driving
Everyone Needs An Alt Account, Right?
Everyone Needs An Alt Account, Right? преди 3 дни
Knew the A45 had it from just looking at the lineup. Brilliant car!
Wasta Bilal
Wasta Bilal преди 3 дни
Chino преди 3 дни
Wait, so Matt was racing in comfort mode?? Maybe i saw it wrong.
Fuel 99 Only
Fuel 99 Only преди 3 дни
AMG 2.0 engine development is beyond belief
3 Kafadar
3 Kafadar преди 3 дни
RS 6 VS M5 VS E63
Alexander Sinco
Alexander Sinco преди 3 дни
Now I want a Golf R
Henrick Gomes
Henrick Gomes преди 3 дни
When can i see the m8 gran coupe version racing...??
paul blaylock
paul blaylock преди 3 дни
Having driven a rs3 a few times I can vouch for them brakes the 8 piston calipers are amazing !!!
Dr1zzle преди 3 дни
female voice 3..2...1.. looks again.. guy doing countdown
Axio Matic
Axio Matic преди 3 дни
The baby m4 (m2) needs a new build😭😪
Steve SAS
Steve SAS преди 3 дни
Oh that was a shocker.....most powerful car that had 4wd won. God the latest high performance cars are SO BORING. Auto boxes, traction this, launch that, fake pops & bangs. One good thing about being old, I grew up in the age of proper exciting, special feeling performance cars.
Vincent преди 3 дни
Would still buy the M2.
THEGEORGYDIT преди 3 дни
Пастановааааа. Как может 2лллл тёжолый кусок говна поведить лёгкуй бмв 3ллллл
Watt Ng
Watt Ng преди 3 дни
yaani would not drive a 3L and below car.
Watt Ng
Watt Ng преди 3 дни
What is the reason for BMW high price-tag?
Robinho's Left Foot
Robinho's Left Foot преди 2 дни
Opportunity to squeeze more money from buyers
echonitte преди 3 дни
Who else switched over to Matt's mum drifting first before this drag race?
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